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German Documentary on Channel Pro 7, 1997

L Ron Hubbard's great grandson: Jamie Kennedy explains what $cientology really is: "My mother still has a letter from Ron threatening to break my grandfather's legs"

The mp3 track you want to hear is "Judas' Son" - enjoy
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L Ron Hubbard's Son - Ron DeWolf denounces his own father as a fraud - Read this hard to find 1982 interview in the News Herald

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"In an age of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act."
George Orwell

"Be the change you want to see in the world."

"Nobody wants to lift the tail of a skunk"
A police detective's comment in Canada regarding Scientology

"To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men"
Abraham Lincoln

The Truth About Dianetics - from Scientific American and the American Psychological Association


Hulda Clark's Zapper meets L Ron Hubbard's E-Meter

Hulda Clark's ZAPPER delivers more current to the user than one of Hubbard's emeters... the way it is designed... it is a pulsing DC current... A 5 to 6 volt AC waveform riding on 6 volts DC .

Hulda's device also has a lower internal impedance.

She uses "can" style electrodes also.

I built one of her zappers... it's basically a 555 timer IC running off a 9 volt battery.

And after using the device for about an hour, though it may have been psychological, I did feel 'better'.

But the apparancy of well being was not due to Hulda's claim that her device can destroy pathogens and parasites.. ( one is supposed to 'tune' the frequency to the ones needed to kill different pathogens...)

Folks that use Hulda's device WILL often get a sense of "well being."

Just as practitioners of Hubbard's E-metered auditing will (along with the psychological, suggestive, quasi-hypnotic influence of Hubbard's stage hypnosis techniques covertly used to mold minds by charade...- Hubbard TR training routines" are more like ACTOR training (How to act like an "OT")

The Sense of "Well Being" is identical to the sense of well being when one is in pain and takes a dose of morphine. Electricity will induce the human body to release endorphins, these are the body's version of morphine, and like morphine and heroin, which both bind to the same receptor sites in the brain, the modulation of endorphin levels are a factor in addictions. Including the apparent, and Heroin like, "I'll do anything to get more scientology auditing" Scientology Addiction. the foundation of Hulda Clark's scam is the Induced Endorphin Effect. see:

I doubt she had a clue, but when lay people would use her 'device' they would report "feeling better".

So I bet she, and L Ron Hubbard became utterly convinced that their theories were right because people would say "it works" , that is, people reported that they felt better. The most common response of hard core true believers in Scientology to criticism is: "But, IT WORKS!"

C. R. Chapman, "[Modulation of experimental dental pain in man with acupuncture and by transcutaneous electric stimulation]," Ann Anesthesiol Fr, vol. 19, no. 5, pp. 427-33, 1978 This observation suggests that endogenic morphine-like peptides are released in response to low frequency electrical stimulation of the skin. After electroacupuncture in the patients with pain CSF beta-endorphin levels rose significantly in all subjects, but met-enkephalin levels were unchanged. These results suggest that the analgesia observed after electroacupuncture in patients with recurrent pain may be mediated by the release into the CSF of the endogenous opiate, beta-endorphin.

More HERE:

Here is a small collection of approximately 50 cites to support the hypothesis of electrically induced endorphins here:

Hulda Clark's business associates include Scientologist David Amrein and a fellow named Tim Bolen ...

And I dont think Hubbard had a clue about the electrically induced endorphin response.. I think, that just as Hulda Clark did, that after a while, he became convinced by people telling him over and over again that "it WORKS!", that "Scientology Works"....

The body's own natural, painkilling, endorphin's bind at the same receptors in the brain that MORPHINE binds to...

No wonder why it is so hard to get Tom Cruise or John Travolta out of Scientology!

Arnie Lerma

"Electricity Works"

Telling the difference between a sociopath, a heroin addict and a scientology osa operative is almost impossible

Experience is not what happens to you; it's what you do with what happens to you. - Aldous Huxley

It is better to light a single candle than to curse the darkness.

On Jan 27th, 2003 - Zapper manufacturers in Switzerland and US were sued by FTC

Another Scientology Health Fraud Scam in progress

the Mike Pinkus whacked by the FDA is a Scientologist, IAS ( International Association of Scientologists) $100,000 Donor, I worked with a Mike Pinkus when I was a member of Scientology many years ago. see search Pinkus

My commentary on the junk he is marketing

1) (Cal-Max) was previously marketed by Scientology itself as "CAL-MAG".in 1960's

2) B-1 Bomber was previously marketed by Scientology itself as Dianazene, ( a purported cure for radiation poisoning ) also in late 1960's

See info at Canadian Quackwatch site on Mike Pinkus gets FDA Letter to desist Jan 28,2003.

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How many Scientologists?

Scientology's claim's of "8 million members" is a lie!
study from City University of New York shows only 55,000 say they are Scientologists in the US.

Scientology, Why are these people dead? 

   Noah Antrim Lottick (24)

Noah Lottick
(24 years old)

Jumped to his death
clutching his last few dollars tightly to his chest

Scientology, The most "classically terroristic" cult the world has ever seen

Read May 6, 1991 TIME Magazine Cover story "The Thriving Cult of Greed and Power" --

Scientology Lies!

L. Ron Hubbard's complete Navy War Record is now online!
Who was I at age 16 to question a  Nuclear Physicist [a lie] and Navy War hero [another lie ] ?

L.Ron Hubbard gets listed as a Fake War Hero on POW website based on scientology's claims (on their own web site!)

Scientology's "Religious Cloaking"
Scientology invoked religious trappings merely as an effort to avoid public and government scrutiny - merely as an effort to ("MAKE MORE MONEY" (c) L Ron Hubbard)

Scientology's plan to make money off WTC bombing--from an internal Scientology email boasting about disruption of Mental Health efforts: is a site about the true nature of the late L.Ron Hubbard's empire called Scientology and its on-ramp Dianetics. Documenting a lifetime history of fraud, criminal convictions and mind control. Created by an ex-officer in Scientology's "Sea Organization"Arnaldo Lerma

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