The following is the 13th of a series of letters written that resulted in the now famous letter from Congressman Leo J Ryan, to Ms. Ida Watson Camburn which is webbed HERE:

These letters, are linked from that same page. Note - that Scientology has not changed a bit in 25 years....

Dear Friend
A note to tell you I have contacted the young man who has written the article on Scientology. He told me in that he had done the research on the papers time that it was now the property of the paper. I asked him if the recent change in ownership of that paper might help him to have it published and he said it was possible but he doubted it. I did not know until he told me that he had gone into Scientology to get his information . He told me he got pretty far into it but then because he was a reporter he decided he had gone as far as he dared. He feared he would be spotted as a reporter. He mentioned being afraid of the physical end of it. I asked him what he meant and he told me he was afraid of what they would do to him or even worse---harm his family. I told him I had also been threatened but refused to be intimidated. He said he would talk to his attorney about the possibility of his article being included in the Record. He said it might set a precedent. I mentioned to him that it might be a good precedent to set. If a paper has to cringe at the fear of suits, I am of the opinion our right of freedom of press is being infringed upon for sure. If he has to be frightened to print what he knows to be the truth , then how is the truth to out? I couldn't get in touch with him until the 23rd and he was on vacation. He promised to call me before the llth as I will be leaving for L.A. and on to New Mexico to visit there.

Hope to spend a few days with the grandchildren and also attend the IFIF meeting in L.A. Will be back here around the 8th or 9th of February. At that time we hope to get another parent group going in this area. We have been driving to Berkeley and it really is along drive and in traffic hours. I believe there must be ten or twelve parents in this area that we know of and I'm sure several more that have not attended Berkeley meetings. I believe by getting together we give each other moral support and try to keep abreast of the current news and also encourage those not active in writing to representatives to get with it. I feel it is definitely a mental health problem but its hard to get through to those involved with mental health . I also see Scientology as a grave danger politically as well as destructive to every family involved. I wrote for the past year about Hubbar'd publication (brought to attention in Cooper's book_) on how to "get into Government". The enclosed article is another proof that his instructions are being carried out .

Crampton recently told me of a young women in L.A. area that had contacted her. She had to pay $2,000 and sign a statement that she would never say anything detrimental to Scientology before she could get out. On the enclosed clipping regarding Younger office note the attorney representing Scientology infiltrator. He must be a Scientologist as I have seen his name before linked with Scietnology . he is also on the Advisory board of the coalition APRL (Alliance for Preservation of Religous Liberty.) Along with his name is RAlph Wood and J.L. Simmons both Scientologitsts. Have been doing some research on a group in Berkeley which have been trying to get program in public school system. It is the Graduate Theological Union. On first sight it looks legitimate and the publications sound great. However I have a gut feeling there are many there that are cult oriented. Stilson Judah is active in this group. His name appears on the APRL board. I had a young friend call him at GTU and tell him that she had a friend going into Scientology and she was deeply concerened. he told her he thought Scientology was great except a little expensive. I have enclosed their December price list--mailed with the magazine "Source."I received a card from my son on the 27th wishing me a pleasant Christmas. It is the first communication I had from him since his July l visit. He mailed me his new address and phone number. He has purchased a house in Canoga Park. I haven't forgotten Hubbard's instructions "Do not communicate unless you want to". Will play it by ear and hopefully keep in touch without becoming a victim of the "handle policy". Take care--enjoy your few days away from work--My best to you and yours in the New Year.

Sincerely ,

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