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artist, 1916

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Ida's son Ron Watson in Scientology's 'Cause' Magazine

       The next morning he left and went to Narconon. I had called Narconon the summer before and offered to volunteer my services. I talked with a girl named Bonnie if I remember right. I said I would be happy to volunteer one day or two a week. I could do book work or filing for them. She said well I would have to take a course. I said well really I am quite adept with books and office work having worked for many years in that field. "No! No!," she said, "You would have to take a course in Dianetics ." and she added that would be $25.00. I said, "in other words you would charge me $25.00 to come donate my time?" She said I would have to take the course. So I said, "how many people that go through your drug program become $cientologists?" She said, "oh about fifty percent." I said, "oh really, I thought it would be a little higher." She said, "well it is, but that is the figure I would give out." I said, "thanks honey, you just told me all I need to know," and I hung up.

       Bad old me, of course I should say 'stupid me' as she was recording -- as all phones are set to record, I am told, in $cientology buildings. Well she saved that tape and after months, that is how they traced me as being the mother of Ronald Watson. I find that so funny. As in -- here are these people, who are advertising that you can 'see behind your head' after using the E-meter and the auditing, and it took them -- nine months and a spy -- to figure out who I was. That was before Amy came along though. Well my son listened to the tape and he came back so angry -- fortunately my husband stayed home as he was worried for my safety -- my son stormed in the house screaming, "so you offered to volunteer!" I forget all the angry words that went afer that. He stormed out of the house and back to Los Angeles with his report.

       The following June, I was in L.A. and I called him to go to lunch with a friend and me. He met us and we had a nice lunch. The friend that was with me was one of his favorite friends and she liked him also. In fact her husband had recommended him for his first job afer he quit college in 1960. It was in the computer field and he loved it and learned quickly and it was his career from then on, before $cientology and after. We told him good bye and left and I returned home. In a few days Henri called me and she was crying. She said, "oh Ida I just got a booklet that the cult printed on you, and it has a pitiful affidavit from your son which I know is a Notice of Disconnection."

       So for some reason they mailed the first print to her. The Affidavit read Robert Watson instead of Ronald. I said, "my GOD, they do not even know his right name!" Of course when my copy came in the mail later it had the name correctly written. It was a slick little number with blue cover -- there goes that blue again. Henri felt so badly about that piece of paper.

       I said, "not to worry -- my real son would never never disconnect from me so it is okay." I by this time understood the 'process.' I called it a process to him once and he became furious -- "Don't use the word process -- it is not a process." I said, "whatever" and would let it go at that. It wasn't long after that, that the harassment got pretty heavy. The calls came all night and many 'no one there' calls in the day time. Sometimes they would say,


"we know where the grandkids are,"

       and that would scare me so.

       It was shortly after that Henri Crampton was mailed the copy of a booklet called 'The Untruths of Ida Camburn.' I was put in nine 'conditions' if I remember right. I had a copy but have since mailed it on In that booklet was an affidavit signed by my son. When the polished version came to me (only 5 conditions) and had his name right. I still have it to this day.

       Then they picketed where my husband worked. I had called some of their talk shows at night. One was in San Francisco, I think, run by their Sonny Barnes. I pretended to be 'one of them' and then would ask, "just what do you plan to do about the divorces caused where only one party joins this group?” And he would stutter and stammer and say he couldn't believe it, and I would say, "Sonny believe it, I have all their names right here, all 28 couples."

       I then called Cupertino program but they didn't let me on that one. I called once when Ted Patrick was on and that is the closest contact I had to Ted. I did read his book 'Let our Children Go' and thought it was pretty good for an early on anti-cult book. I then called the $cientology Org in San Francisco and asked them if they had the divorce statistics. They said no but maybe they could get them for me. I didn't give my name as I knew that is all she wanted. Some where along the way I got a registered packet of mail. I knew what it was -- I felt it. I then told the postman I didn't want it. I refused it.


Scientologists who picketed where my husband worked
August 8, 1978 - Subpoena came August 28th, 1978

       He said, "you mean you are refusing a registered letter?" I said, "look who it is from, fella. I don't want it." I knew it was my son's unopened letters and I didn't need to see them.

       After I called the $cientology Org for divorce statistics I called them and asked what they did when families were separated -- How were the children taken care of etc. They were taping of course. And later when they found that I was Ronnie's mother, they called me and said they would be down to straighten me out about $cientology. I said, "did you say straighten me out? When you do, the FBI will be here just after the Police arrive." So I said I would think it over if I were planning that move.

       I had learned from friends in Palo Alto that there were two woman who paid visits to the fellow in San Jose who handled the state drug office there. They also stopped at a friends house. One that had done much volunteer work for the State. That lady was wonderful to me, she knew more about them than the average person at that time. She lived close to John Brody. She knew Rev. Phil Spickler who had the mission in Palo Alto. In fact, she had let her daughter go with either Brody's kids to his summer excursion home for some time. She was horrified when she realized it was a $cientology function. I think that was about the time that Brody was head of Narconon. I am not sure about that though I read where he went into $cientology to get help for his bad knees and also read where he only played a couple more games after that.

       Spicklers daughter is Mimi Rogers, who married Tom Cruise. The two women who came with Ronnie telling me they were from Narconon were actually G.O. gals from the Guardian Office. I learned that long after the visit. Sandra Meisndorff and Mary Stoufer--both died in their early forties from cancer.

       Wonder how much their following the words in the 'History of Man' effected their health?? A quote on page 20, Hubbard states:


"Cancer has been eradicated
by auditing out conception and mitosis."

       That doesn't make sense to me, but then my own son said that I would not be able to understand Hubbard’s 'History of Man.' With info to that extent I would not have wanted to read any farther. Within days after their visiting our home I got a call early one morning. "Wow Ida, did you read the news? The FBI has raided the 'Church' of Scientology in L.A. and in D.C." I was so happy that my son was not there at the time. He had talked of working long hours at the Big Blue building they own in Los Angeles. -- taking the hospital smell out -- painting etc. So at least he was not there. I have since wondered if he would have been a part of stealing documents from Government offices? In that I no longer saw the man he once was I think that would have been possible. Of course all those people were members of the Guardian Office. I have the list from the court case. To read the awful things they did to the Mayor of Clearwater Florida, Gabe Cazares and his wife and to author Paulette Cooper, whose parent’s died in Auschwitz.

Gabe Cazares and Ida Camburn

        And even the nobody that I was, had some 'ops' by the Scientologists recorded. They had my son's name listed on one and then had Jewish and a question mark after it. Wondered what that meant. The rest of 1977 I spent much time reading everything I could find about this Cult. I tried to re read Dianetics again, it was a mass of gobble-de-gook far as I was concerned. Here I had a grown son looking up words in the dictionary that he knew at the age of five. I got the book 'Battle for the Mind' by William Sargant. I would recommend it to anyone for learning about the methods used in Korea to re-educate the prisoners. Those were the men who returned from the prison camps hating the country they fought for. All came around to think as they did prior to the indoctrination by the North Koreans. I think it a good book to read today --and reading the reports of the $cientologists that have gone through Rehabilitation Project Force the RPF I am always reminded of Sargants findings. Of course there are many more good books since that one -- Margaret Singer, Flo Conway, Jim Sieglman all have made major contributions. And I would remind you -- all have felt the sting of the 'fair game' which the $cientologists continue to state are no longer used.

       I remember early in August my husband got a call from his boss. He said George take the day off, two young men are picketing in front of our office I don't want you to go through the hassle. They took pictures of the two young men -- I still have them today I guess they thought that would cause trouble for my husband. What it did was alert two of the fellows there what Dianetics led to. Two were taking courses at that time and both quit. The company employed about 500 people in various parts of the country at that time. The word went to the main office in Annapolis and I guess it alerted to several that had been taking the course -- two in Chicago quit and I don't know if there were more or not. So all in all both my husband and I were kind of glad the picket went off in front of the office. I heard from one of the men that quit and after he found out what they had done -- reading about the raid he was more than happy and has thanked me many times. I read where they had given vocal ex-member and critic Nan McClean a funeral (casket and all.) Disgusting brainwashed members.

       I was kind of happy when we were in an area that solicitors were not allowed. It didn't stop them from using the post office though. Several hate letters were mailed to my neighbors. All brought them to me -- few read past the first line. Many others who had worked in the newly formed anti-cult groups got them too. Henri got copies of all of them mailed to her. When I showed mine to one of the people at a conference in L.A they said, "wow yours is almost as bad as the one they put out on Paulette." I think he added, "keep on with the good work!" I have tried to pin down just when my efforts to help educate the public on the workings of destructive cults was no longer about my son.

       I guess it was at least three years after I learned of his joining. May be that is not right but somewhere along the way I realized that I was not going to be able to get through to my son, but maybe I could get through to some parents so they would be on their toes if they saw sudden changes in their loved ones. As I started speaking out, I found that just from the little town in Nebraska where I came from 972 people (the population never seems to change), three families within a twenty mile radius had lost a loved one to the Co$.

       Two had lost one to the Unification Church and one to the Local church which was run by an Asian man. Witness Lee. They later sued the Berkeley Group who were eventually bankrupted.

       I just reread part one and left off around the time Ronnie had been there about Narconon etc.

June 24, 1976 Ron Watson entered Scientology

Oct. 2 or 3, He went to Clearwater

Dec. 23, 1976 He returned from Clearwater

Febr 4, 1977 Scientology San Francisco called

Febr 5th First call from Leo I think it was the first

Febr 6thRon left the ASHO stated he was replace by someone coming from Clearwater

Febr 9thRon came to Sunnyvale

Febr l0 He went to Narconon. Returned later left shortly extremely angry and upset

March ll Ken Whitman called from L.A. Threatened me to talk to them or to their Lawyers or else

March 25thRon Called Urged me to talk to Whitman

May 8 Mothers day. Ron called to con me to talk with Whitman again

June 8 Had dinner with Ron and Therese (I called him and set the date)

July l Ron came and brought Scientologist Sandra Meisendorf and Mary Stauffer who announced that they were from Narconon International (they were really from the GO- Guardians Office.) They said that it would all come down for me and George if I did not talk with them. Ron said he was coming on business in Santa Clara. (Liar) (He should have known we could add up the miles and would show he lied.) About nine P.M. he called to apologize for what he had done.

Aug.31 Received booklet from Scn Mary Stauffer --reduced to 5 conditions. Ron signed affidavit which was enclosed signed June 20th 1977 (anniversary of his fathers death.) This was the second booklet. The first was mailed to Henri Crampton in July of 77. Spelled Rons affidavit ROBERT signed 6/l3/77. Second one had name right. This was disconnect letter (I mailed that first one to be archived.)

Sept. 13 Refused certified letter from SF Sci.

Sept 15 Refused registered letter from Narconon Palo Alto.

October 11 Saw Ronnie at Jeans for a few minutes Kissed him --said he had been to Catalina.

Dec. 27, 1977 Received Xmas card, hoping I had a "pleasant" Christmas 1978.

Jan. l4, 1978 Talked on phone. Saw him for 5 minutes at Jeans No conversation.

Jan. 23 Called on phone at work. He said Sandra called him now and then.

Febr 22 he called Jean and tried to suggest she talk me into therapy Said he was very worried about me.

March 6th He called friends and my brothers and asked about my relationship with my father.

March 2lst Saw Ronnie in Parking lot at Allstate where CFF had a meeting (Marcy Vesel was there--(a spy and we didn't know it - yet.)

April 2nd week Called my two brothers and told them I looked very bad.

May 3lst Received letter on June 8 that he had typed May 31st short letter from Ronnie to his mom

July l5, 1978 Letter received July l8th He thanked me for helping him in Scientology I didn't answer that one.

August 1 Attempt to serve subpoena.

August 8th Picketed George's work.

August 3rd Frank Garfield called (Lawyer in L.A.) George from L.A. I was in New Mexico. George was receiving hang up calls all through the night.

Sept. 28th Subpoena served.

Sick Oct 4th Doctor said not able to go. October 5th did not appear in Palo Alto Late Nov. Contempt charges filed on me.

Jan. 8, 1979 Answered oral deposition -Atty Donovan attended and friend Lydia attended. Rebecca Chambers for Scn there Attorny Gotto for Paulette. March 6th Ron called at Jeans telling me it was time to go to therapy Talked 3 minutes I ended the conversation.

March 23 Jean told me of his trying to proselytize the kids. Sent her clipping on that very thing from Springfield, Mass. Saw Ronnie June 6th. He had been to 20th reunion (got 'most bald' mention.) He didn't take his live in Scieno.

Dec.29th 1979 - Saw Ronnie for bit had no success he said he was 'cleared' in Feburary.

March 1980 March before Easter saw a glimpse when he picked up the kids.

May 1980 Saw him at Allis play with his live in. He left quicklyguess he didn't want me to meet her -- didn't want to meet her either.

July 11th1980 Didn't talk.

       I received a letter each time we moved -- One in Dec. 1980, when we got to New Mexico, and one when we moved to Lake Havasu in August 1984. I saved those for a while and decided it was too painful to read them. It was kind of like he was writing to a friend that he knew at sometime or another in his life. However he always addressed me as Mother. The reason he called me 'Mother' was when his dad was overseas during hte war I stayed with my folks much of the time. When he wanted to do something or other my Dad or Mom would say, "ask your Mother" and that is how he learned to speak to me from time he was about 18 months.

       I thought, maybe, this record would help me to understand this a bit, as I look at times various things happened.

        APRL - Another Scientology Front Group

       For those of you who are not familiar with APRL - The Alliance for the Preservation of Religious Liberty - I will explain what I remember all too well. APRL caused problems for every anti-cult group in the nation.

       Finally following the raid the proof was there that it was founded by Scientology which most of us knew all along.

       I was in Chicago when the IFIF - International Foundation of Individual Freedom - group were all wondering about APRL. The meeting was at Ann Lundgren's beautiful home. I saw her years later at the Cleveland conference in 2001.

       They were surprised I had checked out this list.

This is the list of names I checked out that were connected to APRL - Alliance for Preservation of Religious Liberty

Ralph Wood Lt. Co. USMCC Ret. Scientologist. died April 1980
Debbie Dudgeon - claims to be deprogramed from Old Catholic church -- a lie
Local Advisory Board Member Mark Vincent Kaplan, Esq. Represents Scientology Case in L.A. Dec. 1977 - (Polemini)
William Schive -- on Berkely interfaith council (Scientologist)?
Rev. Marvin Chandler -- San Franciso Council of Churches (hasn't been there for over a year -- very ill)
Rt RE. John Lobque OSB -- (Does he even exist?)
Charles Lane, Esq -- represents the 'Old Catholic Church' in Oklahoma former Hindu cult.
Daniel Sheehan Atty. for Jesuits. represented Sci--no fee in federal case. Spoke at Sci Conference 1976 Aug.
Dr. Marager D. Grote -- Glassboro St. Co.
Steven Kafa -- New England Director
S. Bruce Williams -- Philadelphia, Scientologist
Harvey Heber -- Santa Barbara, Ca. Scientologist
Tim Skog -- Tucson, Scienientologist
Roy Landrith --Tucson, Evangelical
Father Fowler Episcopal, 77, recently stepped down to pressure from the church officials -- U. Tucson
Michael Emerling -- Ran on ballot for congress, Gay Liberation
Ron Asa -- controversial Democrat
Jane Applebaum -- Unification Church
Jim Thompson, Scientologist
John Thayer -- North ridge Ca. ???
Rev. John L. Price -- was a black Baptist minister who went to Georgetown University

       It was Rev. John L. Price who convinced Georgetown University to cancel the IFIF reservations for our national yearly conference. Said we were too controversial. Three months later Georgetown allowed a Moonie conference there. Really was dirty pool as they canceled so late we could not notify people who had bought tickets to travel there. A stinking apology in a letter is all we got.

       I had a long correspondence go round with George Larabraud at the National Council of Churches. Wish I 'd saved the correspondence but don't have it anymore.

       On one of my trips to Los Angeles to help with Citizens Freedom Foundation founders we had notice of $cientology publishing that Father Flanagan had used Dianetics in Boys Town in Omaha, Nebr. In that Father Flanagan had died in 1948 (prior to Dianetics was the first reason to know this was a lie.) Rather Robert Hupp became the director in 1973. He had a difficult time trying to stop the cult from publishing this lie.

       We were told as late as 1977 the Mission or Org in Philadelphia was spreading this rumor. When Father Hupp finally put an end to it he decided to publish a wonderful booklet. The title is 'CULTS AND KIDS, A Study of Coercion.' He made this booklet available, free of charge to any of us in the anti-cult scene. A copy of this is available here by clicking the link above.

       He sent me fifty copies which I distributed. I have two here that I have kept for reference. The list of contributors includes many learned people who realized the strength of the manipulation in many 'closed systems' and the description are valid today as the day the booklet was printed. I am happy to have taken part in helping to carry the message forward at that time.

       About the Author: Robert W. Delliinger is a science writer at the Boys Town Center (1977). He was formerly assistant editor of Human Behavior magazine.

       All through 1979 I was writing letters to various people trying to find those who would understand what this cult was all about. It seemed to me that the fact that the leaders wife was in jail and several others convicted made little difference to those left to carry on. The dirty tricks continued, the newspapers seemed to be silenced. I watched closely for those in Government to stand up and be counted. Apparently there were no heroes there. The lies that were spread about the Guyana Tragedy continued to surface. One article surfaced in the files taken by the FBI. We always wondered where the CIA story came from and there it was in the cults files.

       In August, the International Foundation of Individual Freedom - 'IFIF' (former Citizens Freedom Foundation, later CAN) had reservations at Georgetown University. We had planed to have our conference there. Kevin Flanagan who was alumni of Georgetown had made the arrangements and they were all set in place. People had arranged their time off, vacations etc. to be able to attend.

       George and I planned to be in Philadelphia so would be close by to attend. A few weeks prior APRL (Alliance for Preservation Religious Liberty) member Rev Price had created disturbance at the IFIF (International Foundation for Individual Freedom) headquarters. He created so much concern, IFIF was moved to the home of the director. Rev. Price had complained to Georgetown and they refused us by breaking the contract that we had to meet there. Flanagan was devastated . All we could do was forget our meeting as it was too late to secure another place. A Georgetown Priest wrote letters that we were 'too Controversial' yet three months later the Moonies held a conference there.

       That was a real slap in the face to all the Catholics who had intended to be there. APRL worked in every way possible to destroy all the the work of the parent groups. The cult had lots of experience as CCHR Citizens Commission on Human Rights had been formed in 1969 I believe. And the sole purpose was to DO IN psychiatrists and psychiatry as we know it.

       APRL was the group that put fake flyers to all the Congress members, making them to look like our Parent group had sent it. The same trick was pulled years later when one of the Congressman wanted to have an anti-cult day. That was stopped pronto.

       It was through these years that time after time I would read of the cult infiltrating in various groups. At the same time when I became known to the organization I was having plants put on me.


       I watched closely for those in Government to stand up and be counted. Apparently there were no heroes there. The lies that were spread about the Guyana Tragedy continued to surface. One article surfaced in the files taken by the FBI. We always wondered where the CIA story came from and there it was in the cults files to claim that the CIA was involved.

In early 1980 we started to think about taking early retirement. Following the car incident my husband just couldn't shake the thought that one of us was going to be injured or possibly done in all together. In August he had the opportunity to take early retirement and he jumped at the chance. It was a costly move but what good would more money have done if one of us ended up a cripple or worse? We advertised our place for sale in Sunnyvale.

        In the fall of 1980 the Petris bill was introduced in Calif. Our Attorney General Dukmajian was strongly against the bill. It removed the opportunity for his office to investigate any organization with religious license. It was Bill 1423.

       It sailed through with committee voting for the bill Only one voted against it. Many of those of us who felt it was a wrong move had written letters to each committee member. It was disgusting, and when it was all said and done I received a letter from the now Rep Maxine Waters-thanking me for supporting her. She didn't read her mail then and evidently she doesn't now. I see her strong support where the cult is showing interest to this day. She is always on the yes to sanction Germany for their stand against the cult.

       Willie Brown who now is Mayor of San Francisco was also on that committee that supported Sen. Petris's Bill 1423. I remember as I sat there and listened to each side address the committee.

       Ms Waters and Mr. Brown were in a giggling fest when our side presented Atty Moranz who had been victim of the Synanon group. (Two young Synanon men placed a rattlesnake in his mail box.) He was recovering from the shock and the hospital stay, yet when Senator Petris came in to give his powerful speech - you could hear a pin drop.

        It was the first committee hearing I have ever attended and I came away throughly disgusted. Not just because the A/G had lost but the rudeness and lack of interest shown for the people presenting their views -- a learning experience for sure. Thus I stress always -- make sure you know the agenda of the person running. Read every drop of information on prior votes etc. that you can find. This committee meeting was a waste of taxpayers money and time. It was a cut and dried deal before anyone of the committee members took their seats to put on the show. I had no way of knowing but I often think since that time of one of the tidbits I read from some of Hubbards instructions:


One was to get someone else to do your bidding and you stay in the back ground.

        No one came to that meeting representing $cientology but, it had that odor about it. One of the young men running around with a camera with a number '7' on it, definitely did not come from Channel 7. I later heard where he did come from but never had proof. Henrietta and I had gone to the hearing with an Attorney from Santa Clara Calif. He made the statement on the way home that he really couldn't judge $cientology in the same league as the Moonies (the group his daughter was a member) as the $cientologists got up and went to work every day.

       Of course he didn't know about the Sea Org nor the indoctrination or the Disconnections or the RPF. He later took the Moonies to court and I believe he won his case. Happy for that though he was not at the top of my list as one who really knew what he was expounding.

       I still have those letters with Waters thanking me for my support. Henrietta got a letter from then Governor Jerry Brown thanking her for her support in his signing the bill. Her letter in return to him is priceless. Henrietta had a wonderful gift for letter writing. She once wrote to James Buckley in an answer to his letter with regard to a publication on which his name was listed without his authorization. She said:

       "It can easily be seen that we have a communication problem.
The reason's should be condensed to three:

1. You are not receiving your mail
2. You do not read your mail
3. You have a short attention span.
If you are not receiving your mail
possibly you have a Scientologist
or a Moonie in your office"

       She then went on to advise him who to contact and then get back to her with an answer. Among the files taken from the $cientology offices was one which advised on how to stop attacks. It said:

"Remember, Churches are looked upon as 'reform groups.' Therefore we must act like a reform group."

       It also stated:

"Remember the only reason we are in trouble with the press or governments is that we are not searching out and exposing rotten spots on the society. We must practice on the whole group called society. If we do not it will attack us just as a pre-clear will attack a Scientologist that won't audit him."

       This is from a lengthy page that lists ways to get anyone who disagrees with them to shut up. Of course I know about that now, don't I? These instructions go on and on and gets into the forming of the B1 groups. (Bureau One in the Guardians Office is now in OSA - The Office of Special Affairs)

       Those are the ones to do the OPS on dissenters. As long as I have this in front of me and doing some quoting from LRH works I have a small paper here marked 'The Second Echelon' Quote number 3 is this:

"A very effective thought-control technique could also be worked out from $cientology, which could be used to make individuals into willing slaves"

       I find that disgusting and oh, so frightening. And yes I believe I have seen first hand in individuals where that method was highly successful.

       In late Sept our home was sold. We had planned to give the renters in New Mexico 30 days notice and then make our move. In October the neighbors asked could we go to Reno with them, as kind of a good bye to us. We agreed and went on a bus trip with two couples. Later following dinner, my husband complained of shortness of breath -- called for help -- the young men were ready to leave when one asked him, "do you feel anything different other than shortness of breath?" Because we had a late dinner they thought it might just be indigestion. He said that his arms felt 'heavy.' They immediately put him on then gurney and we went to the hospital. They deciding to keep him for 24 hours as precaution. I was waiting when I heard one doctor say, "get the family out of here." I looked around and realized I was the only 'family' there. We were so fortunate as he had his major attack on the table in the emergency room -- had he not been there, he may not have lived. I stayed there with him and after 14 days we flew home. Doctor felt he was not able to travel til late December.

        I thought how lucky we were that he had taken early retirement. I know had he been at work, he would have gone to the lounge and by the time he would have told anyone he was in trouble, it would likely have been too late. I am not thanking the $cientologists that bugged us and made our lives miserable but maybe just maybe? who knows?

       I went ahead to New Mexico and made things ready for him when he came before Christmas. Because of his health I had decided that I must no longer write the letters and try to keep abreast of all the cult activities. This lasted about two or three week when the calls started coming. One mother after another. I never dreamed the cult would be so active in such a remote area -- and in the Bible belt too. One fellow came from Santa Fe. He worked in the state government. His son had come to Davis College and that is where the cult got to him. I gave him many books and articles from Dr. Clark -- and others who had begun to see the dangers to those who had fallen victim. I later was in Sante Fe and met him and his wife. They thought because their son was marrying a nice Catholic girl that she would be able to talk him away from his new belief. I felt that wouldn't happen but was not my place to tell them, other than give my opinion. The next call was a lady whose son had talked his grandfather out of $3,000 for 'courses.' The grandfather thought it was a part of his college studies. She sought help for him much later (Ford Schwartz talked with him.) He did leave but was still very angry at his mother. Last I heard he was in Hawaii somewhere having a hard time with life. I did not hear from the mother the last couple of years. I hope she was able to get on with her life. She had been divorced so I like to hope she has found a new partner. Another mother who came to see me was indeed the saddest of all I think. She was the mother of Jon Spear. She was a beautiful woman and brought her two son's (both handsome) who were so concerned for their brother. We went to breakfast and I know to this day they would not, nor would I ever have believed what would become of their beloved brother and son. She told me her son Jon came to Calif. to attend the University at Santa Barbara where he could study oceanography. I do not know at what point he fell into LRH cult. His father who I believe lived in Calif. (not sure as there was a divorce) kept giving Jon money for courses. The family could not get through to him as this was not in Jon's best interest. I can not relate the story here but it is on the internet. When I read this story I was so shocked to think this beautiful young man was dead at the age of 40. I had been told his mother had died after I left that area.

       I hoped that she never knew of her sons tragic death. A part of the story was that his brother had gone to the east coast where he claimed the body. No comment was ever made to the press. I am glad he kept silent -- a story so heartbreaking as that one was one which the people in that little town would never have understood. It was during that time I became a correspondent of Ford Schwartz following Henrietta's introduction. I wrote to him often and heard from him often.

       I am sure I confided in him as to the plants that had been following all of us around. I even asked him to talk with various parents who had asked me if I could help them. Ford had gone to work out of an office of a psychologist who had his office in Burlingame, Calif.. I remember it was on Mother's Day, I think, in 1983 that I received a call from Henrietta. She said, "grab something solid Ida, Ford has been sent out to spy on us." "What a gift on Mother's day," I said. "Well, it isn't like we haven't had experience Henri." "Well," she said, "there was more to the story," and she would tell me but not to worry. I also reiterated to her, "odd how I'm such a sucker for spies." I liked him too as I liked Amy. Anytime we had a plant they always wanted to help with our 'files.' No different for Ford. He had come to Henri's to look at the files. She showed him to the file cabinet that had all the paperwork that was found in $cientology during the raid. He spent a long time looking and suddenly came out of the room and as Henri told me he was 'white as a sheet.' He left in a hurry and at the time Henri wondered what was wrong. A few days later she got a call to see if she and her husband would come see them up in the bay area. So that week end they went. Ford had found an 'op' sheet that was done on him and his wife -- when he read this he could not believe that his 'church' could do this to them. I do not know what all was done but he and his wife were through with the cult that day. It took them time to heal. I later went to Sunnyvale to visit friends as I went to lunch with him and his wife Andrea, and their son. Was such a joy to meet this man who finally said he knew, by my many letters, that I wasn't one of the 'bad' guys.

       So be it -- whatever I write I always had hoped it reached many eyes. Who knows -- maybe one who read it in the cult realized I wasn't one of the 'bad' guys.

       A few years later Ford became a devout Christian. He no longer writes and I do not know how he feels about me today. Doesn't really matter -- all I ever wished for them was happiness and freedom for all the family. I know he was a great salesman and I am sure he is successful with whatever he has undertaken. I have just added him to the top of my list of spies, and put a 'smile' next to it.

       I had some serious health problems while I lived in New Mexico. Had a carotid bypass in a hospital in Lubbock, Texas. Wonderful doctors -- I recoup quickly and was sent home day early. A few days later I thought I had come down with the flu and on calling doctor he prescribed a pill to take every four hours. My husband picked up the prescription and I took the pill every four hours. I steadily grew worse.

       I thought for sure I would be better, so I set a time that if I had not improved, I would go to the doctor. Woke one morning and knew I had to see the doctor -- We left and was there as the door opened to his office -- nurse took my blood pressure and within minutes I was in an ambulance one way to the hospital in Hobbs, New Mexico. I was put in the ICU immediately as my pressure was much too low. Doctor inserted a pacemaker to help my heart keep ticking. He had problems and kept saying for me to hang on, that it wouldn't take him much longer. I had heard about the near death experiences but didn't realize I would go there too. I don't explain it -- but I always tell my old friends -- one has nothing to worry about -- dying is much easier than making up your mind that you must come back and take on life as you know it. I feel that was another one of my 'gifts' along the way.

       I have had so many.

       I hope my story here does not come at you like I am complaining. Instead of waking up each morning thinking of the losses (and I think of my family constantly.)

       I try to face it all with hopes that I can help someone else find a way to cope and to survive. I am so thankful for my parents who taught me to be who I am. I am thankful to two wonderful husbands who lived with me just as I am. I do know one must retain a sense of humor -- that may sound weird to you -- but it is a must. Henri used to tell me she liked me to come to meetings as I could make people laugh and all the time I knew they were crying inside just as I. Following the experience in the hospital (caused by a pill called Zomax which had not been throughly tested) I found many people died that very week.

       This pill caused an extreme drop in blood pressure. Mine went to 50 over 40, I think.

       When I recovered, I realized, as did my husband, that we had made a move that was not for us. No one should retire to a little town after living in a big city (Calif. yet) for so many years. We decided to go to Havasu City, Arizona which is where you read about their housing the London Bridge. We had fished there many times (my first husband and I before there was a town or bridge there.)

       We moved in May of 1984. I remember the temperature was 115. We had both been there many times when it was hot and didn't mind that. Was kind of like coming home for both of us. We bought a pontoon boat and spent good times fishing.

       By the way I used to be known as a pretty good fisherman.

       Ida Camburn holding the day's catch

       I do not fish any more - My husband took it easy, watched his diet and actually we could enjoy our lives in spite of the poor health. Our friends from Southern Calif. and those from Sunnyvale area came to visit. Three men that had worked with George decided to buy there and all built homes and brought their wives to retire. Henrietta and Curt came as well as others I had met through our anti-cult groups. The Cooperriders still come to see me each year around New Years.

       I also hear from many other parents I've met along the way Kevin Flanagan who is the father of Joey. His wife died in 1999 and I am thankful he has such a wonderful family. I had written to Lyle Stuart and hear from them at Christmas time. I was so pleased to hear now and then from Eugene Methvin who did the wonderful stories in Readers Digest. He is now alone following an accident taking his wife’s life. I admire Richard Behar to the max. He too suffered at the hands of the cult, all because he wrote the truth.

       Sometimes I am amazed to recall all the wonderful people who have touched my life.

       I kick myself for not going to college. I was satisfied with adult education courses and attending IBM college for short stint during WWII. I guess I may be one of the oldest IBM workers with the dullest job I ever had. I had a job as a key punch operator in 1942 working in the Cost Dept of North American Aviation. I believe they were one of the first in the country to take advantage of the new method of keeping records.

       Back to Havasu -- in 1986 that is where I met Jeff Jacobsen. He came by on the way to L.A. and introduced himself. I laugh when he tells me that I am the first one to believe he was not a spy. By that time to, to tell you the truth, it no longer made any difference to me who was and who wasn't. But I knew he was not a spy within a few minutes. I now count him as one of my dearest friends.

(c) 2003 Ida Camburn


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