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#16 June l0th l978 from Sunnyvale

Dear Friend:

A note to let you know that I'm back home after a long trip. Philadelphia, Cleveland, Chicago, Omaha, Sioux City, Denver, Salt Late, Tacoma and home. Spread my beliefs or rather "opinions" along the way . Some believe what is happening and there are many others who choose to keep their heads in the sand. It is much easier that way. The way the many parents have chosen has not been easy . We are now receiving "hate" letters in the mail . I have four or five in the past weeks. All concern members involved in the parent groups.

All mailed anonymously (I've enclosed one with name blocked out ). Mine came with name hand writing on envelope mailed from Santa Ana. Ca. 92784. Most recent one mailed from Marina Del Rey 9028l. Note their letterhead and the "subcommitte" to investigate parental abuse. Written note is from Henri Crampton--asking if the San Diego Union printing of a policeman copying files. Don't have copy so will type it as it was in paper. I don't think I sent you a copy of this.

"SCIENTOLOGY LINKED POLICEMAN FIRED --- SAN DIEGO UNION 1/26/78 A San Diego police lieutenant fired yesterday for passing police information to the Church of Scientology and then lying about it, will appeal the action, according to his attorney. The chief (William B. Lolender) said Young, a patrol lieutenant, was fired for "using his position to give information improperly to an organization , for "giving untruthful statements to the FBI" and for also making "untruthful statements to Deputy Chief Don Rierson and myself." Lelander said Young admitted yesterday he had used a police computer to check criminal histories of "several " persons, and then gave the information to a Church of Scientology member who the chief identified as Betty Lou Allen. (End of article )

In the future I will have two CFF letters mailed to me so that I can forward one to your home address. They pick up on much of the cult news all of us scan the papers daily. George calls me a "clip artist", as never a day fails that there isn't something to clip. I'm mailing you one today that will infuriate every parent in the country that has a loved on involved in Unification. I knew that devil would slip off and while he goes one way - I read before I left in may that Dan Fefferman was touring the west coast doing his thing. I spent a few days in Tacoma and learn that Moon is trying to buy property in that area. Probably another seaport for fishing. I heard while in Chicago that Hubbard's Scientologoy is spending $650,000 for ads in all the prominent magazines.National Geographic ran ads for the "Delphi Foundation" school near Portland. One of Hubbard's schools--third floor has a Scientology church..Natural History is advertising "Dianetics". Psychology is running an ad for Dianetics. Well it goes on and on and with their millions they can do it. It seems to me that something must be done to protect the press and publishers. I most recent book (late77) titled "Gods-Beasts --the Nazis and the Occult" by Dusty Sklar (Crowell publishers) has just been sued by Moon. I just finished the copy . It is probably the best book that has been written on what led to Holocaust and what is happening here today .It is hard back $9.95 (Library of Congress catalog number: 770-87197.) ISBN: 0-690=-1232-2.

Please have Sheila read it and also if you can possibly find the time read it too. It should be given to every Congressman and every Senator who I believe it would open the eyes of many and those who think we are a bunch of doting parents who can't let go would have a rude awakening. I heard while in Chicago that the author and publisher of the book have been sued for millions by Unification. I imagine by now that Scientology has pressed suits also as they are listed in last chapter. You and I are beyond the age to witness what will come of our country as these destructive groups unite.

Scientology has joined with Unification and Krishna and others (and convinced a few orthodox ministers into joining them in this coalition of APRL which I told you about. I'm still on the mailing list of ICC. yesterday I got more of their literature. Advertising the coming World Festival Synergy11 l979 January 21st to 27th at the Pasadena Convention Center. (Nothing like advertising early) In the list is Congratulation and warm welcome to the following groups accepted into ICC fellowship since the Directory was printed:

l.-Ocean of Love Center Church Inc. --based on Ken Keyes handbook to Higher Consciousness and the Sufi Message.

2-Abilities Research Association --Emphasizing a new foundation for learning that is centered on responsibility and human character, the ARA was established in l974 to influence and transform education in more concern for the whole person and the creation of "self-education, self-respecting, self-motivating person--worthy of his pride and his own".

3. International Society for Krishna Consciousness. Accepted just shortly before the l978 Festival, ISKCON is very active group with a large membership. It is deeply involved in printing and publishing, as well as creating a museum of images based up on its ancient Hindu origins. A controversial group , the Hare Krishna people have their pro and con responders. They nevertheless are a vital "new religion" that has a message to bring to our age. (End of ad)

This group says in this spread there are 2 200 organizations and several individual supporters from all walks of life . I think the directory said 300. What really frightens me is that John Vasconcellos who is one of our Governor's close confidants--and also chairs the education committee in Sacramento -is on advisory board member of this group. I wrote to him asking his opinion on their accepting Moon on their Cultural and Spiritual wheels of their "Unity in Diversity ". To date he has not answered and do not expect one . Of course he will now get a letter as to his opinion on Krisha being accepted. Jacques Barghazi--the art advisor to Brown had his secretary call me some time back and wanted to meet with me to discuss my feelings on de-programing. I did some checking and found that Jacques had been married for the third time at the Zen Budhist Center. I also heard Brown with Barbara Walters interview-she asked if he was "in to meditating daily"> He responded "NO, I'm not programed into daily meditation." I thought he used a good word--programmed. I reconsidered meeting with him as I felt he would be the last one to want to understand de-programming. I personally don't know where APRL and the media get all the info on de-programming. There has never been a study to my knowledge other than by a few psychiatrists and psychologists and they get less attention from the media than Mickey Mouse. There must be a study made--there are hundreds of young people who have returned to normalcy and are contributing to society but few are heard from. Several attend the parent meetings for some time but then they get on with their lives as they could .

One girl --Julie Christopherson was de-programmed by Ted Patrick in l976. She was married on May l3th --just heard from her mother today . We are so happy for her. Of course she is one who has suit going against Scientology in Portland and in turn her mother and several others including herself are being sued by Scientology for trying ito take away the religious beliefs" of Jack Benny's niece. Jessica Marks. A put up job for sure .

Well I've rattled on long enough . I must get a raft of thank you notes out for all that were so good to me on this last trip. Will be going to L.A. later this week. Wish we had you for the speaker. many will be there -especially those from the west coast. Will probably have a few Scientology plants and others. They are tricky on infiltrating and in that we are not a closed meeting type organization there is little to stop them. They lie about who they are--while we tell who we are and what our aims are. NO"gradient of the truth". My best to Sheila-will write to her soon. Don't laugh at me please but be sure you check out your staff--especially any new ones. They will do best to put someone out to get you. It will not be the first time not the last. All of their devious tricks should be made open to the public. They spend thousands of "come in for the free personality test" to the public--so the public should be allowed to know the whole truth. This suppression of freedom of press by suits is bringing about the same results as burning of the books in Germany. ABC has been shut up by the l0 million suit. Local papers won't print anything because of fear. Assure me please--do we really have freedom of the press?


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