More Scientology articles by Rich Leiby

November 1979 Clearwater Sun - "Judge Rules Papers Available to the Public" - 

November 1979 Clearwater Sun - "Scientologists Plot City Takeover" -

November 27, 1979 - Clearwater Sun Clearwater Sun, (Scientology), Cover Blown, 2 spies came in from the cold.

November 24, 1979 Clearwater Sun - Cult tried to control newspaper

WASHINGTON - The Church of Scientology plotted to purchase or otherwise "control" the Clearwater Sun by attempting to cut the paper's advertising revenue, discredit reporters and editors and rally readers against it, according to sect documents released Friday. -

High-level Scientology "Guardians," carrying out plans to "take control" of the city of Clearwater in November 1975, planted spies in the Sun's news and advertising departments to gather information that might be incriminating to the paper's finances and employes.

" -

April 4, 1980 Clearwater Sun - "Lawyers days in Clearwater spawn mystery" - - The story of a Scientology lawyer Merrill George Vannier and spy in Clearwater Florida, whose wife worked on Gabe Cazares re-election campaign, and who eneded up representing Gabe Cazare's in his own litigation ( to his detriment )

August 25, 1981 Clearwater Sun - "Psychiatrist: Sect drove man insane

August 30, 1981 Clearwater Sun - "Sect courses resemble science fiction " -

Dec 25th 1994 The Washington Post Scientology's War against it's critics harassment

August 19, 1995 Washington post . Church in Cyberspace; - The story of Xenu and subject of  lawsuit

Dec 6, 1998 Washington Post "The Life and Death of a Scientologist" 12/6/98 - Lisa McPherson

January 4, 2000, The Washington Post Scientology's Funny Photos
By Lloyd Grove
research by Rich Leiby

May 10, 2002 Ex-Scientologist collects 8.7 million in 22 year old case -

LINK to an article that originally ran as part of the The Shadow Column from about an Ex-Scientologists Apology to Rich Leiby and Mayor Gabe Cazares for his deceitful conduct while a member.

23 Nov 2004 The day I almost led the Iraqi army

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