The following is the 15th of a series of letters written that resulted in the now famous letter from Congressman Leo J Ryan, to Ms. Ida Watson Camburn which is webbed HERE:

These letters, are linked from that same page. Note - that Scientology has not changed a bit in 25 years....

Dear Friend:
A note to tell you hello and tell you things have been rough for the past month or so. My son started first by calling his now ex-wife after not speaking for two years and asked her if she wasn't worried about me. She asked him why and he said he had a letter from me and it sounded as if I were really down. She told him she had received a letter a few days before and she didn't think I sounded "down".. Then he asked her if she would try to get me to go in for therapy . She really couldn't figure that one out--knowing how Sci's feel about therapy- other than their own. She told him I wouldn't go and he wouldn't get the results he wanted if I did go. I read the letter to her over the phone that I had written to him and she couldn't note anything other than the usual chit chat. (What I think they finally put together who submitted the Clark article and where I was coming from --as you read the introduction to the article--it appears that I am a Unification parent so it probably was a time before they connected me to Ronnie) When he couldn't get me into therapy he stared calling my friends and my family and asked them if they knew of any really bad relationship that I might have had with my father. They informed him they felt he was asking very personal questions and that to their knowledge I had a very good relationship with my dad, which I did. (Hubbard, looking for the worst). I attended a meeting in L.A. of CFF (Parents group) on the 21st of March. Decided to go the last minute. Only four people knew I was going. The president of CFF picked me up at the airport and later we went to the meeting which was l block from where my son worked. After the meeting (which was hectic as we had a Krishna with wig and another one there tape recorder and all in brief case) . We left and some grouped together to say good night. The president did not introduce any of the members as usual as she was aware of the one with wig and many Krishna parents were there. She did say we should welcome Ida C. who has flown down from Sunnyvale for the meeting. Anyway --in the parking lot I could see at a distance my son standing there waiting for me I saw him first so ran over and greeted him. He asked when I came etc and where I was going from there. Offered me a ride which I thanked him for --- not wanting to got to the headquarters on 9th st. (and that is where he would have taken me) for his offer but told him my luggage was in my friends car and that she would drop me off where I had planned to go. I then asked him about the calls. He denied making them . I then said --don't lie-they have called me and told me and I said if you want to know about me and dad just ask--I'll tell you . He said they didn't understand his question. I assured him that they all understood the question. The he said " what I really wanted to know is what you are saying about me". I said then ask them and they will tell you --I am concerned about your health and your welfare. He finally left--people there thought he looked older than I do. He is so pale and so thin it almost scared me. His eyes have that look again. I don't know what is up but they are pressuring him to shut me up for sure. Now the last two days he has called both of my brothers and tells them how bad I look and arenít they worried about me etc. People who had not seen me for about two years thought I looked much better now than I did then. Surgery came shortly after they saw me and I have gained my weight back and tho I don't look seventeen or feel it --I know I look healthier than two years ago. So much for that --it does give me a start each time I hear of other calls as I know the pressure is on me and wonder when it will stop.I heard through the grape vine that Ramsey is back with his mother . I hope it is so but have not heard from Sheila-- maybe she is afraid to write. I'm enclosing a few clippings that I thought would interest you . I read where Fefferman is out here on the coast doing his thing. Really not encouraging to the parents to feel that Moon is going to slip from under the investigation when they all know he is involved. Some have files a foot thick on his involvement. Well will hope all of you do your best and that is all we can expect. I see where Congressman Hamilton Fish's only daughter is working with a Moon front here in Bay area. He says she is really not a member of Moons--little does he know how none of them know they are members until they are in too deep to want anything else. APRL (Alliance for the Preservation of Religious Liberty ) is making big points across the country .Not surprising with the main members Scientologists and they have conned a few orthodox religions in on it too. Bishop Shoenberr finally got his name off their letterhead. The garbage they print is unbelievable and what is worse--people in their audiences believe it --Mose Durst--Unification is a powerful man in the Berkeley area--teaching at Delaney college. Stilson Judah is another --These are the ones the media hears. They pay little attention to the ones that have come away and are once free again. When papers are stifled through fear--can't print the truth--I say we have a short time before we all are imboggled. The International Cooperation Council which is growing--making most of their wheel called Unity in Diversity . 300 organizations belong to this group. ( list Children of God-in Puerto Rico-) ICC-founded by a man named Leland Stewart who is a Rev of something called Unity in Diversity. Had a hard time getting on their mailing list but made it. Very revealing to know that Assemblyman that Chairs our education Committee in Sacramento is on the advisory Board of ICC.

Brings to mind:

"There was an old man of Moldavia,
Who did not believe in his Savior
But erected instead,
With himself at the head,
A religion of decorous behavior.

From now I SEE by Arnold Lunn

Take care --I'll be leaving for east soon. Be in Philadelphia on the 9th if all works out. Have several stops on the way back. Let Sheila know I think of her often

Sincerely ,
Ida C.

Sorry I keep forgetting to thank you for the calls. Much appreciated for sure

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