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        I subscribed to the Phoenix paper where William Cheshire was the op editor. I enjoyed exchanging mail with Bill for many years. He had left Washington D.C. following the purchase of the old Star (where he was op ed) by Rev. Moon, who renamed it the Washington Times. He offered to stay if the new owners did not alter his editorials in any way. He was with them a short time when he found his editorial biased, I believe in favor of Korea (which is no surprise to me.) When they would not replace it in its original state he walked out. I believe several of his staff left at that time too. Later, a Mr. Whalen left for the same reason. So today in 2002 I am of the opinion that this only 'Conservative' paper in D.C. is still highly biased. That is alarming as this is the only conservative paper in D.C.

        My old friend has a son who is in a high position there (He has been a Moonie for close to thirty years.) I no longer hear from Bill as he has left the Phoenix paper. As I review the copies of mailings to the House and to the Senate I see the many times that I have begged for investigation of some of the most devious acts. Mr Cheshire once wrote: "When the pocket book was open -- it was over" I think he meant any chance of government stepping in standing up and being counted.

       Today I opened an old file to find some correspondence I had saved from the 80's. I will share some of those letters with you I had forgotten that I had filed them away.

       I wrote on Sept. 24,1980 with regard to the alleged connection between Narconon and the Church of $cientology to Chairman Congressmen Clement Zablocki. He thanked me for the letter and mailed a copy of Crosby's statement before the Select Committee on Narcotics Abuse and Control. I look back and remember in 1980 there was a meeting of various officers with regard to drug abuse. And the only person without credentials to warrant being at that meeting was Cathy Crosby. She was pushing L Ron Hubbard's method of drug treatment. She talked of a group of celebrities forming 'The Friends of Narconon.' I wrote at that time that was ironic as the files taken in the raid that Narconon was proved to be a B6 front in $cientology. Funding was stopped by the State of Calif. when it was found to be a less than adequate drug program. Palo Alto ceased funding when they found that only a $cientologists could be closely involved in the structure of the organization. I wrote, regarding Crosby, "A recent defector of $cientology told a friend of mine that the members had been given seven months to turn public opinion around on $cientology. What better way than to get a pretty TV personality to hawk their wares?" This Narconon info was entered into the Record due to her appearance in that Committee. I also wrote with regard to the book the 'Health Robbers' by Dr. Herbert. He told of the dangers of overdoses of niacin -- damaging to the liver, severe flushing, itching, skin disorders, gout, ulcers and blood sugar disturbances. It makes me question again, "does Religious license allow one to practice medicine without license?" (See History of Man by L. Ron Hubbard.)

       The passage of SB 1493 which took away the Attorney General of California's right to investigate religions became law in June of 198l. Governor Brown stating he was for 'religious freedom' and that he would not veto the bill. It is in effect to this day.

        When I left California in December of 1980 I wrote to Congressman Bill Royer.

"After Forty years as residents of California we have decided to move out of the state. I will continue to work as I have the past five years to expose destructive cults. The failure on the part of our state and federal government to heed the warnings of those who have been involved and have been rescued, is extremely frightening. The 'polite' way of turning your request down by Rep Rodino and Senator Kennedy is not acceptable to me. The frivolous law suits against those who write about the cults is not acceptable to me. I feel there will be a tremendous backlash eventually, because of the failures of many of our elected officials to take in to consideration -- not just those who have millions of dollars of 'charitable' monies to lobby but those of us who have experienced the techniques to 'handle' us and our loved ones. As the country turns to more conservative thinking -- those who have tried to remain liberal can easily see that the inadequacies and injustices that prevail in government today are responsible."

       On March 5, 1980 I wrote to Congressman CW Bill Young ( I think he was from Florida )


"Dear Congressman Young,
I've recently read an article in the St. Petersburg Times dated ll/29/79, with regard to your requesting a hearing on the infiltration by Scientology into our Government agencies. I wish to tell you that I support this move. Religious license should never protect illegal actions by any group. Many people in this country have been intimidated by this group. The documents seized in FBI raids in 77 have proved this statement. I feel that copies of these documents should be made and placed in proper office in the Los Angeles area. There are many people who live in the area who feel they could find the proof of harassment by their 'guardians office' if they could only review the records. It is a costly trip to Washington, D.C. There are many documents to be reviewed. Even though they have been made available to the public there, few people will be able to know the truth."

       I went on to thank him for his concern. Of course nothing came about. I received some of the documents that had my name and my son's name on them with directions from Mary Sue on how to 'handle' me.

       Collegiate Advisor - Journal of the American Family Foundation

       Click HERE for a larger readable image of the April 1980 Collegiate Advisor - The Journal of the American Family Foundation issue that exposed the Scientology front group APRL

       It was in Sept. 1980 that Cong Paul N. McCloskey, Jr. wrote to answer my question on how much money was spent on the Korean American Relations Investigation (done by the Fraser committee -- they spent $663,683.00. ) I believe it was later that year that I read that Cong. Fraser of Minn. lost his home to a fire.

       On Oct. 14th 1980 I received a nice letter from Sen.Thomas F. Eagleton thanking me for my thoughtful and sympathetic letter. His niece had caused great heartache to him and his family. I believe this woman is head of the Criminon (cult front) at this time. I believe her interference in the Senators life caused him major problems in his career.

       On October 22, 1980 I received a letter from Senator Sam Hayakawa. I always liked Senator Hayakawa. He was forthright in his answers and I think as many kidded that the Senator looked as he was 'dozing' at times. I felt that he very likely heard more 'dozing' than many of them did wide awake. He felt that the Guyana tragedy would focus the nation on the destructive cult situation. So did I.

       But even 927 deaths including the beloved Cong. Ryan did little to wake the nation. I felt most wanted to hide the fact that this could happen and that the evil leader had duped many officials along the way -- no one wanted to be a part of the people responsible. Those who listened to the pleas of the mothers calling talk shows and writing for help -- those are the ones who were neglected. (It was at that time I began listening to the radio at late night -- great cure for insomnia) And the country should have been ashamed to allow this to happen. As those elected officials today should be ashamed not to address the numerous complaints and pleas for help.

        The years from 1984 through 1990 were spent in Havasu City, Arizona. During those years I wrote many letters to Congressman Stump with regard to the credibility that the Moon organization was gaining. From his answers (or his aide's answers) he did not seem to have a clue. When I read where President Bush had gone to South America and had promoted Moon's newspapers there -- I thought of all the young people -- many who had bad knees from running up and down stairs in apartment houses pedaling the flowers and gadgets, others who had died while while promoting this man who claims to be the second advent.

       I have read in his works his writing of hate for America -- and I am appalled to know that his paper is the only Conservative paper in D.C. I had learned of Moon's early entry into the U.S. After I became a widow in 196l I converted what was our play room into a bachelor apartment. I had it rented to a lady who worked in the office at the Hyatt Hotel. She came in one night and told me she was going with her son to a meeting in Santa Monica to hear someone speak. When she came back she said "Ida you would not believe this. Here was this Korean blabbing away on the stage and people clapping and smiling -- I didn't know what he was saying and doubt if anyone else did." This was her introduction to Moon that was in 1962 I think. A few weeks later she came in to give me a record that was given to her at the hotel. It was a record of the 'Little Korean Angels.' We did not know at that time this was one of Moon's first moves to get his foot in America.

       Wasn't too many years until he had the place open in Booneville, Calif. That is the place where my friends son (who is now at the Washington Times) was indoctrinated. A little different method but one that works as does the 'auditing' and other methods used in destructive cults. Dr. Stephen Kent has done great research on the methods used to indoctrinate.

       Of course at that time I didn't have a clue that my son would 'buy' the Hubbard scam. Because of learning more about Moon when I attended the Berkeley parents group in 1976 through early 79. My interest continued over the years. In fact I believe it was at that time that I became far more interested in the political part of the various cults actions. I had never missed voting since my father took me as soon as I turned twenty one. My first vote was for Roosevelt, I believe. It was because of my father that I had become more liberal in thinking than many of that era. I certainly was not strong in any political arena. When I first contacted Mr. Cheshire in Arizona I found one open to my views. I wrote a letter to the Editor and he asked could he print it. I told him it was okay and then when my husband came home I told him. He said, "oh Ida, it has been quiet for awhile and they will be all over you again." So I called the paper and told him it would be best if he did not print it. We had both noticed along the way that the various cults seemed to support each other when it came to any anti-cult work. I believe today that politically this makes them a far greater danger to our democracy. I knew by then with the report of the White House Conference on Families that any exposure of any one of the destructive cults would be up to the parents who had lost loved ones. I could not believe by the mid eighties that we would be left without support of National Health Administration or a stronger support by some of the elected officials. It seemed to me that the majority of people elected to lead our country were burying the facts of Jonestown.

       Ignoring the pleas of Krishna parents who felt their children were underfed and were beginning to learn of the incest. (Now there are many aware -- long after the terrible damage and abuse has occurred.) Total apathy came across in answers to my many letters. One Editor wrote, "when Moon opened his purse it was a done deal." That isn't too hard to believe today. I have read where he has bought enough land in South America to have his own country. I have lost count of the number of publications he has around the world. I have heard it numbered 128.

       When we first arrived in Havasu I received a letter from my son. I answered it and asked him to come visit. He never took me up on the invite but found time to make many trips to Clearwater. I believe he averaged two trips a year. (It may have been more or less I do not know.) He never called or came (I am reminded of Red Buttons and the stand up comedy he used to put on -- And I never got a dinner." Well I never got a call and I never got a visit however I had learned to live with the reality of that fact. As it was I continued to write and as I would get a call from a frantic parent I would do what I could to support them. Many of the parents who had been able to get their loved ones back in the mainstream continued to write. Some were anxious to support others that needed help. The parent groups continued to do all that they could. Lyle Stuart published Bent Corydon's book which was a great success. I wrote to Lyle to thank him and had a nice response. He has been one publisher with courage. We all hope for more in the future however, when you learn what a publisher goes through to put ones words on the market -- I can well understand the hesitancy to publish. Henrietta and Curt Crampton came often to visit. They were among my most beloved and closest friends. She kept me up with news of cult moves and news of those who were fortunate enough to escape. Both are deceased and I will forever be grateful for their work, along with Bill and Betty Rambur in creating the first parent groups which developed in to the real CAN. We will never know of all the people this organization saved. Only in America could the courts be used in such a way to not only destroy this wonderful group, now in the dirty hands of the $cientologists.

       The years from 1986 through 90 were spent having many visitors -- friends and relatives. Being one hour from Laughlin, Nevada made for being popular. We enjoyed each and every one. We spent many hours fishing.

       My husband's heart condition worsened in late 80's. He was always supportive of me though I know he wished for a quieter life. We were planning a picnic at the lake with another couple the morning he died. As he stood at the counter pouring a Pepsi I heard him say, "OH Ida!" As I turned around I saw his knees buckle so I put my arms under his and we both went down on the floor. I quickly called 911, unlocked the front door (remembered I was told it saved time) and proceeded to give him support. The ambulance was there in minutes however my husband had died instantly. We once talked how wonderful it was that his sister received corneas and was able to see following her surgery, so I made sure that the donation of his eyes was made. I received a wonderful letter with in two weeks that a lucky person was now able to see.

       Thus ended another stage in what has become a long life. I was thankful that he did not suffer and was thankful we had so many years together. He is buried in the same cemetery in Ambler, Pa. as his mother, father and siblings. Not long after his death I decided to come back to California -- the state that I have loved from the day my first husband and I set foot in L.A. in 1940.

       Things have changed, I have changed, the world has changed. However this is where my heart is, and I am glad I returned.

       The higher powers work in mysterious ways. Who would have thought that I would be a stones throw from the International Headquarters of the $cientologists? This is just a little side thought. My first husband loved to take drives on Sundays. We had been to Gilman Hot Springs in the fifties. In fact we had lunch there and my son was with us (I remember it, I wonder if he does?) I failed to mention when I was pregnant with him in 1941 my brother came to visit. He and I went to Holly wood and had lunch with a friend at the Champse Eleyse and I believe it is now one of the $cientology owned buildings. (I remember the lunch and how we had excellent service - and I haven't even had any 'auditing' - just good recall.) If LRH's tech is right, in that I was pregnant with Ronnie at the time, I ask - why doesn't he remember being there? Ridiculous to even think of it.

       So in September of 1990 I listed my home for sale and came to Hemet to find another. I did not move until February of 1991. Was nice to be closer to the grandchildren and I have enjoyed their friendship. I love the desert and now with the new huge dam there will be excellent fishing. I have since given my fishing gear away and hope it is pulling in some big ones. I think I caught my share over the years.

       My move went smoothly and had much help in getting settled. This is the home of many elderly people. I had people asking me, "do you want to be with old people? -- and I said, "why not? I am no longer young."

       I was here only a short time until I believe the cult let me know that they knew I was here. A young man came running up on my porch about nine o'clock at night. He was screaming, "let me in! let me in! I am running away." I told him I would call the police but I would not open the door. I called the security here and by the time I called the police he had ran out and jumped in the car and left. What was this 'a test?' Whatever. I just filed it as another incident. All week following that incident I received hang up calls. I had put it in the back of my mind that perhaps I should let someone else go on with informing others with regards to this cult. After mulling it over, following this incident I decided it isn’t over for me. I will not give up.

       The Cramptons came to visit, as well as others I had met in the parent groups. I then changed my direction on the letters to Congress and to the Senate, when I read of various bills and moves that flared my interest I wrote to representatives other than my own.

       Was not long after this sometime that I met a wonderful lady who happened to have close friends who had worked with CAN for years. I had never met them in person and through her I have been able to see them many times over past ten years.

View of Gold Base in Hemet Californian
Note disciplinary 'RPF' (gulag) running pole lower left inside white circle

       I also met two mothers who had loved ones in Scientology. The one mother's son was here at Gold with his family. She made extreme efforts to see the grandchildren who were at the Canyon School run by the cult. She had the other cult mother and her husband take her there and all were met by guards, and told to leave the property pronto. I believe they told me this guard was armed but I can't remember positively. One of the mothers rented a helicopter and had it fly over the school -- I believe she got several pictures. Finally the son told her he had decided to leave for a while but would come back to the Org as soon as his children were grown. He left in Sept of 1991. I have lost touch with this lady but the last time I did contact her, I believe, she was now disconnected from him. The cult very likely did not want the 'enturbulance' caused by the mother. Her main concern was for her grandchildren. She has moved to another state. Just one more family broken by this insidious group.

       The other mother that I met was a very religious lady. I believe she belonged to one of the Baptist churches in this area. She has two loved ones in the cult -- they have been there for many years. The daughter is at the Org in Hollywood, or was when I last talked to her. The daughter had two young son's there also. The son is a lawyer -- I saw his name on the list of losers in the Slatkin debacle. I visited her a few times in early 91 and later in 1992. He and his first wife were divorced, (she had left the cult.) I have never met the ex-wife but would hope to sometime in future. The lawyer son has remarried and has a son. I think the mother relied a lot more on prayer than I ever did but that was her choice and was fine with me. She was a friend of the lady who had the grands at the Canyon School and helped her often. I had been writing to Rose Paull (now deceased) and we had much in common. Her daughter had become involved in the cult about the same time as my son. Rose was a diligent worker. She was a brilliant lady and I will keep her in my heart forever. She came here in early nineties and I had a chance to meet her in person. She spent several years going to the college in Miami handing out material on cults that used destructive methods to indoctrinate. She helped many financially as much as possible. She never heard from her daughter, although she was close by in Clearwater. Rose never complained, she just went about helping others and became a friend to many people.

       Sometime in 1992 I became in touch with Roxanne Friend. I had seen her on the Sally Jesse Raphael show where she told of having terminal cancer. She was a beautiful young woman and I felt great pain for her. She moved to a town not to far from here. We never got together, however she called often. It was so sad to know that she would not live, and very possibly because she did not receive proper treatment for her cancer early on. That page in 'History of Man' should be printed in bold letters so that every official in the country could read where Hubbard says that cancer has been irradicated. It makes me sick to repeat such nonsense and such a tragedy that apparently people in the cult believe this. I talked with Roxanne’s father a few days after she died. He was devastated. Priscilla Coates, my friend went to the funeral. Roxanne is buried in the Jewish cemetery not far from the Catholic cemetery where my son's father is buried. I wonder if the leader of the cult said of her death, "People die?" I am glad that I had the opportunity to know Roxanne if only as a 'phone' friend. She so wanted to live -- I hope I helped her some in those last months. I don't know. I did not go to her funeral. I know that top members of the cult were there. All I said was, "really?" no comment.

       It was in 92 that Paulette Cooper and Richard Behar received the Journalist awards for their work with regard to the cult. I had never met either of these courageous people but wrote of my great pleasure in their being so honored. Many people that I knew in the anti-cult field were remaining active by attempting to educate the public.

       I contacted William Jarvis at the National Council Against Health Fraud at Loma Linda -- he mailed material to me on a Dr. Hulda Clark. Found it interesting that the fraud unit figured her method was so silly that few would ask for info on her. Wouldn't you know I had reason to ask!!

       The Readers Digest came out with wonderful articles by Gene Methvin. Some one sent me info on the L10, L11 and L12. I don't remember who sent it but I believe my son was noted in one of the $cientology magazines as buying that bit. Bob Lobsinger was given the Ryan Award by CAN. Bob made a tremendous effort to let people know in his state about Narconon program. Gabe Cazares sent a letter to me with an address of a friend here in Hemet. I got in touch with this family and have had friendship since that time. On March 28, 1992 I learned of my son's cancer. A family member said he had it for two years. I called and asked if I could come see him and was told no he did not want to see me. I checked each day and on March 8 he was released.

       I believe that was one of the most difficult weeks of my life. Now I was to wait to see if the surgery to repair all this would be successful.

       In the meantime Priscilla Coates who was president of CAN was going through way too much with the cult. I was beginning to get a clue as to how far this group will go to destroy any and all who dare speak out with the truth.

       My son had surgery in May to repair damage done by cancer. He is a survivor. I knew he would be okay. In the meantime I am fighting extremely high blood pressure which isn't good for sure.

       That month I met Bob Penny and his ex-mother-in-law. Was so nice to meet them Bob is such a nice person and has done much to expose this evil group. He is not well but is not letting that hold him back. I noted in my book that Dianetics Center in Palm Desert is having a guest speaker talk about the Purification Rundown.

       I noted in my files that I wrote to my grandson and informed him that I never ever wrote to his dad telling him I didn't want anything to do with him. Another TRL at work. I sent a copy to him along with copy of History of Man page about curing cancer. It sure didn't work for his father. I had met Father Kent Burtner at a CAN meeting 1980. Members insulted him every way they could. Happy to hear he is now married and doing great. I noted in Nov of 92 that Dr. West spoke and was arrested. I did not write the details but another move to silence a learned voice.

        It was in 1991 and 1992 that I became a phone friend of Michael Jordan who was a journalist at the Hemet News. His story was really great and was read with interest by the people here in this quiet community. Little did they realize the evil within their midst.

       This is to tell you some of my dates may not be exact. I have looked at notes and do the best possible. I believe it was not long after I moved here that I read about Golden Era people complaining about a dairy man whose property borders the river bed. This gentleman has run a dairy in that area for many years. I read of the complaint in the paper and the next day I gave him a call. When he answered the phone he was panting and gasping for air. I quickly asked him if he was okay and if he wanted me to call 911. He said no, he had just come in from the river bed, where he was running his horses (he breeds beautiful Arabian horses) While there he said a helicopter swooped down over his head so close he thought it would hit him. It spooked his horses and they ran wild. He seemed terrified when I started to talk to him. I had no way of assuring him he would be ok but asked him to report it to police. I think he was afraid to report it as I watched in the paper and did not see any report. I do know that in time he had reduced his dairy to few cattle. I have driven by though and see his beautiful horses are in his corral.

       In or around 1993 I read a letter to the editor in the Hemet News. I looked up her phone number and gave her a call. She told me her ex-husband had been an early taker of LRH's Dianetics . I do not know if that led to divorce, but do know she mentioned he had spent huge amounts of money on the program. She gave me all his old material which I forwarded to my friend in Arizona. She lived out of town and had a rural mail box. Within days following the letter her neighbors mail box was smashed (she thought perhaps a mistake?) Not long after that she had gone on a shopping trip and when she came home her house was so full of flies she could not believe it. Like a black cloud she said. Someone had put those flies through her doggie door. She said it was absolutely unnerving. It certainly quelled her writing a letter with regard to the cult.

       In the early nineties I hired a man to do some electrical work here. He told me of having worked at the Gold and they had followed him every inch of the way, even looking under his car with a pole with a mirror attached. This was a licensed contractor -- what did they think he would bring other than his tools. He told me that was the last trip he would make there. Another worker came here to give me an estimate on carpet work. He told me he had been to the school up on Canyon Road and had done some work. He only went once. He was appalled to see

       youngsters going around a 'May pole' singing, "I don't have a mother -- I don't have a father."

This is what was told to me. This man had absolutely no reason to lie. He said it made him kind of sick to his stomach.

       In the early nineties I went to a parade in San Jacinto. Golden Era had entered their school group in the parade. They were all in a hayrack pulled along the route. When the parade was over they brought all the children to a park. They ranged in ages from around six or seven to sixteen. I asked the one pretty young girl if it felt good to be out and away from school - (she was in used-looking formal dress.) She said it was great to be away. Of course that is what anyone away from school for the day would say. One little boy about seven was sitting away from the rest. My friend and I wanted to talk to him and ask if he was okay but could see they were watched closely and we did not want to cause him any trouble. I am not sure but I believe the city of San Jacinto did not have any parades until recently. I have seen in the papers a picture of a young man named Rinder (from the school) - painting a mural on one of the buildings in downtown San Jacinto. I believe that is one of their projects.

       I think this was in around 1996 or even later. I spent much time writing during 1994 (as before.) I had received the affidavit of Jesse Prince and Andrea Tabayonyon. I felt those in the public should know what they had recorded under oath. I mailed copies to many people -- I had learned of the death of Dr. and Mrs. Lottick's son.

       I wrote to Eugene Methvin of Readers Digest who had written such great articles with regard to this cult. Over the years I felt these people should know the agony of the mothers and fathers -- a pain difficult to describe when knowing the fate of our dearest loved ones. When I was little I lived on a farm. During the depression my dad tried his best to make extra money -- He butchered hogs and beef for people. He vaccinated animals for them. My mother used to raise chickens and each spring sold them to people in town. She would kill them and dress them I was about eight and I would help her. I could reach up in the chicken and pull the insides out in one quick swoop.

       When I think of how I felt when I was told my husband was dead (he was 41) I was reminded up the chickens which were 'Gutted.' I felt as if I were that empty from my neck down I felt 'gutted'-- sounds like an odd example I guess . I never thought in my life another such empty feeling would fall on me. And then my son went into the Org and signed what they call a 'Billion Year Contract.' Oh yes, I felt that horrible emptiness again. Deja vu all over again (I forgot who said that.) At first I said, "why me?" and then as I got to thinking, I thought of every person I ever knew -- ones I cared for and ones I didn't and I could not think of one person I would want to feel that pain. I remembered my dad telling me when I was about ten or eleven. He had stuck his neck out in a happening in our town and I asked him, "why dad, did you do that?" I remember it was a gutsy undertaking on his part. He said, "when you know in your heart something is dead wrong and you sit on your fanny and do nothing -- that is what I call sin." I don't think he knew that he had given me something to go by the rest of my life. And when I saw the change in my son's personality like a complete turn around, I new something dead wrong was afoot. I guess as long is this is America I still have a right to believe that and yes, to talk about it.

       I made an effort those years to forward mail and information to those people around the country who wanted to help to expose destructive cults. I noted that Golden Era was open on Sundays I never went through to see where perhaps my son's hard earned money was spent along with tax free dollars. Jeff Jacobsen came up from Arizona and went on the tour. He had his picture taken on the fake ship. I keep a copy on my fridge. I was getting all the information on the cult and RTC and the IRS. I will leave that to the experts to discuss. I know how I feel about it and the questions that arise are never answered. Like this cult should receive deduction for the tuition spent on their children and no other organization with religious license is allowed the same privilege.

       And all this in America. In that year I spent a lot of time following the political scene. I watched closely to the Clinton hearings and day by day became more disgusted with our government.

(c) 2003 Ida Camburn

My Exit page for Scientologists and ex-members

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