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Dear Friend:

Can't find words to express how pleased I am to know that Dr. Clark's testimony was published in the Congressional Record. Thank you so very very much . I hope that it will shake some of those people who have treated this very serious problem as just a "passing fancy ". So many times the parents of the indoctrinated are treated as if we are "hysterical mothers or fathers " " mothers unable to part with their sons" "unable to let our children make their own choices" and in some instances we are looked upon as the "village idiots'". I was glad to note that Dr. Clark stated that "usually the parents are the first to notice the drastic change in personality". I know that the parents and family members .International Foundation for Individual Freedom will be happy to know that you brought this to the attention of many people. As you know there is a group called "Alliance for the Preservation for Liberty" (APRL) that has beat down many of our efforts in behalf of our loved ones. This organization is made up of many in the "cult" groups. Scientologist ,Unification Church, and others. They are active there in Washington , D.C. as well as here in California. I have spotted several Scientology names in articles that have been printed in the papers.

Moon had his big Science get together here in San Francisco. At the Fairmont no less. From what I have read he paid all the expenses plus gave $3,000 to many who attended. One way to get them there. I believe they mentioned that it ran about five hundred thousand dollars for him to finance the affair. And to think it was all collected by these young kids and so many young off the streets and in airports and markets.

It seems to me along with realizing the great need to preserve the first amendment we have forgotten about the ninth amendment. I believe it provides that "The people of the United States still keep all those personal rights which they possessed before the Constitution went in to effect and which are not specifically mentioned in that amendment. There is a book by Bennett B. Patterson titled "The Forgotten Ninth Amendment". In this book he points ot a part of that amendment which makes me think. "That everyone of the people of the United States owns a residue of Individual rights and liberties which have never been, and which are never to be, surrendered to the State, but which are still to be recognized, protected and secured: and that individual liberty and rights are inherent, and that such rights are not derived from the Constitution but belong to the individual by natural endowment." Among those I would think would be the right to individual freedom and protections from the "Hubbards' of our time. I believe that his threat of suits and his filing of suits which have bankrupted one magazine ,The Realist and harassed Paulette Cooper until she finally had to give up. It is interesting to note that she and remember she was the defendant received an undisclosed amount of money --paid by Scientology . Yet they were suing her for libel. The same thing happened in the George Malko suit.

What it all boils down to in my opinion is this. We absolutely must educate the public . I thank you again with all my heart. Rest assured that I shall continue to fight . I promised my son I would make waves to let every single person I could, know what had happened to him through his indoctrination to find "total freedom". I hope in l978 there will be a high tide that will bring unbelievable waves--I can almost here it boiling out there now. My best to you and yours.

Ida Watson Camburn

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