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If reading an article here, leaves you feeling outraged that Scientology or its front groups are considered "charitable" by the IRS - please contact your State Delegates - Every voice helps.

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Scientology’s current game plan - Criminal Entrapment, False reports to Law Enforcment

read recent addition by a recent defector. Also read a letter from Ms. Ida Camburn in Hemet to her son..   20 June 01

Scientology's use of the word "Bigot" seems to be ending - in part due to this brilliant, funny, parody of a Budweiser Beer commercial { apologies to Bud } You want Bigots? http//

1 June 2001 Kieth Henson, having been successfully framed based on anothers discussion of using a tom cruise missle against Scientology's secret International Headquarters (Scientology is Armed and Dangerous) whose cover-story name is Golden Era Productions in Hemet California, was released from jail in Canada after a hearing on Thursday, Henson Website is here

1 June - Kiddie Porn postings are being spammed to the newsgroup alt.religion.scientology, a possible scenario is described here.

A Judge renders an adverse finding against Scientology's use of a private investigator to entrap Jesse Prince, a witness in the Lisa McPherson Case.

Defendant's Motion to Abrogate Private Investigative
Privilege And to Take Depositions is hereby granted. [ In Jesse Prince case ]

20 April - Every action of scientology is by design, extortionate conduct to intimidate witnesses into silence. for example:

Read What a Scientologist Faces leaving Scientology

Read about Scientology's use of litigation for gag agreement - A Conspiracy for Silence

Special Mission work as told by ex-member Tory Bezazian:

At a get together in 1985, Sjogren met Gavino Idda, who headed a
similar mission in Italy at the time. Idda boasted that he hired a PI
who bribed a head of the dreaded Guardia di Finanza (The Finance
Police) in Milano with an expensive gold watch and some thousands of
dollars. The result was a raid of the premises of a "squirrel group",
accompanied with bad media for the group.

rest is webbed HERE

And Gavino Idda is the guy who provided the Hemet Court with internet postings they claimed were Keith Henson's

19 April 01 - The Riverside DA tried to plea bargain with Keith Henson, . Scientology's ex-mafia attorney Elliot Abelson and the president of RTC [ as in RTC vs Lerma ] are running and apparantly writing this young DA's stage show.  Accused of bogus "terrorist" threats, Keith Henson, whose real "crime" is that he picketed Scientology's Hemet facility, refuses to compromise. My amicus breif in this case is here. Summary page here. Free Keith Henson website is Here. In hindsite, I now see just how right Rich Leiby at the Washington Post got it  in his December 25th 1994 article as Scientology works overtime to 'make it so'.

23 March 01 update - a New pattern is emerging - Scientology is now trying to use their own children as human shields... using them as pawns in their entrapment games. See Charlotte Kates statement.

1 March 01 update: - I have been mailing a postcard to Scientologists - to advise of the asbestos threat on their 'OT' ship The Freewinds...  I have received many letters calling this mailing "Religious Hate Mail" and complaining to the US Postal Service and 'FBI Hate crimes desk".  Of course this is rubbish, but is in character, and is an attempt to push the  authorities into doing for scientology what scientology's own lawyers and dirty tricks operators have failed to do - procure my silence.

Hating CRIME is not a HATE CRIME!.

"Let me never fall into the vulgar mistake of dreaming that I am
persecuted whenever I am contradicted." -- Ralph Waldo Emerson

20 February 2001

After learning that my name had been included in Scientology’s most recent effort to invoke its’ “litigation is used not to win but to harass” strategy, I flew in to Clearwater on Friday the 9th of February expecting to attend a weekend session in Circuit court with Judge Pennick.  I sat patiently through a Saturday, Sunday, then Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday court case, and finally testified.

    [A Court case contrived by Scientology to make it's founders claims true, that "The only people who attack Scientology are criminals". When Scientology first contacted me after I publicized the Spanish criminal case in the fall of 1994, Rich Leiby at the Washington Post knew what my future held for me, read his article of Christmas Day 1994.]

     During my testimony I told Judge Pennick that I had been very careful to obey this injunction, as I knew my adversary's penchant for fabrication of felonies, as described by Richard Leiby's description of L Ron Hubbard's showmanship technique.  I described that, in 1995, Ms Kobrin, had crafted 6 " of ex-parte filings to federal Judge Brinkema, to get a search warrant, - alleging that I was in possession of "stolen property", which turned out to be merely an innocent copy, of an unsealed public court record from the central district of California.

     I believe Judge Pennick understood this.

    On Cross examination by scientology, I was asked how much money had been provided to me by Bob Minton, I replied about 100,000.    After nearly 2 years of brutal litigation in RTC Vs Lerma, that Scientology claimed to have spent 1,700,000 pursuing - to get a $2500 de-minimis fine .  I started to describe that I had run down my inventory, and run up my credit cards, and had been pushed right to the edge when I sent an email to Bob Minton offering to sell him the computer I was typing on, because I was against the financial wall. Bob replied with an email - "Help is on the way".

    On Friday the 16th I asked the Attorney for the "Clearwater 13" John Merrett to ask the Judge if I could have the leave of the court to return home as I was close to losing one of my few clients I had left after 7 years fighting to expose Scientology.  It was granted. On Tuesday the 21st of February, Mr. Merrett renewed his motion to dismiss and the Judge granted Judicial Notice that there was no likelihood that a prudent jury might convict either myself or my friend John Ernerson, on the fabrications crafted by Scientology's Scientologist attorney Helena Kobrin's barratrous cult.


updated 14 Feb 2001 11:46

Scientology’s directors of the carnival show had crafted an “order to show cause why we not be held in contempt” order, naming about a dozen recent participants in the Dec and January pickets in Clearwater.

This being technically a criminal proceeding, will count as the THIRD attempt by Scientology to ‘simulate a felony’ on my behalf.

Without beggaring you with a long an involved description of Scientology’s current theatrical charade, and, of course, speaking only for myself, let me just say that Scientology is not happy with my phrase NO OTs THERE.

Scientology’s conduct in this current attempted frame up was already reminding me so much of RTC Vs Lerma, that when I found myself confronted with that past unwelcome visitor to my home, one Scientologist Scientology Attorney - the infamous Helena Kobrin, in Judge Pennicks courtroom, sitting next to Wally Pope, passing him notes, I felt compelled to inform my readers of some of my thoughts about the current show.

This current effort by Scientology is much like scientology itself, as well as the previous litigation I endured in RTC Vs Lerma. IN RTC Vs Lerma Scientology filed 6 inches of ex-parte filings, all describing me as ‘being in possession of stolen property”, only to stand upbraided by Federal Judge Brinkema, in open court, of having UNCLEAN HANDS, for not mentioning in those same 6 inches of exparte filings that what Mr. Lerma had in fact was merely a copy of an unsealed public court record. The only difference here is that this time they are basically trying to sell “A Piece of Blue Sky” to Judge Pennick instead of to Federal Judge Leonie Brinkema.

The other obvious technique is the pattern of taking a few frames out of days of picketing in order to try and make the facts more malleable. This is much like how, in RTC Vs Lerma, the Fishman document was taken out of context of the running journal style of the newsgroup. My previous 685 postings in just the first 6 months of that same year were not considered. Here, a few seconds of my picketing are shown, in an effort, I suspect to paint me in an unfavorable light - using NO OTs THERE and the only line I used that contained vernacular - “Hang onto your money and run like hell” .

I suspect that result of this effort will be the same, Scientology’s only win will be the additional burden, of the created expenses, the time off work, and the inevitable litigation stress to the participants.

In rebuttal to Scientology’s tenuous allegations, Mr. John Merrett closed with a quote to Felix in the Odd Couple TV series

“You ate that?!”


Arnaldo Lerma

11:09 AM Wednesday, February 14, 2001

Their current #1 goal is to bankrupt Bob Minton and the rest of the activists who are trying to expose them. As part of this effort they craft elaborate fabricated felonies and send the reports to law enforcement around the world, sometimes anonymously, sometimes using lawyers who don’t even know they are working for scientology at the time.

They are currently on trial in Spain for "simulation of a felony"

That they will use every conceivable motion and hearing..designed to run up litigation costs, precludes any lawyer with a family to feed taking them on ‘pro bono’.

The occasional slashed tire, broken turn signal, or smashed window, or dead pet, is a constant emotional and financial drain.

In 1994 and 1995 they alienated free speech activists on the internet,   with a forged remove group command issued by Helena Kobrin, in an effort to shut down the newsgroup that was founded after the Time Magazine article in 1991.

They went on to raid and sue a number of activists using copyright and trade   Secret claims with imaginative ex-parte filings. They were accused of unclean hands in RTC Vs Lerma in open court by federal Judge Brinkema.

They bankrupted the Cult Awareness Network and managed to purchase its name during bankruptcy proceedings. Now if you call CAN you will be speaking to a Scientologist!

Their every effort consists of containing bad news about them, intimidating Journalists, ex-members and critics and trying to seize documents critical of them and make them disappear.

When they cannot silence an ex-member or activist, they will use ‘Dead Agent’ packs, fictitious and out of context details fabricated in a manner with intent to discredit the source… typically one of the ex-members or activists who fight them – all done so you will not listen.

Imagine if the Mafia were tax exempt and ‘hits’ were a religious sacrament…

The ‘hits’ scientology uses are financial, emotional and litigious, as used they have successfully ruined enough lives that many journalists and law enforcement avoid them like the plague.

A growing few realize the specter we are facing, and have decided to tell We the People, the whole truth, about a group, whose members think they are doing good, but in fact emulates the stazi tactics of the Nationalist Socialist Movement in Germany in the 30’s.

Had there been an internet in the 30’s, perhaps Hitler would not have destroyed most of Europe.

Will you help us to tell "We the People" ?


Arnaldo Lerma

On behalf of all the ex-members, broken families, Journalists and activists who have chosen to stand in the face of this evil February 9th 2001

6045 N 26th Rd, Arington Virginia 22207 Tel 703 241 1498 email