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"We must have the courage to speak plainly"
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A member of Scientology's Guardians Office tells his story - Gary Weber's Story is HERE!

"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter" Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr

David Miscavige
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"the lord of the flies"

Some of the Sources that Hubbard stole from to create the con.

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What Judges say about Scientology - example:

"Scientology's purpose is making money by means legitimate and illegitimate"
(US District Court, Southern District of New York, 92 Civ. 3024 )

The Truth About Dianetics - from Scientific American and the American Psychological Association

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Arnie Lerma
German Documentary on Channel Pro 7, 1997

L Ron Hubbard's great grandson, Jamie Kennedy explains what $cientology really is: "My mother still has a letter from Ron threatening to break my grandfather's legs"

The mp3 track you want to hear is "Judas' Son" - enjoy
[ parental advisory - adult language ] [ Audio file, mp3]

L Ron Hubbard's Son, Ron DeWolf, denounces his own father as a fraud - Read this hard to find 1982 interview in the News Herald

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"In an age of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act."
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"Nobody wants to lift the tail of a skunk"
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"To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men"
Abraham Lincoln

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Die Weisse Rose --the historical precedent for our efforts to expose just what Scientology is despite their best efforts to use their lawyers, private investigators, dirty trickster's and front groups to make us disappear.

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Summer Bruin - UCLA No 6 82nd Year:

Scientologist response remains true to form is precisely because of my outspoken criticism of Scientology's deceptive, manipulative, exploitive dangerous and even brutal practices, which have diminished the freedom and individuality of untold thousands of people, that they have long since identified me as "fair game" for their perennial harassment, vilification and character assassination. Your July 26 "Counterpoint" gave space to L.S. Hight international media coordinator for the "Church" of Scientology, who criticized an excellent Bruin article by Nancy Hsu ("Church , Members File Suit Against Pro-fessor," May 17) in characteristic Scientology fashion: with a vicious personal attack upon me. Hight's diatribe was filled with lies and misrepresentations from beginning to end.

My track record on human rights is far superior to that of Hight, L. Ron Hubbard or any other Scientology official past or present, and has been so for nearly half a century.

I have put my job, my reputation and even my life on the line for human rights causes ranging from fascism in Europe to racism in America to apartheid in South Africa; from punitive policies against gays in the military (published in 1958'), to victims of terrorism and torture, to neglect and mistreatment of the poor, the mentally ill and children everywhere.

In fact, it is precisely because of my outspoken criticism of Scientology's deceptive, manipulative, exploitive; dangerous, and even brutal practices, which have diminished the freedom and individuality of untold thousands of people, that they have long since identified me as "fair game" for their perennial harassment, vilification and character assassination.

The Center for Study of Life Threatening Behavior which was proposed in the early 1970s by me and two dozen faculty colleagues at UCLA was extensively reviewed and approved by objective committees both within and outside the University. No such "experiments" as "chemical castration" or "implanting electrodes into people's brains" were proposed except perhaps in L. Ron Hubbard's science fiction stories.

The only project (among 17) in which minorities would have been over-represented was one in which model programs to diminish violence among students through peer-counseling techniques were to be tested at two Los Angeles inner-city schools at their request.

As America's epidemic of interpersonal violence has continued to grow in the last 20 years, many knowledgeable people have expressed regret that the proposed center was never funded.

Contrary to Hight's allegations (which Scientology has repeated ad nauseam in Goebels' tradition of the Big Lie), I have never taken part in "mind-control"experiments funded by the CIA or anybody else. It is Scientology itself that has become wealthy and powerful by using mind-control techniques to exploit innocent seekers of self-improvement

That I employ medications and teach about their proper use - in the practice of psychiatry is no secret, but Hight's implications about any impropriety in this are totally false.

Finally. the "elephant story" is always thrown in by Scientologists in their attacks upon me as though it were some sort of shameful secret which they have exposed. You can read all about it and judge for yourself. (Lysergic Acid Diethylamide: Its Effects on a Male Asiatic Elephant, Science, December 7,1962,138: 34545, 1100-1103.) My co-authors were the distinguished African-American psychiatrist, Dr. Chester Pierce, now a professor at Harvard, and Dr. Warren Thomas, longtime director of the Los Angeles Zoo.

Beware of Scientology. It is basically a science-fiction psychotherapy cult concocted by one of our century's most extravagant liars (a cross between the Baron Munchausen and Rev. Jim Jones) and practiced by amateurs unrestricted by any code of professional ethics, any peer review or any respect for the content of modern behavioral science, clinical psychology or scientific medicine.

Dr. Jolyon West, M.D. is a professor in the School of Medicine. (END) Dr West passed away, but Scientology started to villify him again, shortly after I webbed one of his terrific lectures on this website, the above was Dr West's reply back then to the same false allegations, Dr West seems to have virtually gained something that Scientologists think they will gain through Scientology - Immortality - PLEASE Listen to Dr West's Lecture on Cults

February 23, 2005 - San Francisco Chronicle: Schools urged to drop antidrug program. State Superintendent Jack O'Connell urged all California schools on Tuesday to drop the Narconon antidrug education program after a new state evaluation concluded that its curriculum offers inaccurate and unscientific information, by Nanette Asimov

Below:'s Intergalactic papparazzi captured this meeting between Scientology's current diminutive leader David Miscavige and Scientology's founder L Rum Hubtoad, he really isn't dead, but living well upon the planet Marcab, very far away... (thank God!)

Evil L Ron Hubbard and 
Mini-me David Miscavige

"the targets of satire are always the last to laugh. Due to various personal reasons, they cannot see the joke. But satire is not written for them. It is written for others so that, like the fable, they can see that the "emperor has no clothes." " - L Ron Hubbard - from his "Introduction" in "Volume One" of his book Mission Earth

Links: David Miscavige
L Ron Hubbard
L Ron Hubbard2
L Ron Hubbard3
L Ron Hubbard4

New documentary webpages about Scientology's 20 year history of involvement and ultimate takeover of the Institute for Historical Review and the destruction of the Spotlight Newspaper and the Liberty lobby. Exclusive to, Read the Carto pages.

EXCLUSIVE! NOW ONLINE: Sklar case Filing:
Petitioner's Motion for Reconsideration of Three Orders:
(filed November 4, 2004 in US Tax Court, Docket #395-01)

NB: This document has been SUPPRESSED from the public, by the US Tax Court Judge John O. Colvin, who has refused public access to the Docket #395-01 file, for the duration of the Sklar v. IRS hearings, until he issues his written decision. It is reproduced here, as a public service, to coincide with anticipated public interest, from news coverage of this historic trial!

Scientology (Sklar) Tax Case Report

8 Nov 2004 - Notes on the Sklar v. IRS case (US Tax Court, Docket #395-01):

The IRS Counsel Louis Jack, is effectively limiting the case discussion to Michael & Marla Sklar's children's attendance in religious schools.

This is due to Judge John O. Colvin's concurrence with the Motion in Limine filed by the IRS, and refusal to consider or even explain his denials, to Petitioner Sklar's attorney Jeffrey Zuckerman. Zuckerman complained about "prejudice" in the Judge's decisions.

Included in the denials, were subpoena for testimony by COS President Heber Jentzsch on the nature of Scientology religious instruction (which were quashed), and avoidance of consideration of verifying the authenticity or accuracy of the IRS "Secret" 1993 agreement with Scientology (as written later in 1997 in the Wall Street Journal).

The IRS attorney's argument for rejecting testimony requests from Scientologists, was based on a claim that the "Secret Agreement" represented a "settlement" and that it would set poor precedent for future settlements with other entities, to release private financial data.

The IRS Attorney frequently interrupted witnesses for the Sklar's, questioning the admissibility of their statements and evidence on procedural grounds. What was allowed, was frequently tedious detail of billing practices for Jewish religious grammar school instruction.

Interesting revelations included:

The IRS in 1995, verbally indicated to Mr. Sklar that they have a internal division, devoted solely to handling "nothing but" claims for deductions by Scientologists!

The Judge, John O. Colvin, won't allow the public to see the actual case files during the hearings on the case! Trail Clerk Brian K. Woody was asked, but could not provide, filed documents in his possession.

Trial continues every weekday (excepting Veteran's Day) this week from 9AM to 5PM at 255 E. Temple Street (Room 1145, 11th Floor) in Downtown LA.

Associated Press on SKLAR
NY Sun Article with links to IRS Secret Agreement
Also see "Court Case Poses Challenge to Scientology Tax Break" NY Times March 24, 2004

November 8, 2004 November 8th, 2004 : Cagliari (Sardinia), Italy, The case of the boy who committed suicide: a former Scientology executive is sentenced to 4 ˝ years for EXTORTION

Why Dianetics is so Hard to Read AND how Shock Therapy helped Win WWII

Want to know why Dianetics is so well known as being hard to read and uses so many odd words ?

That's because Hubbard, who bragged about how fast he was able to type out Dianetics... used William Sargant's pre-publication paper, which he got while he was in the same navy hospital that William Sargant was a clinician in...( Sargant, from UK, served a stint as a visiting professor at a nearby university in the US) After taking a copy of William Sargant's paper, ( which was being circulated amongst recovering wounded for comment ) he placed it on one side of his typewriter, he then placed a synonym book on the other side, you see Hubbard had to replace the key words that William Sargant had used with words out of the synonym book, to disguise the TRUE SOURCE of Dianetics.

Which is why Hubbard demonizes Psychiatry.

So that you will NEVER NEVER read William Sargant's Battle for the Mind, you see William Sargant was the top PSYCHIATRIST in UK, who developed techniques and was searching for ways to treat shell shocked british soldiers reeling from the Blitzkrieg tactics of Rommel in the northern Sahara.

In Dianetics, Hubbard demonized 'shock treatment"

Background: Pavlov did many scientific and famously well documented studies of conditioning techniques using dogs... some dogs were trained to SALIVATE when a very small electric current was run through their PAWS....

One day in an early spring thaw, the ice on the river broke up, and jammed up at a bridge, creating a flash flood of icy cold water. It was on a weekend, and no one was at the lab and the roads were blocked by rising water... by the time Pavlov's assistants got to the lab, they found the dogs in a terrified state, swimming for their lives, noses at the tops of their cages. Because the cage doors were lower down, they had to pull the terrified animals DOWN through the icy water, and then up again to safety..

This TRAUMA, this "shock" caused Pavlov to make his most important and now famous discovery... he found that because of this 'shock'; the dogs either LOST their prior conditioning or reversed it completely!

Because of the sheer quantity of walking shell shocked british soldiers that were incapable of fighting due to Rommel's blitzkrieg tactics, William Sargant was searching for a means of treatment that was FASTER than the long winded, and often ineffective ABERACTIVE THERAPY....(dianetics) and based on Pavlov's discoveries, another fast technique was tried that was very very workable. SHOCK treatment. - be it shock treatment by ice-water bath, insulin shock, or electro shock.....

or in my case...


Arnie Lerma in black and red jumpsuit on left, skydiving with Joe Manilove and Doug Sayer in approximately 1982 at PELICAN land drop zone in Ridgley Maryland

So if the British had used Aberactive Therapy ( DIANETICS) because it took so long and didn't work well, and required so much training to do, many of those shell shocked soldiers would have been a very long time getting back to the battle front in a state able to function effectively.

So one might posit, that SHOCK Therapy helped win WWII


And THAT my friends is why Dianetics is famously hard to read!

The key ideas were rewritten from the worlds biggest PSYCHIATRIST, using a synonym book!


Russian Court Upholds Ban On Scientologists

The Russian Supreme Court upheld the 9 February verdict by the Bashkir Supreme Court banning the Church of Scientology in the republic, RIA-Novosti reported on 24 June, citing the Bashkir court. During the trial in the Bashkir court, prosecutor Florid Baikov said that the organization practices unlicensed educational and medical activities that "negatively affect the thinking and psychology of trainees" and "threatens public health." The Scientologists have been in Bashkortostan in 1994 and over 2,000 people have undergone training by them since then. -Compiled by Gulnara Khasanova - Article HERE

The Scientology RPF Insider Series

This series is disturbing, contemporary material, describing what it is like right now deep inside Scientology on what Scientology calls "The Rehabilitation Project Force ( See Professor Stephen Kent's Dec 1997 paper on the RPF )

The current conduct sure does remind this ex-member, of the change in Nazi Germany, when thier prison camps turned into slave labor camps,

"The major concentration camps within the German Reich became significant economic enterprises during the war as their purposes shifted from correction of behavior to exploitation of labor." (Quote from US Memorial Holocaust Museum Web Pages)

now, for those with a strong constitution, here is:

The RPF Insider Series

Coming soon to
Scientology and the Occult.

SCientology's cCross shown next to an image of Satanist Alestair crowleys Tarot Card of a crossed out cross, first published in 1969, I watched scientology crossed out cross dragged through the front door of WashingtonDC's Scientology outfir in 1969..

The Moonchild Ceremony that L Ron Hubbard did with Satanist Jack Parsons, was also done by one of Hitler's mentors, a fellow named List.
More coming soon (page under construction) .

{Interim LINK)

NOTE: hours after starting the display ad for the NFWL expose on's isp (router) was attacked using a denial of service (DOS) 'smurf' attack, if some images are missing, bear with us, we are doing the best we can to counter scientology's information war on the net. Thank you, a Temporary url for on another ISP is now HERE . Arnie Lerma

Award from Author Paulette Cooper, whose parents died in Auschwitz, for efforts made exposing Scientology's true nature

"What is happening now is a replay of the time of the 19th century robber baron, when large corporations used their influence to control the government's regulatory functions" Ronnie Earle, Travis County Texas District Attorney in the March 27th The Economist

Scientology's recruitment scams EXPOSED by San Francisco Chronicle (Narconon, Detox and Litercy frontgroups:

Schools put drug program on notice
S.F. tells lecturers linked to Scientology to fix inaccuracies - 10 June 2004 The Chronicle

Scientology LInk to public Schools (exposed) 9 June 2004

What Narconon tells it's students ( lies to recruit them into Scientology) 9 June 2004

Court Case Poses Challenge to Scientology Tax Break

By DAVID CAY JOHNSTON, March 24, 2004, (c) NY Times

LOS ANGELES, March 21 - A trial is to begin here on Wednesday morning to determine whether a Jewish couple can deduct the cost of religious education for their five children, a tax benefit they say the federal government has granted to members of just one religion, the Church of Scientology.

The potential ramifications are huge, for a ruling in favor of the couple could affect the millions of Americans who send their children to religious schools of all types. At stake is whether people of all religions can deduct the cost of religious education as a charitable gift, as Scientologists are allowed to do under an officially secret 1993 agreement with the Internal Revenue Service.

That agreement came despite a 1989 Supreme Court ruling denying tax deductions for money paid in fees set by the Church of Scientology for its "auditing" and "training" services. The Supreme Court decision said the money did not qualify for the charitable gift deduction because it involved a fixed price and was akin to a fee for a service. The couple, Michael and Marla Sklar of Los Angeles, originally took the I.R.S. to court after being denied $2,080 in 1993 deductions for religious education for their children. They lost that case, in which Mr. Sklar, a tax accountant, represented himself at trial. The couple appealed, and three judges on the Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit ruled against them two years ago. But one judge also took the unusual step of suggesting further litigation that would better define the issues.

The judges in the original Sklar case said "it appears to be true" that Scientology - founded by L. Ron Hubbard, the science fiction writer, in the 1950's - received preferential tax treatment in violation of the First Amendment. "Why is Scientology training different from all other religious training?" Judge Barry D. Silverman wrote in his opinion, adding that the question would not be answered just then because the court was not faced with the question of whether "members of the Church of Scientology have become the I.R.S.'s chosen people." Judge Silverman then recommended litigation to address whether the government is improperly favoring one religion.

"If the I.R.S. does in fact give preferential treatment to members of the Church of Scientology - allowing them a special right to claim deductions that are contrary to law and disallowed to everybody else - then the proper course of action is a lawsuit to put a stop to that policy," Judge Silverman wrote. In this second trial, also against the I.R.S. and involving $3,209 of taxes for 1995, the Sklars are represented by Jeffrey I. Zuckerman of Curtis, Mallet-Prevost, Colt & Mosle in Washington, who is serving pro bono.

The chief tax lawyer for the Church of Scientology, Monique E. Yingling, said the Sklar lawsuit was baseless. She said that until the 1993 agreement, Scientologists were discriminated against by not being allowed to take charitable deductions. "Scientologists now are being treated the same as everyone else, Catholics, Mormons, Hindus," she said, her list of religions continuing. "Auditing and training are both Scientology religious services," Ms. Yingling said, that members "participate in to advance in Scientology."

Mr. Sklar, though, said he saw no difference between the services that Scientologists cite for their deductions and the religious training his children receive at two Hebrew schools in Los Angeles. On their tax returns, the Sklars claimed charitable deductions equal to the portion of the Hebrew school tuition that covers the cost of religious education. He said that were he a Scientologist, it was clear he could deduct these sums.

When the Sklars tried to take the deduction, the I.R.S. sent them letters laying out the terms for Scientologists to take such deductions. The I.R.S. then denied the deductions because the Sklars did not provide receipts from the Church of Scientology. Other than the Sklars, the only known legal challenge to the I.R.S. agreement with the Scientologists was made by the nonprofit publisher of Tax Notes magazine. It tried unsuccessfully to get a judge to make the agreement public. (Copies of what seem to be the agreement were leaked several years ago.)

"The reason I got started on this course of action was I felt that there was a precedent being set that is extremely dangerous," Mr. Sklar said. "If the government is allowed to do this unchallenged, it means you have a state-favored religion, and that has never fared well for the Jews."

Mr. Sklar said that after he pressed his claim for a charitable deduction, the I.R.S. audited him and eight clients. "I think the I.R.S. was harassing me because before I had maybe one audit in two years," he said. A subpoena for the secret agreement with the Scientologists has been quashed at the request of the Church of Scientology and the I.R.S. A fight over access to that agreement is likely to be a crucial issue on appeal, which seems certain regardless of how the trial judge rules.

Mr. Sklar said that after more than a decade of tax breaks for Scientologists, he believed that the only proper course for the courts was to allow people of all faiths to take charitable deductions for the costs of religious education and training. But Judge Silverman, who had urged litigation to settle the issue, took a different approach in his opinion two years ago. "The remedy," he wrote, "is not to require the I.R.S. to let others claim the improper deduction."

More info:

Scientology versus the IRS Timeline
LA Times on Sklar vs Scientology
Wall Street Journal about IRS Secret Agreement
The Shadowy Story Behind Scientology's Tax-Exempt Status, By DOUGLAS FRANTZ , NY Times
Who can Stand Up? Editorial by Frank Rich NY Times
Articles by Washington Post's Rich Leiby about Scientology (background information on what Scientology really is)

Scientology Ban

MOSCOW (AP) -- The Supreme Court in Bashkortostan has banned a Church of Scientology center that prosecutors labeled a "health hazard," Interfax reported.

The ban in the majority-Muslim region was imposed after prosecutors filed suit claiming the organization did not have a license to engage in educational or medical activities, Judge Valentina Kurkalova said.

Prosecutors said Scientology as practiced in the region "has a negative impact on its students' mental health and is a health hazard," Interfax reported. Authorities also accused the group of violating the Constitution and public health laws.

The center will not be immediately shut down because it has the right to appeal the decision within four months, Kurkalova said.

Off topic Commentary - Janet Jackson's Superbowl Exposure


The Seal of State of Virginia, Thus Unto Tyrants, depicting the Roman goddess Virtus, dressed as an Amazon, denoting power and military skill.with one breast exposed

The Great Seal of the Commonwealth of Virginia, for official use only - Sic Semper Tyrannus - "Always thus unto tyrants" depicting the Roman goddess Virtus, dressed as an Amazon, denoting power and military skill.with one breast exposed....

see article in Washington Post by Richard Leiby gets pointer from The Hill

The Hill, a newspaper for and about Congress, covers ex-member of Scientology, Gary Weber's apology to writer Rich Leiby, Ex-Mayor Gabe Cazares and John Travolta

"Cazares is now 83 and sharp as a tack. “Do you think some of these folks are evil, Gabe?” we asked. “Evil is too mild a word,” he said."

Razor article cuts Scientology too deep 'Church' of Scientology isn't happy with Razor magazine. Lloyd Grove at the New York Daily News reports that officials are outraged at an article in the magazine's latest issue criticizing the religion, which counts Hollywood heavyweights Tom Cruise and John Travolta among its members. The article, entitled "The Curse of Scientology – Lawsuits, Death and Finance," includes a report on the mysterious death of church member Lisa McPherson. "Imagine a church so dangerous you must sign a release form before you can receive its spiritual assistance," states the article, written by David S. Touretzky and Peter Alexander. A spokeswoman from the church has asked the magazine to stop promoting the article on its web site until she has a chance to discuss the contents with either Razor's editor-in-chief or publisher. So far, the two parties have yet to talk.

(This editor's comments - The legal saber rattling by Scientology as well as the incredible release forms, and even the death of Lisa McPherson, are merely MORE evidence that Scientology is nothing more, at its criminal core, than a Conspiracy for Silence against those who know how the scam really works and dare try to warn the public - Arnie Lerma

photograph of center fold of December 1995 Wired Magazine cover story - alt.scientology.war

photograph of center fold of December 1995 Wired Magazine cover story - alt.scientology.war

Ex-member of Scientology's OSA - Office of Public Affairs, Dan Garvin comes forward to start telling some of what went on behind the scenes of Scientology's WAR upon the Internet

A new play off Broadway: A Very Merry Unauthorized Childrens Scientology Pageant

"...[Pageant] does to L. Ron Hubbard what The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui did to Adolf Hitler..." -Village Voice

Image from a scene in 'A Very Merry Unauthorized Childrens Scientology Pageant' A new play off broadway in New York

"The inspirational story of one teacher, author, explorer, atomic physicist, nautical engineer, choreographer and horticulturalist named L. Ron Hubbard who motivated millions… …and made some as well.

The creators of this summer's sold-out hit President Harding is a Rock Star, dubbed "inspired" by The New Yorker and "tantalizingly fresh" by Backstage, bring you their latest ironic theatrical masterpiece: a completely unauthorized look at L. Ron Hubbard's Church of Scientology. " See their webpage HERE

Note: This production has been ENDORSED
by for their help Exposing the CON

Sbow extended and moved to John Housman Theatre!

Thursday, November 6th 1:45 AM, Gary Weber, A member of Scientology's Flag Guardians Office ( now called OSA for Office of Special Affiars ) in Clearwater tells his story - Gary Weber's Story is HERE!

October 29 - Amsterdam: Today Johnny Leemhuis appeared on the Dutch National TV-Channel SBS6. At about 19:00 the program "Stem van Nederland" (Voice of The Netherlands) started. He was the one speaking. Like a bomb ! He spoke for 5 minutes and he presented the church as an organisation practising Mind Control:

Johnnie said:

1) One may not be critical
2) You have to break contacts with Family and Friends
3) He is left with huge debts
4) They practice Mind Control
5) They use Gestapo Techniques
6) People are in fear
7) People are turned into robots
8) The knowledge of LRH is ok but is being used to manipulate people
9) It is a cult
10) The church should be closed down in Holland and Worldwide
11) He worked for 7 years as a bodyrouter in the streets and would never ever in his life consider bringing someone in again.

Way to go Mr. Leemhuis!! Thank you for having the courage to speak your mind! Arnie Lerma

Scientology Gets Picketed in Hollywood!

Pictures and reports will be available shortly - About a dozen picketers reported great success despite Scientology hiring taxicabs to block the view of the picket at the front door..Sunday - 6PM eastern (it's all about silence)


Amsterdam, Holland - Het Parool Oct 24 2003 - The Scientology Church Netherlands, located at the Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal (a street) in Amsterdam, is recently confronted with a massive exodus. According to former big bosses of the sect, during the last few months at least 50 of the approximately 150 active core members stepped out.

Race and Mental Heath Disparity
Psychology Today Oct 8 2003

"But the cultural mistrust that keeps blacks from treatment has been successfully fueled by the Church of Scientology. Bell is particularly distressed that Scientology has specifically targeted black communities with its anti-psychiatry message. "They are forever pumping into the black community scare tactics, that there's a genocidal plot to put black children on Ritalin, there's a genocidal plot to put black people on antidepressant medication."

Sept 13, 2003 Scientology gets Picketed in Los Angeles

Tory Christman holding Honk if you think Scientology is a cult sign next to banner

Board orders staff to discontinue use of purported Scientology-connected books

The Pershing County (Nevada) School Board has ordered the discontinuation of a study program currently being used at Pershing County Middle School until further research could be done by the school board members. The decision was due to the concern of many people in the community regarding this program. Link to Article here

Karin Spaink wins case versus Scientology

Link to Karin Spaink's web pages

After I ( Arnie Lerma ) had posted the Fishman Affidavit (containing the once secret OT levels of Scientology) in August 1995 that became RTC vs Lerma, Rich Leiby, Washington Post, DGS, et al. federal case, the document was up on over 200 web sites at one point, including Karin Spaink's and Dave Touretzky's ( see below ). Scientology brought a case against Karin for the pieces she still had on her pages and LOST. She WON the final appeal by Scientology. So now you can still read them!

Thank you Karin, and huge Congratulations!

"While the court of appeals considers OT2 and OT3 to have not been legally published, the freedom of expression prevails and my website containing quotes form OT2 and OT3 is completely ok with them:"

Scientology was ordered to pay all costs.

The courts damnify Scientology for the secrecy surrounding OT2 and OT3 and says that Scientology - which they call an 'organisation', not a 'church' - uses that secrecy to wield power over its members, and furthermore states that Scientology is attempting to overthrow democratic values. Karin Spaink

Summary of this WIN is here at her ISP, XS4ALL's pages

Past Scientology Celebrity Painter Michael Pattinson tells his story: A view from the end of Hubbard's "Bridge to total Freedom"(tm)

Michael Pattinson's artwork was published in Scientology's own magazines and used to hang in their Advanced Organization in Clearwater, he made it all the way to the top of the expensive bridge to "New OT8", only to find that things were not as they were purported to be. He left Scientology, and tells his story here.

Freewinds OT painting done by Michael Pattinson in 1990. The original hung in Scientology's Sandcastle building in Clearwater until 1993, then they returned it to Michael as it no longer was appropriate

Will John Travolta, Tom Cruise and other Celebs sign away their constitutional rights as Scientology now demands?

In the wake of the Lisa McPherson debacle, Scientology, while having used abusive "consent and release" forms in the past, ( as part of their Conspiracy for Silence ) has gone over the top with its new form, which demands that the Scientologist sign away his or her constitutionally guaranteed civil rights protections. This was done by Scientology as a desperate solution to keep the scam going a little longer, in the face of broadening public awareness of the true nature of Scientology, to maintain its ability to brainwash its members, who might start to have doubts.

The new forms have made national news on Fox News Network and the NY Post due to efforts of Dave Touretzky of Carnegie Mellon University. See Dr. Touretzky's site HERE.

Sept 2, 2003 - Scientology Minister, and Earthlink Co-founder Reed Slatkin sentenced to 14 years in prison - Reuters

Ida Camburn's Promise

In 1977, Ms. Ida Camburn, promised Congressman Leo J Ryan that she would "continue to do what she was doing" and promised her son, who 'disconnected from her' that she would try for the rest of her life to get him back from the cult called Scientology. Congressman Ryan was gunned down in Guyana November 18th 1978, Ms.. Camburn's struggle for her son continues to this day. Read her story here - Ida Camburn's Promise
"I remember when my son said "Every day should be Mother's Day." But those were the days before L Ron Hubbard came into his life." --Ida Camburn

NY Rescue Workers Detox Program

This example of Scientology's opportunistic use of the 911 tragedy is beyond the pale, this webmaster is speechless, must read, more information here - by correspondent Barbara Graham

17 August 2000 NY Firefighters Visit Vail Firehouse

Hubbard started out as a con man in it for the money.

Hubbard said- -'I'd like to start a religion, That's where the money is"

However, I believe he ended up fooling people so well, that he started to believe that " there must be SOMETHING there" after a while, surrounded by converts, telling him how grand he was.

The most compelling evidence is research indicating that electricity in small doses will cause physiological changes in cell structure and response - the endorphin effect.

I don't think Hubbard knew this, I don't think anyone did at the time of Volney Matheson (first E-meter).. though I am certain that he knew the techniques of Priest John Wesley who decided that electricity would be a way to relieve the suffering of the poor, inexpensively. And I know he read Pavlov and knew that low level electricity through the front paws of a dog, could make the dog salivate in anticipation of a reward...

The historical precedent of the use of electricity to relieve pain traces to 153 AD - the use of a "black electric torpedo fish" to shock a man with gout, and it reportedly provided some relief.

"Scribonius Largus wrote in 153AD: "For any type of gout a live black torpedo should, when the pain begins, be placed under the feet. The patient must stand on a moist shore washed by the sea (note precautions to keep the torpedo alive) and he should stay like this until his whole foot and leg up to the knee is numb. This takes away present pain and prevents pain from coming on if it has not already arisen. In this way Anteros, a freedman of Tiberius, was cured. (Scribonius CLXII in Schechter 1971)."

Meanwhile, Hubbard devised an elaborate and complicated ruse based upon a mishmash of unattributed prior art and covert hypnosis which he called Scientology and was able to convince people to hold onto his innocent soup can electrodes for 2 and 1/2 hours at a sitting, while suspecting nothing.

Now that WAS clever!

Best Quote of the Week:

(from a Clearwater, Florida resident when asked if there are many critics of Scientology)

"Scientology?, I guess if you're not a member,
you're probably a critic"

Group Psychodynamics and CULTS
by Margaret T. Singer. Ph.D. Professor, her excerpt from the Merk Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy - add to your "Must read" list, along with William Sargant, Frankl and Eric Hoffer

June 18, 2003 - Notable new addition to the NEWS archive:

Scientology: Anatomy of a Frightening Cult (c) Readers Digest 1980 The faithful inner core serve as thieves, shills and spies. The shocking story behind one of the most dangerous "religious cults" in America today By Eugene M. Methvin - also by Eugene Methvin, which ran in Readers Digest the next year:

Scientology: The Sickness Spreads
Both of Mr. Methvin's articles are accurate. They need even wider readership today than they did in 1981 - as Scientology's PR flak in Washington DC, Sylvia Stanard likes to say, "We don't do that anymore" - This is an example of how Scientology handles 'truth', by lying Orwellian style, you see, what Sylvia Stanard was saying, using Hubbard's "acceptable truth" doctrine, was that
Scientology doesn't do it any less

June 6, 2003 - If Scientology were an auto manufacturer
Parody works well to illustrate what Scientology really is, ( This page is a good introduction to the subject for children ) by Arnie Lerma

May 23, 2003 - Scientology moves for change of venue
- St. Petersburg Times

CLEARWATER- - Earlier this spring, as the Church of Scientology prepared for its biggest trial in recent history, professional researchers combed Tyrone Square Mall asking Pinellas residents what they thought of the church .

"A cult," said person after person.

"Scam," said one.

"Crooks," said another.

The researchers, hired by the Church , questioned 300 people. Their findings were grim: Four out of five had unfavorable things to say about Scientology . Article HERE

Dianetics, Scientology, Osama Bin Laden
Hubbard and Lenin used Pavlov's research.

Ida Camburn gave me a copy of William Sargants's book, first printed 50 years ago, Battle for the Mind. I cannot recommend it more highly...for students and researchers into the Scientology problem and those who have been affected in any way by Scientology or any of its many Frontgroups.

William Sargant's Battle for the Mind was published in 1955 everything I've read so far is detailed from what appear to be a journal that he kept during his experience treating WWII victims of post traumatic stress disorder. His observations and conclusions are as valid now as they were then and even more now so due to the apparitions called Dianetics and Scientology.

Everything that Hubbard rants about in Dianetics including what Hubbard foists off as his "discovery" of Dianetics is based on prior art without attribution, in fact, instead of properly attributing the basis of his scheme to the same research of Nobel Prize winner Pavlov that Lenin incorporated into what became known as Communism, he goes to great lengths to vilify Pavlov and the entire field of Psychiatry, in my opinion, just to make sure that those involved never figured out the degree to which we had been scammed.....

William Sargant describes the vogue during and after WWII, Aberactive Therapy... reliving the incident of trauma in your mind....with the aid of a drug, hypnosis or ether...and a person to listen.

Aberactive therapy is not something special, people engage in it after having a few drinks and then pouring their hearts out to you....

But Hubbard called it "Dianetics" - Article continues HERE

Get a double order of LIES with your Piece of Blue Sky (*)

above, photograph of the documents concerning L Ron Hubbard's death that Mr. Tilse procured, note drug Vistaril which is used for "relief of anxiety and tension associated with psychoneurosis" Phys. Desk Reference1997 Pg. 2042

May 2nd 2003, - On April 19th 2003, a Scientologist named Michael Tilse crafted a demand letter to get the $200,000 he spent over his 25+ years in Scientology refunded. It seems that Mr. Tilse was not satisfied with Scientology management's explanation that "Everything on the Net, it's all LIES". He had the audacity to find out if certain key records that had been webbed that were quite critical of scientology were in fact real.

He found that, besides the ones he found being slightly better quality copies, they were not only real but were essentially the same documents as exist on this and other web pages critical of scientology

Mr. Tilse has concluded, based upon his own, independent,verification of the authenticity of certain key documents, that Scientology Management has been lying to him for 25 years

I suggest strongly, that anyone who knows of a scientologist, anywhere, print out this entire 20 page document and mail or give it to that scientologist to read. They need to know that Scientology has and is lying to them. And that the information about them on the web is true... meanwhile, Scientology continues to try and trick search engines, discredit ex-members, and make this information unavailable, or unlocatable, and access to this and other sites is even blocked by their own software.

You can help with the Scientology Problem, print this document out and give it to the Scientologist you know.

Thank you,
Arnie Lerma an ex-member

Go to Mr. Tilse's demand letter HERE
(*) Blue Sky is a reference to ex-member Jon Atack's heavily litigated book exposing Scientology as a sham called "A Piece of Blue Sky".

Saturday, April 19, 2003, SeattlePI - "People in the News: Kidman is steering clear of Scientology

Well, well. It seems that along with divorcing Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman also divorced the Church of Scientology. reports that church members haven't seen the Oscar-winning mama in quite some time. "Actually, when I knew Nicole, she seemed to think there was nothing better than Scientology," said Kelly Preston, wife of John Travolta. The couple is among the higher-profile Hollywood Scientologists. But since her 2001 split from Cruise, who is still rather active in the church, Nicole doesn't even hang out with other Scientologists, much less participate ".

Webmaster's note: Congratulations Nicole Kidman!!

Scientology and Saddam Hussein Some parallels are pointed out by this webmaster including that L Ron Hubbard's son said:
"My father asked me to steal an H-Bomb"

Scientology being sued for Fraud in Denmark, and 8 Scientologists being sued in Belgium

Cyril Malka wrote to-day that Scientology should be before the court in Denmark on April 25th. This is great news. Three ex-scientologists have filed a complaint for fraud. AND:

8 scientologists in Belgium are now officially sued and should go before courts in Brussels: -- (report from Roger Gonnet)

Scientology " minister " Reed Slatkin makes
"The 101 Dumbest Moments in Business "

See item #27 for more on Slatkin see The Legal Pages

Hulda Clark's Zapper meets L Ron Hubbard's E-Meter

Hulda Clark's ZAPPER delivers more current to the user than one of Hubbard's E-meters... the way it is designed... it is a pulsing DC current... A 5 to 6 volt AC waveform riding on 6 volts DC .....

See New Scientology Associated Health Care Fraud Page HERE

And I don't think Hubbard had a clue about the electrically induced endorphin response.. I think, that just as Hulda Clark did, that after a while, he became convinced by people telling him over and over again that "it WORKS!", that "Scientology Works"....

FTC takes new action against Hulda Clark's Zapper Jan 28th

Another Scientology Health Fraud Scam in progress the Mike Pinkus whacked by the FDA is a Scientologist, IAS ( International Association of Scientologists) $100,000 Donor, I worked with a Mike Pinkus when I was a member of Scientology many years ago.- see bottom of Health Fraud page

Fellow Expose-Scientology-Activist's Father Threatened

Someone threatens Jeff Jacobsen's father:

On January 15, 2003 his dad got this message on his cell phone answering system:

"Harlan, I'm a friend of yours. There's an investigation starting, and you're going to be involved in it. Due to your son Jeff, the trouble he is starting for a whole lot of people. You might want to talk to him. Listen, the thing has started already, so talk to Jeff. He's in a lot of trouble. Bye." [phone call on Harlan Jacobsen's cell phone on 1-15-03]

There was no way to trace the call. My dad does not recognize the voice. Meanwhile, someone has gotten a phone list of my dad's employees and is calling them saying that they work for my father. They then ask personal and private questions about my father and his business.

In Scientology, a "noisy investigation" is done on enemies of the "church." The goal is to find dirt on the individual to "dead agent" the person - that is, smear them somehow so their credibility is harmed.

This is just more evidence of Scientology's conspiracy of extortionate conduct in pursuit of SILENCE

Crackdown on Preying Cults
December 22, 2002 - Sunday Mirror [U.K.]

"BRAINWASHING cults which prey on vulnerable youngsters are to be targeted in a Government crackdown.

Home Secretary David Blunkett is drawing up laws that will create a new legal definition of cults distinguishing them from mainstream religions.

Mr Blunkett says the law needs to protect young people who are being exploited financially and sexually."
Article with many links HERE

December 12, 2002 Church of Scientology 'coercive'
Irish Times
A woman who is suing the Church of Scientology for damages told the High Court yesterday she was distressed to recall that a man became unconscious while she was giving him an "auditing" session. She described the church as "coercive" and "destructive". (5 articles - Here)

December 2002: The Following Scientologists have been sued by the Bankruptcy Trustee (case #01-11549 et all) to recover illegal profits from fellow Scientologist "minister" and Earthlink Co-founder Reed Slatkin's ponzi scam:

Doug Dohring, Laura Dohring
Joseph Andruscavage, Tammy Terrenzi Strickling
Jack Dirman, Irene (Howey) Dirman
Sandra Codding, Laura Sherman
David Singer, Diana Venegas, and Infinity Investments, Ltd
Judith De Saldarriaga, Tony Hitchman
See Scientology Scandals page

Ex OT8 member Michael Pattinson about Scientology

I went from beginner in Scientology to the highest level (OT8) from 1973 to 1990. There was no further route I could travel even if I had wanted to.


in Scientology. Fact! It is a just a very expensive pier jutting out into no-where-land that has toll booths every few feet until you run out of money, credit and assets. Then you are thrown off the pier as a useless shell. If you happen to persist till the end of the pier you get to either go back and do the same things over again, at your expense of course, (as there is no place to travel further) or get thrown off the end of the pier (as I did). Either way you end up in the drink and have to swim your own way back to reality. Article continues HERE


Mother, Vickki Ford Cook responds to Scientology's manipulation of her son

US Judiciary moving to end Court Secrecy

Nov. 9, 2002, The Arizona Republic - Court limits corporate trial secrecy Supporters say rule helps; foes expecting chaos by Dennis Wagner "The Arizona Supreme Court has adopted a rule that supporters say will expose business corruption and protect the public from unsafe products and financial scams."

September 2, 2002, NY Times, South Carolina Judges Seek to Ban Secret Settlements "That's what really lit my fuse," the judge said. "It meant that secrecy was something bought and sold right under a judge's nose."

Scientology: Follow the money

A disturbing new addition to the News Archives " L.A. Police Sergeant Charged With Vice, Aiding Drug Dealers" and now he is paid 750,000 a year to work for Scientology!

Trio [ of Scientologists ] arrested after wife's wrists are bound

A man says he and two friends restrained his wife for a trip to the doctor. Instead, they earn a trip to jail.
See News Archive

The American Psychological Association
The Monitor, CULT HATRED

Panelists at a convention session on hatred asked APA to form a task force to investigate mind control among destructive cults.
See News Archive

German girl sues Parents for giving her to Scientology

Click image for translated version of original story

Vivien Krogmann Lutz, a 23 year old German girl, sued her parents for, amongst other things, sending her to Saint Hill and ruining her health. The trial began this morning and only 3 hours in, the parents, accompanied by Scientology lawyers, agreed to pay Vivien 35,000 Euros. This decision to settle came after the judge ruled against Scientology requests for gag orders on both Vivien and Ursula Caberta, whom Vivien escaped to when finally fleeing her parents.

This is perhaps the first time that a child raised in a cult successfully sued their parents for damages caused by that cult.

The rest of Vivien story here

The Quiet, Hidden Terrorism

....... there is another form of terrorism right here in the USA, and I'd like to alert you to this. It will surprise you no doubt, as these people have worked hard and long to create a great image. I know. I worked with them doing this.

It is a group who calls themselves the "Church" of Scientology. The same group started by L. Ron Hubbard.

Reed Slatkin associate to plead guilty
(c) Reuters
Tuesday October 15, 8:58 PM EDT

Daniel W. Jacobs (see Note 1 below) is charged with conspiring to obstruct an SEC investigation into Slatkin, who pleaded guilty in April to 15 charges of fraud and conspiracy for bilking nearly 800 clients out of $600 million in an elaborate Ponzi scheme.

Note 1 - Daniel Jacobs is listed as a Scientologist in Scientology's own publications, as is Scientology's "Minister" Reed Slatkin...

The Scientology Matrix
by Ex-member Arnie Lerma
29 September 2002
A summation that all scientologists and those who desire the knowledge to understand how to deal with the scientology problem, must read. Article HERE. silences Scientology critic

CNET Buckling under pressure from the Church of Scientology, the Internet Archive has removed a church critic's Web site from its system. The Internet Archive, a site that preserves snapshots of old Web pages and bills itself as "a library of Internet sites and other cultural artifacts in digital form," no longer contains links to archival pages of Instead, surfers are pointed to a page telling them the site was taken down "per the request of the site owner."

SLASHDOT: Wayback Machine Purged of Scientology Criticism

YALE LAW: Sherman, Set the Wayback Machine for Scientology

Scientology Gag Agreements
A Conspiracy for Silence

An Actual Gag Agreement:
Damien Von Markif, in Australia, sent me this GAG AGREEMENT Does this sound like this is a "church" engaged in "charitable activity" or a Spiritual ponzi game engaged in a conspiracy to intimidate witnesses into silence by extortionate conduct?....continued..Full Article Here

"Questioning" Boston ACLU Board member Harvey Silvergate's "objectivity" - see Conspiracy for Silence - HERE

Sept 13, 2002

EEOC: Employees illegally fired
By Allan Essex

HARLINGEN — The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has filed a lawsuit on behalf of former employees of Harlingen Family Dentistry who refused to attend training courses reportedly containing scientology doctrine.

Hubbard's Scientology is the practice of crazies
by Ellen Simonson

"The point, then, is you need to avoid the living hell out of Scientology. There are plenty of churches out there founded on the principles of faith, love, truth and justice. Scientology, on the other hand, is no better than any other giant, greedy corporation except its CEO not only thought he was God but said so."

Declan McCullagh's Politech
web site takes Scientology's bogus internet position paper to task read all about it on Declan's site HERE
Scientology's bogus cyber-terrorism paper HERE
My reply to the first word of it being a lie HERE
Many replies outlining the litany of misrepresentations HERE

The Chicago Reader

by Tori Marlan

( see NEWS section )

"Three days later Greg [Bashaw] pulled onto the shoulder of a road in Montcalm County, northeast of Grand Rapids. Using duct tape, he attached a hose to the exhaust pipe of his Honda, then ran it through the passenger window, sealing off the opening with a towel. He reclined in the passenger's seat, folded his arms across his chest, and breathed in a lethal dose of carbon monoxide - just as L. Ron Hubbard's son had done 25 years earlier."

July/August 2002

Are we Clear on This?

Tory Bezazian Interview
By: Bob Gersztyn

We don't have to tell YOU about L. Ron Hubbard, his book Dianetics, and the religion it spawned - Scientology. In fact, until just recently, most media outlets WOULDN'T tell you about it given Scientology's well-deserved reputation for litigation. Instead, let us tell you about Tory Bezazian. ( see NEWS section )

Scientology fined for defamation from The Washington Times, June 23, 2002

A Paris court ordered the head of France's Church of Scientology to pay $19,400 in damages for defamation, after Scientology published articles comparing the practices of an anti-sect group to those "practiced under the [Nazi] Third Reich." Full Story

The future of mind control from The Economist May 23 Print Edition

IN AN attempt to treat depression, neuroscientists once carried out a simple experiment. Using electrodes, they stimulated the brains of women in ways that caused pleasurable feelings. The subjects came to no harm indeed their symptoms appeared to evaporate, at least temporarily but they quickly fell in love with their experimenters.

Story on The Economist's web page [subscription required ]

Related material on Lermanet: The E-Meter papers, Scientology's biggest secret

Producer of L Ron Hubbard's Battlefield Earth' movie indicted for criminal fraud charges:

Sun has represented defendants ranging from Reed Slatkin, the Earthlink co-founder who pleaded guilty earlier this year to masterminding a $600 million Ponzi scheme" - Story HERE

Scientology Leader - David Miscavige's twin sister was wanted by Securities and Exchange Commission
The SEC sought David Miscavige's twin sister Denise Liccardi in connection with an investigation of the conduct of DIGITAL LIGHTWAVE - NASDAQ DIGL ---- Full Story in St. Petersburg Times

Read this wonderful example of the CEO of Digital Lightwave, Brian Zwan, giving an example of his super duper mental powers from being a Scientologist.

Scientology Cult pays $8,674,643
to ex-member to end 22-year legal battle

May 9, 2002 9:00 AM - Full Text

It was a crushing and humiliating legal defeat for the cult that is infamous around the world for its outrageous litigation tactics. Over the past 22 years Scientology spent an estimated 140 million in and out of the court in its efforts to crush a former member, Lawrence Wollersheim, and his legal teams.

Previously in Wollersheim case, Scientology was forced to pay an additional $500,000 for what is known as a SLAPP lawsuit (Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation.) This SLAPP fine was the highest fine ever paid for such a suit in California.

Washington Post 10 May - by Rich Leiby page A 03
Ex-Scientologist Collects $8.6 Million In 22-Year-Old Case...

The Washington Post article makes drudgereport !- 10 May

What was Wollersheim case about? - A 1986 supreme court filing that summarizes the beginning well, for more info use the SEARCH link at top of page.

Allegations won't stop lawsuit

Regardless of legal misconduct claims, a judge says a wrongful death suit against the Church of Scientology is going to trial. More info on the gruesome death of Lisa Mcpherson .

Article: SP Times 20 April - Leading foes split bitterly

Harassment Timeline of Bob Minton.
Judge Baird Hearing Transcript 9 April & 19 April

My Speculations Updated 28 May 02 [ temporarily off-line ]

Scientology ordered to stop harassment

A Channel 28 News report 4/5/02

Clearwater - A state appeals court has ordered the Church of Scientology to stop harassing the estate of Lisa McPherson. McPherson died while in the care of church staff members, and her family sued the Clearwater-based church for wrongful death. The church filed 47 demands to determine who is paying the family's legal bills during the suit. The appeals court said that indicates the church is trying to drag out the suit until the family can no longer afford the legal bills.

Link to Florida State Supreme Court Opinion - PDF .

Salon reporter attends L Ron Hubbard birthday event. Another poke in the eye for scientology, thank you Salon!

"a perfect description of a cos "event." " says Teeg

Slatkin Timeline, - 3 articles in Santa Barbara News Press 1 April 02

Scientology Minister and Ponzi King Reed Slatkin - Timeline of events, new articles in Santa Barbara press.. Turning states evidence..

Google versus Scientology (from microcontentnews ) Round 3 - activists again claim Google censorship, this time through Adwords program.

The following Advertisement for this website was censored by Google: "What do Judges say about Scientology? " short, a fraud." USDJ Gessell.

What Do Judges Say....
"--in short, a fraud." USDJ Gessell

Google says: "We appreciate your comments on this issue, which will help inform our future policy discussions."

Lermanet replies: Imagine it was 1943, and I was trying to alert the public that there were concentration camps filled with jews, gypsies and those who dared fight the Third Reich. Well there are concentration camps here in America run by $cientology. Filled with people who doubted scientology.. but could not be allowed to escape to bear witness against them -- as only a handful of others have. See Proffessor Stephen Kent's dissertation "Brainwashing in Scientology's RPF Camps"

Now my advertisement using A US FEDERAL JUDGE"S QUOTE is not OK on google, but advertisements for Scientology's CCHR Front scam are?

NOTE: I started an earlier wording of the advert running at 1:51 on Wednesday April 3, stay tuned - seems it only ran for about 1 hour before being pulled..

Scientology's "Minister" Reed Slatkin pleads GUILTY to 15 counts of FRAUD - Mar 26th 5PM Reuters

EarthLink co-founder Reed Slatkin, accused of defrauding investors out of nearly $600 million, has agreed to plead guilty to 15 federal charges, prosecutors said Tuesday. Slatkin, who was charged with 15 felony charges for allegedly orchestrating a massive Ponzi scheme in which he solicited more than $593 million from some 800 investors

Scientology attacks Cult-Aware website in Australia

In the wake of the Google / / Slashdot debacle, Scientology Office of Public Affairs; in Melbourne Australia, Mary Anderson,  has filed charges of  "religious vilification" with the Equal Opportunity Commission of Victoria (Australia) and charged Jan Groenveld   of  Cult Awareness & Information Centre Australia.under the act.
C.A.I..C.      Ph. 61-(0)7-3216 8514
Web Page:

more on this - 5.45 PM 25 March 02

What is Scientology

A flash presentation to summarize the answers you will find on this website in a clamshell...

A Gold Adventure

I think it was Don Nots who said that $cientology Gold Base reminded him of something out of the old Prisoner TV series. A fitting description, but, to me, the $cientology real estate in Gilman Hot Springs looked like a poorly designed theme park, maybe a notch up from the plethora of Family Fun Centers dotting the nation's freeways

 Keep off Mom's front porch!

Last Saturday, there was a picket at Tom Cruise's old stomping grounds, Scientology's Golden Era facility in Hemet, California. In an effort to intimidate participants into not picketing, an elaborate ruse was concocted against 79 year old Ida Camburn by Scientology's dirty-tricks production team, the Office of Special Affairs (OSA) -the same department of Scientology that brought you  OPERATION FREAK OUT - the 1970's set-up of author Paulette Cooper...  

Jews and Scientologists - Not the same tax treatment

"An IRS Closing agreement cannot overrule Congress and the Supreme Court"... " If the IRS does in fact give preferential treatment to members of "..."Scientology" -- "allowing them a special right to claim deductions that are contrary to law and rightly disallowed to everybody else -- then the proper course of action is a lawsuit to put a stop to that policy ---"

Judge Reinhart - United States 9th Circuit court of Appeals -- 29 January 2002

Prosecutor urges court to evict Scientology from Paris:

PARIS (AP) February 22, 2002  -- A prosecutor on Friday urged a Paris court to disband the Church of Scientology in the French capital, where the organization is on trial for attempted fraud and false advertising in its efforts to recruit and keep its members. 

  French court asked to ban Paris Scientology

"This is about protecting potential victims," prosecutor Christine Forey told the court in Paris. "I ask you to think about the penalty of dissolution due to the methods used by Scientology," she said.

Tom Padgett to head halfway house for victims of coercive groups.

Organizers of a planned halfway house for refugees of high-control religious organizations say they hope to open the facility within a few months at the former Meadow View Nursing Home on Crooked Lane.

Way to go Tom!

Use of psycho-narcotics as an information method by the cult of Scientology -- by Joseph Cisar presented before the 10th Annual Christmas Education Conference Series of the Russian Orthodox Church in Moscow is happening January 27 - February 1, 2002

Slovakia: The cult has supposedly infiltrated high government positions and even attained access to secret information.

Swiss Tribunal Cantonal rules that Scientology is not a religion -  press release from the Canton of Laussane, issued December 18th, 2001:

The Cantonal Court of Laussane (equivalent to a court at an US state level) has ruled in the conflict opposing  the authorities of the town of Lausanne and the church of scientology. The church was seeking protection by the court arguing it was religiously harassed by three members of the Lausanne municipality that had restricted leafleting and booth activities of the church on public grounds.

The court has ruled the the church could not seek protection from religious harassment as under article 261bis (of the Swiss Constitution ?), as it
actually is not a church. The judges estimate that "in scientology, one does not find neither relationships between men and God, nor superior or sacred
principles" and that the services and goods offered by scientology have "nothing religious in them".

According to the cantonal court, a religion must be recognized and accepted as such. It is hence not sufficient to design itself as a church or religion to benefit from the protection against religious discrimination.

Lisa McPherson wrongful death lawsuit update -- St. Petersburg Times article:

"Dandar, a Temple law school graduate, has won settlements for clients from multinational corporations such as Du Pont and Toyota.
But nothing compares to doing legal battle with Scientology, he said.
The case has dominated his practice. And, he said, some weird stuff has happened.
Former clients have been called and told Dandar was under investigation for arms and drug dealing."

Director Kenneth Anger - Scientology critic: 

"I have a couple of pet hates in Hollywood. Travolta, Cruise, and Kidman . The whole Scientology gang are a bunch of creeps. People have said, "Oh, you mustn't say that in print, or they'll put a rattlesnake in your mailbox!" [Laughs] They're vindictive towards even whispers of criticism. The main chapter hanging up Hollywood Babylon III is the one on Scientology. Did you see Battlefield Earth? It's the most laughable piece of crap I've ever seen, and now Travolta says, "I'm going to make a sequel." Fine. They can drain more Scientology money into it. I encourage them to make Battlefield Earth 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. [L. Ron] Hubbard was such a lousy writer."

Spanish Court acquits Scientologists
Just to put this "big win" of Scientology into perspective, the last information I got from Spain was a telephone call from the last complainant who was left in that case.... John Caban... who was lamenting that all the previous criminal complainants (those who had been wronged..), which included one by Pedro Lerma whose civil lawsuit -- and it was the cult's efforts to crush that civil litigation that grew into the "Spanish criminal indictment" -- had been harassed incessantly and then "bought off" by Scientology to "settle" the matter. Having no complainants left to testify, all the prosecutor was left with was "illicit association" - and not one of the original complainants - to testify. And all this in a country for which $1 US = 172 Spanish pesetas. Scientology's money goes a long way in Spain.

Scientology's last appeal of it's Libel Lawsuit for TIME Magazine's Cover Story: The Thriving Cult of Greed and Power
[ Link to the Article ]- has been DENIED by the United States Supreme Court [link to docket entry ] after being DISMISSED by the 2nd Circuit   Court of Appeals : from the 2nd Circuit's Dismissal:

"To the extent that the Behar Article uses the term "Scientology," Chief Judge Walker is of the view that the term as used denotes a belief system,
or, as the Article puts it, a "cult," [page 8]

Ex-Scientologist Tory Bezazian - Cover Story for New Times LA 26 Sept 01

Press Release: National Mental Health Association --Sept 2001

"Beware Scientologists Claiming To Be Mental Health Professionals Group Intentionally Confusing Public

"It's clear they aren't trying to help people with mental health but to get them to join their cult,"

See the Associated Press News article here

Spain seeks to dissolve Scientology sect. Washington Times 14 September 2001

Forbes Magazine Sept 4 Article

"The IRS realizes that giving in to Scientology was a mistake, and they don't want to extend that mistake,"

says former IRS commissioner Donald C. Alexander

"The result is most taxpayers are unfairly treated."

Church of England blasts Narconon --September 12, 2001

Lerma quoted in SJ Mercury 10 Sept. 2001

"We found $50,000 a crack going to the church, $200,000 another time," said the court-appointed receiver in that case, Phoenix CPA Larry Warfield. After a lawsuit, "they've paid us back $1.3 million and have promised to pay us back another $150,000 in 60 days. They've been very honorable." Both sides agree the church had no prior knowledge of the source of the money.

In the Slatkin case, if Scientology has to give money back, Lerma said "that's money they won't have anymore to hire lawyers to sue us."

Click here to continue reading the headlines, on Lermanet's Back Page

Secrets are the mortar binding bricks as lies together into prisons for the mind

The following words come from a publication called Pseudodoxia Epidemica, written by Sir Thomas Browne in 1646. In between paragraphs ridiculing urine therapy and astrology (both unfortunately still with us), he had this to say about "Saltimbancoes, Quacksalvers, and Charlatans":

For their Impostures are full of cruelty, and worse than any other; deluding not only unto pecuniary defraudations, but the irreparable deceit of death.


Get Firefox!
Joe Cisar's Archive of European Scientology News

Christopher Reeve Blasts Scientology - Story Here

"I think a hero is an ordinary individual who finds strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles." Christopher Reeve quoted from the Role Model web Site.

How many Scientologists?

Scientology's claim of "8 million members" is a lie!
study from City University of New York shows only 55,000 say they are Scientologists in the US.

Scientology, Why are these people dead? 

   Noah Antrim Lottick (24)

Noah Lottick
(24 years old)

Jumped to his death
clutching his last few dollars tightly to his chest

Scientology, The most "classically terroristic" cult the world has ever seen

Read May 6, 1991 TIME Magazine Cover story "The Thriving Cult of Greed and Power" --

Are conspirators from the largest domestic spying case in US history, (Scientology from the criminal case of US vs Mary Sue Hubbard) still at it?

See this new special report -- December 6, 2001

Scientology Lies!

L. Ron Hubbard's complete Navy War Record is now online!
Who was I at age 16 to question a  Nuclear Physicist [a lie] and Navy War hero [another lie ] ?

L.Ron Hubbard gets listed as a Fake War Hero on POW website based on scientology's claims (on their own web site!)- Also see The Shannon Report

Scientology's "Religious Cloaking"
Scientology invoked religious trappings merely as an effort to avoid public and government scrutiny - merely as an effort to ("MAKE MORE MONEY" (c) L Ron Hubbard)

Scientology's plan to make money off WTC bombing--from an internal Scientology email boasting about disruption of Mental Health efforts:

"[W]e are trying to move in and knock the psychs [Psychiatrists] out of counseling to the grieving families and that could take another 100 plus people right now. Due to some brilliant maneuvering by some simply genius Sea Org Members we tied up the majority of the psychs who were attempting to get to families yesterday in Q&A, bullbait and wrangling. They have a hard time completing cycles of action and are pretty easy to disperse."

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