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Dear Friend:

A note to tell you we are back from our trip. George enjoyed his trip to Africa so much he would like to go back tomorrow. Heard where you had been to Mid-East and hope it was not to hectic. I attended a parents meeting in Los Angeles in January. It was brought up at the meeting that Congressman Jack Brooks of the 9th district of Texas has in his employ a Unification Church member. She is not a volunteer worker but a paid staff member. Some of the parents of that area are of the opinion that letters that they have written to the congressman have been put in the hands of the main Unification Church office. They have not received responses to their letters and it makes them wonder if Congressman Brooks in not aware of them. They also wonder if Congressman Brooks knows of her active membership in Unification. Since the news of the secretary in Attorney General Younger office being there for the cause of Scientology, I wonder how many are planted in the offices of our national elected officials. I will get more information and forward it to you on the concern of the Texas parents. (more on the plant in other office too)

I had a call yesterday from L. A. and was told the L.A. times had an article with regard to Hubbard. He was convicted of fraud in France--of course it was in absentia and he will never be served the papers but he was given jail sentence and fined $7,000. There were two Scientologists named also but they had left the country. There is an active parents group in France as they are hit hard with the destructive cults as well as other countries. I am always elated when they print a little of the truth about the man. The only sad part is that is not very often and there is less printed in our area than in L.A. There are many active Scientologists here in the Bay area and some of them are working there way in the educational field there One is a professor at Stanford from what I have been told .My friend called me last week to tell of another divorce in process--caused by one party refusing to join Scientology. The woman told her that her husband had just given a check for $2,000 to Scientology wihout her consent and she was so worried because of his drastic change in personality . She is worried about their property and is concerned as to what to do . She knows the marriage is over as she said he will not discuss anything with her . Scientology teaches "don't communicate unless you want to". My friend told her she better get a good lawyer and fast before more money is drained and put in the hands of the group. My list grows longer on those that are divorced because of this devil. This couple was married eight years. Fortunately there are no children involved. I meant to make this a short letter but I must tell you why those who have studied and realize the danger to mental and physical welfare of those indoctrinated get so disgusted with government. I read in the Mercury on the l5th that the following was paid for out of our federal tax dollars.$60,000 to find out why Southerners talk with the southern Accent

$136,000 to find out the effect of CB's on people
$46,000 to find out how long it takes to fry an egg in time measurements units of .36 of a second
$57,900 to measure the bust of airline stewardess trainees
$245,000 to find out why people want to escape from prisons
$650,000 to find out why people move out of high-crime neighborhoods and
$2,500 to find why people are rude, ill-mannered and cheat and lie on tennis courts.

Then to read the government spent $500 million last year making movies , that is the end. Any jerk should know why a man would want to escape from prison--he wants out is enough answer for me. Not one dime spent to find out the effect of hypnosis used to convert unknowing people. In that it is a mental health problem I'll not go along with first amendment rights with regard to religious license. Where will we get the tax dollars to care for these people when they are no longer of use to the closed systems that have them victimized? It will take a lot more than $500 million.. How does an organization go about getting a grant for what is felt a worth while study? If $ 57 thousand can be used to determine the bust of stewardess trainees then surely there is money back there for an honest study of destructive cultism! If five milion is available for movies then why not one of them be testimony from the many people who have come away from these closed systems? All of these young people would be happy to help

Enough -I've kept you too long now.

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