Scientology - cults - sectes - sciengtologie: l'appel aux armes - On 23 octobre 2000

The main shots - les principales photos.

Après décompte, on peut observer qu'au moment le plus"rempli", il y avait moins de 750 personnes de ce côté de l'attroupement. Il y en avait environ 50 à 60 entre celui-ci et le second (café Bastille) en face, où se trouvaient environ 200-250 personnes au meilleur moment

After having counted the heads, they were less than 750 persons this side of the place. They were 50 to 60 between this side and the second part of the meeting, near Café Bastille; before and inside the Café, about 200-250 people at the best moment.

Therefore the real final total was between 100 and 1200 persons.

The meeting in the second part of the rallye showed about the same numbers.

The cops - they arrived late - counted 800 persons, but some busses had already embarked some 200-300 people, more or less.

The "two stars" of the moment were on first step of the café here above, Kirstie Alley being rather provocative with cops (she was also painted like a Picasso picture, his last period, "Ripolin paintings".)