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Ron Newman's website

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Ron the War Zero on
Scientology in Germany and Russia
Lisa McPherson Memorial page

The Scientology Litigation Kit:

Karin Spaink's Successful tips for Litigation with Scientology

Tricking the Immigration & Naturalization Service

Lying about the German Court Decisions

Deceiving the US State Department

Chris Owen's site on OSA and the Guardian's Office:

Inside the Gaurdian's Office and the Office of Special Affairs. A report about Scientology's Secret dirty tricks department

Scientology Manipulation - Discrimination as a Weapon>

Watchman Fellowship

Scientology's Heresies

[French language] Scientology page

Gregg Haggland's Canadian Picket site

Alt Religion Scientology newsgroup SHORTFAQ

Tillman Hausherr [German language page]

Dave Touretzky's Fishman Papers page

Secret Library of Scientology

John Atack's awesome "Total Freedom Trap"

Damning official reports on $cientology

Cult of $cientology vs. Keith Henson

UK Scientology Critics Homepage

Dennis Erlich -

EFF homepage

AFF Homepage

Suicide List

Scientology names Head of Greek Orthodox Christian Church, #1 on their SECRET "ENEMIES" list

Cult raids Zenon in Sweden:

An overall index of critical sites

About the newsgroup alt.religion.scientology

In an ideal world, alt.religion.scientology would be the newsgroup where scientologists, critics and interested persons could come together to openly debate the subject of Scientology. However, since this is Scientology we're dealing with, things aren't that easy: Failing to cancel the newsgroup altogether in 1995, Scientology has tried several other (often really wacky) methods to "put the newsgroup out of business". They very eagerly post to the news group, every day, thousands of contentless, gibberish-filled postings (referred to as "sporge") so that YOU won't find postings describing material like the kind you see on this website.

This Denial of Service attack is described in more detail at here. As of this writing (Feb 2002) Scientology is currently using a handful of people (who may just be paid "supporters" since actual Scientologists who work the job tend to leave the cult after some exposure to critical thinking) to post under these various pseudonyms... and to create all this "sporge".

These fake supporters use a technique described in Sun Tzu's Art of War - which is listed as manditory reading on the training courses for their operatives. They use various identies arranged to do point - counter - point on most arguments. They rarely make sense, use actual logic, or communicate effectively. Their purpose is to overwhelm the newsgroup by sheer numbers of posts and to guide any attention away from actual content-rich posts.

If you do decide to check out alt.religion.scientology, you will note that Scientology operatives all post anonymously (or with an alias yet many of us fighting to expose them post under our own real names

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