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Scientology's Washington DC Lobby Offices

Church of Scientology International (their in house lobby office )
1701 20th St Nw Wash DC
Alexander R Jones - Ethnic Affairs
( he's the one that used to sit in the lobby of the Liberty Lobby
to review each new issue of The Spotlight after Willis Carto
started trashing Scientology in The Spotlight ) Sylvia Stanard 'Director' ( We don't do that any more )
Susan Taylor 'Public Affairs Secretary'

Author Services Inc. (David Miscavige)
Repped by Federal Legislative Associates
alec french, david h miller
1710 Rhode Island Ave NW 4th floor
Washington DC 20036

Religious Technology Center
Repped by Federal Legislative Associates
Philip S. Corwin, Principal
Alec French, Associate
Jack Lichtenstein Principal
David H Miller, Principal

1710 Rhode Island Ave NW 4th floor
Washington DC 20036

they also rep the
American Bankers Associations (Corwin and Miller)
American Society for Industrial Security (Lichtenstein and Miller)
Author Services Inc. (alec french, david h miller)
Boston Capital Inc (Lichtenstein and Miller)
Duluth Clinic (david h miller )
First Virtual Holdings (French and Corwin )

Have a Heart Business Alliance (Lichtenstein)
Health System of Minnestota (david h miller )
Henry Ford Health Systems (david h miller )
Lahey-Hitchcock Clinic Medical Center (david h miller )
Mayo Foundation (david h miller )
Religious Technology Center (alec french, david h miller)
Software Publisher's Association (david h miller )
Virginia Mason Medical Center (david h miller )
Chip Gallo wrote:
This means there is no "National Office" on Pennsylvania Avenue any more?

not per the Washington Representatives 21st edition published by Columbia Books,
I heard about the capitol hill office, but never got an actual location for it to check it out

European Union Lobby Office:

Expatica News reported on September 17th that Scientology has opened a human rights office in Brussels, Belgium, near the offices of the European Community.

"The Church of Scientology opened the doors to its all-new European quarter offices Wednesday, amid skepticism from local politicians. The luxurious address at 91 rue de la Loi will be representing the controversial spiritual group in the European Commission and Parliament neighbourhood in an attempt at increasing its credibility. The European Scientology Office of Public Affairs and Human Rights has been seen as an attempt to confuse visitors by attempting to appear like part of the conglomerate of European institutions in the area.

'They are the charlatans of human rights,' Antoine Duquesne, former rapporteur during the investigation into sects in Belgium in 1997, told La Libre Belgique. Politicians across all party lines criticised the organisation's new offices. 'I think it's dangerous and a sect - it's not for nothing that they've encamped themselves in the European quarter, we know their lobbying capabilities,' said Mayor of Schaerbeek Bernard Clerfayt. 'The Church of Scientology is only after money and nobody is safe from what they are capable of,' said Mayor of Watermael-Boisfort Martine Payfa."

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