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Scientology's Agenda in the National Foundation of Women Legislators

"The goal of the department [of governmental affairs] is to bring the government and hostile philosophies or societies into a state of complete compliance with the goals of Scientology. This is done by a high level ability to control and in its absence by a low level ability to overwhelm. Introvert such agencies. Control such agencies." L. Ron Hubbard, evidence from Church of Spiritual Technology v. U.S., November 22, 1989.

What is Happening in the NFWL Now?

The "church" of Scientology has several non-legislative members on the board and in committees of the National Federation of Women Legislator's, (NFWL.) Several other women legislators have been awarded at Scientology "star-studded ceremonies," while other legislators do not realize Scientology's repetitive agenda in the legislative arena.

Dangerous medical practices and mental health attacks by the cult of Scientology (who by no means gives members degrees to practice medicine) need to be examined by competent and educated authorities, and proper steps taken to restore what will become "more than a broken healthcare system." Indeed, Scientology is a large part of the problem, wasting excessive taxpayer dollars, while at the same time selling their dangerous philosophies and practices. The use of statistics by Scientology for mental health scares and selling their lucrative programs is a serious problem, that would not fit models of the scientific mainstream medical or mental health community. It is a danger to public health.

Scientology is now using the NFWL to market their dangerous, "detoxification program" under the name, "Second Chance".

This is a prison rehabilitation program that includes a dangerous detoxification and sauna procedure with a dangerous regimen of vitamins administered by Scientologists.

The Second Chance Program, another front group for Scientology's quackery, is listed as: "licensed by the criminal rehabilitation group Criminon International, a child of Narconon International, a drug rehabilitation program of Scientology."

All of these Scientology programs use the same detoxification/purification, that Scientologists are required to buy, called The Purification Rundown. This 'detoxification' is also being sold through several Scientology programs, such as the current New York Firefighters Detoxification, and the Narconon New Life Detoxification Program.

Research on the Detoxification? - "Unfit For Human Experimentation"

Under the guise of "secular" does Scientology attempt to promote and sell a totally religious program that is based almost entirely on research from a 1985 study that was considered -

Scientologists, or those trained in Scientology's so-called "technology" - not medical doctors - administer massive dosages of vitamins and dangerous lengths of time in a sauna. All of this, in order to rid the body of "toxins." Written instructions include Scientology "religious studies" for "purification and detoxification."

Removing toxins from the body through purification is a prerequisite for later Scientology study and their deceptive claims of salvation - the understanding that they will be ridding their bodies of dead space aliens, (body thetans.)

" Scientologists believe that most human problems can be traced to lingering spirits of an extraterrestrial people massacred by their ruler, Xenu, over 75 million years ago. These spirits attach themselves by "clusters" to individuals in the contemporary world, causing spiritual harm and negatively influencing the lives of their hosts ". USDJ Judge Leonie Brinkema 4 Oct 96 Memorandum Opinion, RTC vs Lerma

Scientology certainly does not tell victims this fact, as they would not choose to spend massive amounts of money. This is considered a "bait and switch." Consider that Scientology is preparing our citizens in this way, as they interject their beliefs under the guise of alternative mental healthcare. The Second Chance program, or whatever name they use to sell the detoxification, is a way to "cure the world" via Scientology, under a secular ruse. Legislators need not promote this issue any further now that faith-based fraud is upon us.

Women Legislators Pitching the Dangerous Scientology Detoxification

The NFWL website describes a tour that women legislators took to the Ensenada Prison in Tijuana, Mexico on November 21, 2002 - highlighting the Second Chance as a "model program that began 7 years ago." Another trip was arranged by NFWL member and Assemblywoman Sharron Angle (R-Reno) in February, 2003 to legislators in the Nevada Assembly and suggest the Second Chance Prison Program receive approval for federal funding in Nevada.

The program was rejected, due to the lack of scientific research as well as ties to Scientology. Nevada's Assembly Majority Leader Barbara Buckley, (D-LasVegas) did her research and stated that the program "is scientifically invalid and undercuts other state efforts."

She also stated, "These gimmicky programs undermine successful rehabilitative programs, such as the drug court." NFWL member Sharron Angle was arranging the trip, whereby an "anonymous donor" proposed to pay for the 35 legislators to attend.

It was later found that the anonymous donor was a Scientologist.

Buckley had reviewed the same program two years prior and it was rejected.

Joy Westrum, Scientologist and President of the Second Chance Program is a board member of the NFWL, (but is not a legislator.) Westrum's name surfaced in another attempt to sell the same prison program with detoxification in New York. The "Erie County Second Chance Program" in New York was proposed for the jail system in Erie County in October, 2003 - within eight months of the failed attempt in the Nevada Assembly. This time, the name was simply referred to as "The Second Chance Program Inc., based on technology from Scientology's Criminon through research by L Ron Hubbard."

Is it a model "Prison Program"
or a Purification approved
for "Home-Office" use?
Same detox...Same "church"

While it appears that Westrum is not listed in her capacity or under the umbrella of the NFWL for this proposal, it references "75 legislators have viewed the model program." Being that Westrum is the President of the Second Chance program and board member of the NFWL (not a legislator,) there may have been a problem in stating or listing her affiliation, especially since the same project was rejected in the Nevada Assembly just months before. This is a clever step by Scientology in order stave off others who may discover legislative debate, collective rejection or information that documents how dangerous this program actually is. .

Note: Since discovering the request for funding for the program on the Greater Buffalo Community Foundation website, this message appears: "The file you have attempted to load could not be found."

Scientologist Joy Westrum also states on this Scientology website, that "the Second Chance is non-religious and non-medical prison based crime and rehabilitation model."

Westrum's statement of her title and affiliation with membership in the NFWL and a DEA partnership is is highly conflictual. She is not only selling a Scientology program as "secular," but using her affliations and position in these groups ambiguously:

"As the private sector co-chair for the NFWL National Policy Committee on Crime, Justice, Terrorism and Substance Abuse partnered with the DEA on the shoulder-to-shoulder initiative, I can tell you the issue of effective demand reduction is key to solving many of the most pressing issues facing our country today.The Second Chance Program offers an effective solution to demand reduction."

Although this NFWL newsletter lists the Second Chance Program in the picture gallery, (and without other information,) the partnership with the DEA program does not advocate the use of the Second Chance Program.

NFWL and DEA Partnership - Big Misconceptions on Drug Advocacy

A big misconception regarding the NFWL's advocacy of Scientology's "Second Chance" program is that it appears to be "marketed" side by side with a partnership program that the women legislators are involved in with the DEA. The "Shoulder to Shoulder" Program, (which began in 2002) is specific about the women legislators advocacy of drug awareness on ecstacy and club drugs - which is not a Scientology run program that has in effect, been turned down numerous places. There is no reference whatsoever in the DEA documentation of the Second Chance Program, nor does it advocate such approval as a part of the partnership. The NFWL newsletter as well as other news releases would ambiguously make it appear that women legislator's "drug awareness campaign" and the Second Chance program are "on the same pages," when they are not.

Scientologist and NFWL member Joy Westrum uses her affiliation directly with the DEA "Shoulder to Shoulder Program" to sell the Scientology Second Chance Program - in this "Second Chance Program Brochure:"

"As the private sector co-chair for the NFWL National Policy Committee on Crime, Justice, Terrorism and Substance Abuse partnered with the DEA on the shoulder-to-shoulder initiative, I can tell you the issue of effective demand reduction is key to solving many of the most pressing issues facing our country today.The Second Chance Program offers an effective solution to demand reduction."

One of the biggest signs that Scientology is now acting through the NFWL with an agenda, is the recent appointment of Scientologist Bruce Wiseman to the position of Treasurer.

He is not a legislator, but a long time Scientology member and President of the Scientology group, Citizen's Commission on Human Rights, (CCHR) which uses scare tactics and sensationalizes psychiatric abuse. It has been adequately said of the CCHR - "Public awareness is tainted by the vicious campaign from the 'church' of Scientology funded Citizen's Commission on Human Rights."

The result of such efforts has unfortunately gained the attention of people by these scare tactics, including women legislators. Once scared, and willing to advocate for cause, Scientology programs are offered and sold.

The DEA and NFWL partnership's term, to fight "Narco-Terrorism" was coined to explain the women legislator's advocacy "in declaring a war on drugs after 9-11." The purpose of advocacy was again reiterated in October of 2002 when the Dept of Homeland Security had a hearing for the "Reducing Americans' Vulnerability to Ecstacy Act."

The DEA's partnership with the NFWL was again, specifically defined as drug advocacy on ecstacy and club drugs.

During this time in 2002 and prior, declaring war on drugs was appropriately aimed at shutting down drug traffickers and illegal crack houses, drug labs and illegal substance producers. Scientology has been aiming at mental health for years; This is just another chance to turn the attack on mental healthcare using a different entity.

Picture of CCHR exhibit in Chicago illustrating theatrical scare tactics of CCHR

CCHR exhibit in Chicago illustrating theatrical scare tactics

Scientology's Teachings and Motivation to Eradicate Psychiatry

The deceased founder of Scientology, L Ron Hubbard wrote many hateful attacks about psychiatry, because of his non-acceptance of Dianetics in the medical and mental health community. Scientology indoctrinates its members to fear and hate Psychiatry and Mental Health Practitioners. They receive the same extended hatred of their founder through their current leaders. These writings became scripture when the church received tax exemption in 1993, a mysterious ordeal. This special exemption awards Scientology to receive a tax break for teaching their children the same mental health avoidance philosophy, "unlike no other religion."

Scientology members sign contractual forms
which prohibits them to receive psychiatric treatment. It is assumed that minor children would also be included by "parental rights," to not receive any type of help, should it be necessary. Scientology also believes that all disease or conditions are psychosomatic, so there is no condition such as ADD, ADHD and others that cross well into our mental health and medical field. People have died when they are led to believe that Scientology is a substitute for mental health or, that it miraculously cures medical conditions. Many Scientology children and members will not receive help for many things, and they are taking this "technology" into the NFWL through education committees and through misleading topics such as "parental rights" to rally legislative support for their agenda. Other supporters are always sought, encouraged, and funded, so that Scientology is not apparent source.

"Had his client been given psychiatric treatment instead of being treated at a Church of Scientology medical facility, "his mother would be alive today." - Religion News Blog

David Miscavige is the current leader - a reclusive, yet driving force behind keeping Scientology's goal to eradicate psychiatry and install Scientology programs into government agencies. In 1995 Miscavige announced to members of the International Association of Scientologists, (IAS) who operate businesses based on the financial principles of L Ron Hubbard:

"There are a lot of opinions out there as to what is wrong with Earth, 1995. But if you really want to eliminate those problems all you have to do is work for the objectives that we, as members of the IAS, have set for the year 2000: Objective One - place Scientology at the absolute forefront of Society. Objective Two - eliminate psychiatry in all its forms. Let's get rid of psychiatry, and let's bring Scientology to every man, woman and child on this planet."

David Miscavige,Chairman of the Board RTC, 1995

While the CCHR president Bruce Wiseman's recent appearance in the NFWL seems relatively new to some, this message to Scientologists in 1998 shows the goal of Scientology - planning to infiltrate the group known as the National Organization of Women Legislators (sic) (NOWL,) a group that works duplicitiously with the NFWL.

(This is the type of literature that is regularly produced and circulated to Scientology members, the "not so friendly or ethical" type of communication that women legislators are not likely to see):

CITIZENS COMMISSION ON HUMAN RIGHTS INTERNATIONAL Established in 1969 by the Church of Scientology to investigate and expose psychiatric violations of human rights


Dear friend of CCHR,

I know you would like to do everything possible to back up management's ongoing efforts to clear this planet. A key vector in this strategy is, of course, removing planetary suppression. In a word, that means getting rid of destructive psychiatric programs, treatments and philosophies.

At CCHR International we have a number of plans and projects coordinated to do just that. One of these is to see that the psychs are "...deprived of their unearned millions in appropriations..." (see "The Fight for Freedom" in the recent Ron Mag, Freedom Fighter). A terrific opportunity has just arisen that will help us do just that. There is an organization called the National Organization of Women Legislators (NOWL), and as the name implies, this group is made up of top woman legislators from local, state and the Federal Government. Senators, governors, congresswomen and others are members of this group.

They meet periodically and hear from speakers that they consider have issues of importance for their group. Their last conference drew 800 attendees. Their President recently called CCHR and asked if I would address their next meeting. Needless to say, I accepted.

This is a magnificent opportunity for CCHR to get its message delivered directly to some of the top policy makers in this country.

As with all such projects, energy is needed to make this fly. I want CCHR to become a member of this group so we can get our message out to this very important public on an ongoing basis about what psychiatry is doing to our schools, our courts and our civilization as a whole.

The meeting that I have been asked to address is in Washington, D.C. on February 4th. We need $l0.000 to become members of this group and to cover travel and lodging expenses associated with the conference. Ideally, I could bring others to help enlighten the numerous opinion leaders that will be at this conference. I will only be able to do this with your help.

Two years ago we started a similar project with the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). ALEC is a national organization made up of legislators from every state as well as some federal legislators who meet and draft "model Legislation" for every state. The bean return for that has been enormous! CCHR has worked its way up the conditions at ALEC and recently got an article published by ALEC in opposition to mandated mental health parity which went to key state legislators who deal with health issues in their respective states. In addition, the ALEC membership has opened the door to meeting numerous legislators and other opinion leaders from around the country and enlightening them on psychiatric fraud and patient abuse.

These kinds of comm lines are invaluable and having the opportunity to expand them to the members of the National Organization of Women Legislators is one we really do not want to pass up. Our target for the year 2000 is coming fast. We need these comm lines badly, and I'm asking you to help us with your financial support. We urgently need your tax-deductible donation in the amount of $500 or above! For every person who contributes $1000 or more, a personal commendation will be written from myself to your ethics files.

This is your 'moment of truth'. Come the year 2000, I would like to be able to say that you helped CCHR carry out LRH's intentions as above. We need this now! Joining this organization and attending this upcoming conference will open numerous doors for CCHR to cut psychiatric funding in the coming years.


Bruce Wiseman
President, National Office

(c) 1998 CCHR. All Rights Reserved.
CITIZENS COMMISSION ON HUMAN RIGHTS, CCHR and its logo are trademarks and service marks owned by the Citizens Commssion on Human Rights. Grateful acknowledgment is made to the L. Ron Hubbard Library for permission to use a selection from the copyrighted works of L. Ron Hubbard.

While the debate that Scientology's attack of psychiatry is not a "religious belief," the motivation for members acting on these types of instructions, as in Wiseman's above letter, is referenced as "clearing a planet" - a definite part of the Scientology belief system. (Note: until the citizenry will understand that this is part of their belief, we will continue to see the spread of this kind of hatred and deception cloaked as 'friendly and ethical' - when it is nothing of the sort.) The language in this message to Scientology members definitely suggests that members become involved with NOWL as a part of "clearing their planet," a part of Scientology members goal - for assimilating others.

9-11 and the Scientology Version of "Crisis Management"

After 9-11, "volunteer ministers" (who train for 20 hours based on fees paid to Scientology), deceptively attempted to portray themselves as mental health assistants during the Congressional Prayer Meeting that aired on FOX news - a carefully planned event in the name of diverting other mental health workers - or in Scientology terms - "knocking out the psychs."

Scientology War on Mental Health and Drugs Before 9-11

Image showing CCHR's scare tactics regarding ritalin, from a recent Chicago display

Another Image showing CCHR's sensational scare tactics regarding ritalin, from the same Chicago display"

In the more recent class action lawsuits that began in 2000, Scientology claimed that that the APA, CHADD, (Children and Adults With Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder,) and the "makers of Ritalin" were in conspiracy in order to sell Ritalin - stating that ADD and ADHD were not proven conditions. Two Scientology lawyers, George "Skip" Murgatroyd and John Coale, (husband of GretaVan Sustern) represented the plaintiffs in two cases. A total of six cases were brought in different states. The lawsuits ceased in 2001 after the anti-slapp statute was enacted. The purpose of the lawsuits was considered "unclear."

As the Ritalin lawsuits were deemed "unclear," and as Scientology will not divulge their true "religious" objective publicly - the need to eradicate psychiatry and replace it with Scientology, the NFWL has been a place to use the scare tactics in order to gain support for legislation on the issues of mental health parity, psychotropic drugging and parental rights.

The same two Scientology lawyers and the CCHR were involved as litigation commenced against schools and psychiatrists in 1998 - an issue which Scientology and NFWL members are taking a great deal of responsibility in proposing currently through the Child Medication Safety Act of 2003 (S. 1390):

"BE IT RESOLVED: We, the undersigned, as members of the NFWL Special Education Subcommittee, in a bi-partisan effort and on behalf of the entire National Foundation for Women Legislators, urge the Senate to pass the Child Medication Safety Act of 2003 (S. 1390) and send it to the President for his signature"

Of particular interest in this resolution is "NFWL Special Education Subcommittee, in a bi-partisan effort and on behalf of the entire National Foundation for Women Legislators." This committee was last chaired by a legislator through 2002, former NFWL member and former legislator from Rhode Island, Aisha W. Abdullah-Odiase, (Providence, D-Dist. 19. ) Abdullah-Odiase appears to have been the "NFWL national legislative director and chair of the special education subcommittee" as she has been supporting this legislation locally since 2000. As former Rep. Abdullah-Odiase has been listed in the Rhode Island Assembly newsletters representing the NFWL in the legislative capacity, the NFWL surely hasn't listed her activity in the same manner, especially since a large symposium in 2002 forged the way for the eventual partnership with the DEA to allow their advocacy on "ecstacy and club drugs." Abdullah-Odiase is only seen in a picture and listed as the "State Regional Director" in the NFWL Spring Newsletter of 2003.

The only current reference to be found as to a legislator representing a special education committee, or legislator is on a Scientology/CCHR website (which does not appear to be working at the present time):

News - Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) ... Mr. Wiseman serves as the Private Sector Co-Chairman for the National Foundation of Women Legislators (NFWL) sub-committee on Special Education. ... - 55k - Cached - Similar pages

Bruce Wiseman is the new treasurer of the NFWL - "Bruce Wiseman is the US President of the Citizens Commission on Human Rights." - (not a legislator.)

Could Scientology now represent the "special education commitee?"

This the first appearance on the the stance of the NFWL women pertaining to the Child Medication Safety Act of 2003 (S. 1390) to be noticed on the website, (there are few dates, and no history of this issue has been listed.)

There is a fervent effort behind this legisation that is missing. Scientology could possibly not have wanted to take responsibility for the legislation that the individual legislators were individually proposing, if they were actively promoting the Second Chance Prison program within the same group. The participation of many of the women legislators and Scientologists worked to raise awareness of child drugging - "outside of the NFWL;" as a definitive group could not have gotten this far with such motives. "Shoulder to Shoulder" seems quite an understatement considering Scientology's represention of these issues within and outside of the group of women legislators. Could every women legislator of the NFWL agree to being actively included on this legislation during the past few years - unknowing of the way it appears to have come together?

Despite the fact that medical research has come a long way in relatively a short amount of time, Scientology has had to fight harder in order to accomplish the goal of replacing mental health under their current agenda being, "alternative mental health." Critics believe that the evidence for the needed advocacy is overblown. Scientology tells of ruination (to the excessive degree) in healthcare, education, mental health (and now in prison systems) in order to introduce their products.

If Scientology wanted to attack Ritalin and the mental health field again, Ecstacy and other drugs are the ideal target to avoid bringing up Scientology's redundant topic again. Scientology will make you believe that schools, doctors and psychiatrists are giving your children these drugs by the handful - an overblown set of statistics to sensationalize the issue. Hence, if ecstacy is such a problem, then ritalin and psychotropic drugs are right behind. The war on drugs has been redefined for Scientology goals. Whether they know it or not, the NFWL legislators have been, and continuing to be the new vehicle for Scientology's anti-psychiatry goal. Moreover, the use of Ecstacy and other drug statistics from the DEA partnership program, "Shoulder to Shoulder" does not advocate the "child drugging" statistics that scientology horrendously brings attention to. Scientology has already taken advantage of the situation fully. Legislation has unfortunately been approved by a mixing of the issues in a deceptive way. If buying drugs supports terrorism as the "Shoulder to Shoulder" program states as reasoning for the advocacy, then it is no mistake that the advocacy Scientology would like to ascertain is against "their perceived terrorists" - psychiatrists. .

"While western countries are spending billions fighting terrorist activities abroad they are neglecting the one they have at home..."

"The psychiatrist and his front groups operate straight out of the terrorist text- books..."

"Setting himself up as a terror symbol, the psychiatrist kidnaps, tortures and murders without any slightest police interference or action by western security forces..."

"A psychiatrist kills a young girl for sexual kicks, murders a dozen patients with an ice pick, castrates a hundred men. And they give him another million appropriation."

Scientology founder, L. Ron Hubbard "TODAY'S TERRORISM" 1969, "International Edition No. 1"

NFWL Legislators - What Happened Before

Under the issue of psychotropic drugs in schools, NFWL legislator and Nevada Assemblywoman, Sharron Angle introduced a house bill in 2001 using the background information of psychologist, Dr. Peter R. Breggin, (Scientology's "expert witness.") Angle brought Scientology's agenda - "articles that cautioned against the use of such drugs, a copy of a class-action lawsuit against Ritalin, and pieces of legislation introduced in other states." The anti Ritalin lawsuits were taking place during the same time, and two scientology lawyers were actively representing the plaintiffs.

Under the issue of psychotropic drugging in schools, NFWL legislator (nominating committee) and Pennsylvania Representative LeAna Washington also brought a house bill against psychotropic drugging in schools. Scientology presented her with an award at a "CCHR gala" denouncing psychiatry. The scare tactics worked then as they unfortunately work now - Washington is lauded at this event as a "public official who discovered the catastrophic effect on our society of drugging children." (Note: The "catastrophe in education" is a phrase that has unfortunately gained attention of the women legislators. Absent is the intention of going after crack houses, and "rave" producers. Present is the repeated "drugging of children issue.)

LeAna Washington was also honored by Scientology - "she was instrumental for Ritalin being classified as a narcotic in 1999" - in a different kind of way. This Scientology website claims that Washington was responsible for "the National Caucus of Black State Legislators, representing 600 legislators across the country, unanimously passed a resolution which declared that Ritalin be classified by the DEA as a Schedule II narcotic, along with cocaine and other highly addictive drugs-should never be changed to a lesser class of narcotic. It also stated that because of the "recent incidents of school violence and other occasions of violence [being] the result of children being unnecessarily medicated by such drugs," the Caucus has called for a national investigation into the use of all psychiatric drugs and their effects on children." (Note - the DEA and NFWL current partnership is about ecstacy, and does not mention Ritalin or psychotropic drugs as the "Narco-terrorism" war on drugs. However, this is the Scientology version of the story that would call attention to a totally different problem. Furthermore, in 1999 the issue was drug trafficking and illegal drug labs producing these products, not the Scientology inspired attack on mental health.)

The steady decline of mental health services can be attributed largely to this Scientology-driven agenda. Scare tactics lessen our confidence in the current system we use, and dissuade many people from reaching out for help when the worse case scenarios are repeatedly brought to light.

Robin Read is the President and CEO of the NFWL, who affirmed the DEA and women legislators partnership by saying, "it's an important step towards correcting the growing misconceptions that Ecstasy and other Club Drugs are harmless." Read was also actively supporting the CCHR's agenda mental health coverage in insurance (mental health parity.)

In December of 2001, Read was a keynote speaker at the CCHR sponsored "Human Rights Day."

A Symposium With a Large Scientology Agenda

One NFWL women legislator from Rhode Island, Aisha W. Abdullah-Odiase, (Providence, D-Dist. 19) held a symposium in 2002 attended by Scientologists and legislators alike. It is no strange coincidence that several of the women legislators and Scientologists went on from this meeting to propose further legislation under the names of "parental rights," as well as propose Scientology's Second Chance program.

Representative, Abdullah-Odiase (and last listed as NFWL national legislative director and chair of the special education subcommittee) held the symposium to address the "psychotropic drugging of children." This symposium happened approximately eight months before the DEA and NFWL entered into a partnership for "narco-terrorism" and declaring a war on drugs such as ecstacy.

Abdullah-Odiase had introduced two bills in 2000 to regulate behavior drugs in schools.

In that same symposium, the cause of psychotropic drugs is again- oversensationalized - "psychotropic drugs have become so common and popular that practitioners and schools are hell-bent on medicating first and worrying about the consequences later, if at all," said Representative Abdullah-Odiase."

Also present at that same symposium were Scientologists and women legislators that have gone on to promote Scientology's dangerous programs:

NFWL member, legislator - Sharron Angle, of Nevada - previously supporting CCHR agenda of Ritalin, Angle went on to promote Scientology Second Chance Prison Program with dangerous detoxification.

Also present was Rep. Katherine M. Bryson of Utah - legislator, (R-Orem) and NFWL member, (NOWL, State Director) sponsored a bill on the "Medical Recommendation for Children" in 2002 that was vetoed.

Bryson was active in supporting HR 1170, (Child Medication Safety Act of 2003) as was the CCHR. The Child Medication Safety Act of 2003 was approved in the Senate (S 1390,) and now pending federal approval.

Parental rights was a very big issue in Utah legislation this past January, 2004. A very publicized DCFS case in Utah - "the Parker Jensen case," brought 32 bills attempting redefine medical neglect vs. parental rights. Utah's SB 90 (Medical Neglect-Exclusion) was introduced in February, 2004 to reduce the rights of the DCFS in charging "medical neglect," to parents who decide that their child should not receive a needed medical treatment. Parental rights would uphold a doctor's decision unless parental incompetence was proven.

SB 90 was held in February 2004, but the issue was said to be raised again. While Scientology or NFWL legislators seemed absent from the eruption of Parker Jensen bills, in March 2004, the "church" of Scientology appeared in the press stating the issue was certainly not over. "This is the beginning of the fight," said Sandra Lucas, executive director of the Utah Chapter of the Citizen's Commission on Human Rights. "We will not go away. We will be back until we shift the balance back."

While Bryson was not active with the "Parker Jensen" bills, including Senate Bill 90, she had in May, 2003, asked the House Education Subcommittee on Education Reform to reintroduce a similar bill that had failed in 2002 (pertaining to Ritalin and school children.) It was introduced by Rep. Max Burns, (R- Ga.) In her testimony about the "coercing and drugging of school children, Bryson raises the issue of "parental rights and medical neglect," as to the topic of psychotropic medication in schools.

Bryson also states that "Utah is Ritalin capitol of the world," when in fact it was not. Rep. Max Burns, (R- Ga) sponsored a provision that passed and was added to the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act reauthorization.

There is another very important fact of SB 90 that would draw the desperation of Scientology to the forefront on Parental Rights and Medical Neglect - a Religious Clause. As it appears that the issues of parental rights and SB 90 will be introduced again, it is worth noting the religious clause held within this legislation. This would allow Scientology to avoid medical neglect and allow another dangerous ritual practice to take place.

This specific language of Utah's "Senate Bill 90" (Medical Neglect-Exclusion) addresses religious belief "as an exclusion" from medical neglect:

(c) A competent parent or guardian legitimately practicing religious beliefs and who, 93 for that reason, does not provide specified medical treatment for a child, is not guilty of 94 neglect.

This 'religious' language of SB 90 would definitely give support, or validate the practices in the "church" of Scientology. The same issues are - parental rights, mental incompetence, disallowing psychiatric help and only allowing a Scientology treatment called the "Introspection Rundown" instead of psychiatric help. By Utah's law this would make a charge of medical neglect against Scientology impossible, and pave the way for their "alternative mental health policies" to be recognized by law.

This would also set a precedent for Scientology to carry further.

Scientology is already practicing the literal outcome of SB 90 as they have introduced a new contract, "A Release" Scientology members sign, exercising Scientology law within their own ranks. This would allow Scientology to isolate people from their families, and neglect them from medical help:

b. Scientology is unalterably opposed, as a matter of religious belief, to the practice of psychiatry, and espouses as a religious belief that the study of the mind and the healing of mentally caused ills should not be alienated from religion or condoned in nonreligious fields. I am in full agreement with this religious belief. I do not believe in or subscribe to psychiatric labels for individuals It is my strongly held religious belief that all mental problems are spiritual in nature and that there is no such thing as a mentally incompetent person-- only those suffering from spiritual upset of one kind or another dramatized by an individual."

"If circumstances should ever arise in which government, medical or psychiatric officials or personnel or family members or friends attempt to compel or coerce or commit me for psychiatric evaluation, treatment or hospitalization, I fully desire and expect that the Church or Scientologists will intercede on my behalf to oppose such efforts and/or extricate me from that predicament so my spiritual needs may be addressed in accordance with the tenets of the Scientology religion."

Read the entire contract HERE

The introduction of the release contracts came after the death of Lisa McPherson, a longtime member who had become medically ill and mentally psychotic. She was removed from a hospital by Scientologists, and isolated for 17 days. A Scientology treatment called the "Introspection Rundown" was administered. She was brought to the hospital on the 17th day, emaciated and with bug bites - dead on arrival.

This wrongful death death lawsuit, which went on for nearly ten years, recently was settled with a gagged agreement.

One competent opinion seen reflecting the problem that Senate Bill 90 could allow is that of Utah's Paul Boyden, director of the Statewide Association of Prosecutors, who stated

"Another clause giving parents the right to refuse medical treatment for children on religious grounds could be used to "keep him in the basement and feed him a diet that will leave him disabled or dead," he said. "This just isn't ready for prime time," Boyden said of the bill."

Senate Bill 90 did not give Scientology in Utah the validation for their Scientology contracts. However they have renewed parental rights for continued attack on psychotropic drug issues. While the Scientology "war on drugs" and "eradication of psychiatry" continues, the other attack on healthcare and related systems goes on. It is not ironic to see Scientology groups and legislators invisible yet so visible in the legislation in Utah. The CCHR has routinely been known to sensationalize cases of abuse, using low percentages to attack statewide systems of healthcare - a true misrepresentation of statistics for their own personal agenda. But the legislation that Scientology is repetitively seen behind also affords them the avoidance of others seeing what their own dangerous practices are being sold under secularly - alternative healthcare.

Imagine prisoners being sent to the Second Chance prison program of which the detoxification is considered "unfit for human experimentation." Who is responsible for reporting cases of medical neglect or abuse within the system when the program is managed by Scientologists? - or almost validated by this sort of legislation?

Even now, in Scientology's main properties in Clearwater, when a person dials "911" they are connected to Scientology's security office...NOT the city's 911 call center.

Also present at the symposium in 2002 was Dan Stradford, president and founder of the Safe Harbor Project, who is not a legislator, but a Scientologist who operates an alternative health organization that also supports the Scientology agenda in mental health. Stradford is now selling videotapes of a April 2003 Montel Williams Show that promoted the Scientology book, "Clear Body Clear Mind," - which includes the suggestion of using the dangerous detoxification program. Under the guise of treating medical problems naturally, comes the sale of the Scientology program that is "unfit for human experimentation."

On that videotape of the Montel Williams Show being sold by "Safe Harbor" is Bruce Wiseman, NFWL Treasurer and Scientology president of the CCHR, who states that ritalin is "kiddie coke," while using phrases about the "war on drugs after 9-11," including a statement about the DEA. This is anything but alternative health, as much as promoting hatred towards mental health - the Scientology agenda. While the NFWL partnership with the DEA is specific about drug awareness as pertaining to ecstacy and "club drugs," Scientology is found again making bogus health claims about a dangerous "detoxification" program, sensationalizing mental health issues and using a celebrity to spread hatred for psychiatry; while using the DEA in the context of his dialogue - literally, "on the same page" again.

CHADD, (Children and Adults With Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder,) a nationally recognized and credible organization reacted to the CCHR and "Scientology rhetoric" on that Montel Williams Show.

(Note: A frightening statement made at this 2002 symposium was: '"Through our presentations, discussions and subsequent published proceedings, we will provide NFWL members across the country and other interested legislators with useful scientific and educational information," said Representative Abdullah-Odiase.') --- Hardly so, when you consider that this dangerous detoxification program mixed with Scientology jargon has never been credibly researched by medical authorities in the United States." The Second Chance Program uses a detoxification deemed, "unfit for human experimentation."

Also present at the symposium was the brother of president George Bush, Neil Bush. Bush met with members of the CCHR and stood behind the psychotropic drugging issue. Bush has also appeared with Priscilla Presley at a September 2002 meeting before the House Committee on Government Reform.

The hearing, chaired by Representative Dan Burton (R-IN), offered testimony by several witnesses, most of whom are associated with the Church of Scientology's Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR). Critics and members with ADD/ADHD feel that officials are giving credence to movie stars and Scientology members rather than the real people behind these issues - doctors, research scientists and those who have AD/HD.


Scientology needs to advertise in order to sell their programs to consumers - just like a business. Educated people and those with good intentions can be fooled too, but the internet has made the detection of deceptive practices easier to detect. Scientology removes member's websites when they have been found to be involved in large ponzi schemes, or even adding people to pictures to make it seem like they have thousands of members. Much quoting of L. Ron Hubbard's Scientology philosophy has been left off of this account. One thing that Scientology's "Professional Public Relations operatives learn in their "coursework" is how to lie, as long as it forwards Scientology goals. So amidst the pleasant smiles and persuasive facts and figures - and talk of persecution against a seemingly harmless "church" - Scientology members are active for the cause of Scientology. The need to recruit and sell the programs and philosophy secularly is for one purpose alone - to "keep Scientology working." Taxpayers should have better protection from government agencies and in it's rule making, so that funding for totalitarian groups, like Scientology be disallowed totally. The use of legislators and other government officials by Scientology is heinous. That's what the law is for, isn't it?

Scientology may represent one of their direct organizations, a business, or use existing businesses in order to cultivate, overtake and sell more of it's philosophy. Thus the "philosophy" that "church members" learn in is that they have the right to have a voice as corporate taxpayers, but then as the active role is established, the sale of the "spiritual products" take place - as "secular." So you may see that the women legislators group was totally non-committal "as the group" on child medication until recently - when the Scientology "church members" became evidently in and on the board. Their working behind the scenes with individual legislators for two years brought the children's mental health and medication issue to the "federal stage." What we see is their stepping forward from the background to claim the group that has championed the cause, "the NFWL," and they are responsible for it.

If you can understand what has happened by the tandem events of Scientology during the last several years, regarding this issue, then you will understand what Scientology has done before. They will continue the uneducated scares and literal ambulance chasing in order to dictate their policies from within the government. This is the repeated work of Scientology members who are learning and practicing their philosophy. Learning this and understanding how they use Scientology teachings is a cruelly unfair thing to witness, as it is has been a big problem for many years. This information is presented to show an example of that, with hopes that people will truly read, understand, and see how the positioning and execution of the events takes place. It has happened before as Scientology has been raided and found with government documents in their possession in the United States; in foreign countries too. The fight for human rights and reports from foreign countries fits in as well. Corruption fraud and government infiltration is a subject that Scientology does not want us to compare notes on in foreign countries. So Scientology's purpose and need for support of legislators is crucial to keep on their agenda. Take time to read documents on the internet and learn the types of well-prepared action they have taken in the past and see - that it happens as in this case of the women legislators - and is likely happening in other areas as well. The "model program" that Scientology presents is a program totally run by, with, and for, Scientology. If "secular" is believed, then citizens are practicing Scientology. The concern that Scientology appears to carry are not concerns in the normal sense, as much a driven course of action from a hierarchy, much like an army, is set to follow orders.

Scientology is not alternative medical or mental healthcare. Scientology gives alternative healthcare a bad name, especially as money is more important than a cure. Their detoxification has been deemed "unfit for human experimentation" and they have still managed to gain acceptance with Scientology public relations instead of competent medical study. They have managed to avoid medical studies for years, with the exception of Scientologists who are doctors, or other doctors who are obviously not into seeing comparative studies or missing reports on problems or deaths. Such studies do not exist. How is Narconon, Second Chance, and other detox program thrown out of planning meetings, legislatures and other public meetings yet still operating in other areas? Repetitively misleading unsuspecting people.

People do have legitimate issues with medical and mental health, but the unsurmountable positioning and attack of Scientology over the last six years especially - should not go unnoticed. Drawing others into the Scientology agenda - by using vulnerable people - is wrong. The CCHR group draws anger and motivates people with anger. So people will be angry at psychiatrists or never care to see one. That alone is eradication of psychiatry on the first level for Scientology. Suing large groups in class action companies themselves. Legislation. Mental health is failing - so Scientology programs, dangerous ones too, happen to be right there; and they are. Attacking the entire system is a way to avoid competent and balanced dialogue within already established groups. Scientology won't do that because they know their dangerous detoxification program will not sell if it is openly researched - or even allowed to be, as it has already been called unfit.

People are reading the internet and they are learning more about Scientology and other totalitarian groups. Please do the same

"Doctors are too often careless and incompetent, psychiatrists are simply outright murderers. The solution is not to pick up their pieces for them but to demand medical doctors become competent and to abolish psychiatry and psychiatrists as well as psychologists and other infamous Nazi criminal outgrowths."

Written by: L Ron Hubbard
HCO Bulletin 6 Dec 1976, "Illegal PCs, Acceptance Of - High Crime Bulletin"
(_Technical Bulletins_, Volume XI, first US printing of 1979)

Pertinent information such as legislative documentation, press articles and websites with researched information have been linked directly in the text above. THIS timeline includes linked and supplemental information in chronological order, so that readers may view the events as they have taken place over a period of time. Some of the links in this account have been saved, or archived messages had to be linked because they have been removed or changed since they were originally found. Scientology has in the past removed or altered their own web pages, due to the threat that factual information seems to bring. Should you find a link that does not work, please contact the webmaster. Documents or pertinent information is welcome and will be added as this research is ongoing.

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