The following is the 9th through 11th of a series of letters written that resulted in the now famous letter from Congressman Leo J Ryan, to Ms. Ida Watson Camburn which is webbed HERE:

These letters, are linked from that same page. Note - that Scientology has not changed a bit in 25 years....

letter to Leo number 9 Spet. 29, l977

Dear Congressman

Just received letter from Ad Hoc Committee of Concerned Parents in Lexiton,, Mass. They enclosed copies of Washington Post 6/5/77 on House Subcommittee's report Linking MOON to the CIA. They also mailed me names of Subcommittee on International Organizations. See that you are on the committee and know they have picked a man that will understand the workings of Moon.

I have written to Congressman McCloskey to give his support. In that he has taken a stand on the Moon issue perhaps he has already expressed his opinion to your committee.

Ida Watson Camburn
Enclosed copy of Letter to McCloskey

note I do not have copy of letter to McCloskey (one of many that disappeared due to Amy the Scientology plant's operations)

Letter number l0 Letter to Leo October 5, l977

Dear Friend:

Just a note to enclose the paper by Dr. Clark that I wrote to you about last week. It is the best I have read. Perhap s it would be good material for the Library. I've often wondered if the other material I sent made it to the library.

I haven't heard from Sheila but will call her when I am in L. A. in a couple of weeks. I had a call from a young girl in Montana that has been fortunate enough to get out. She has a suit against Sci. for damages and also to get money back that she gave to them. She is looking for evidence of any kind that is or possibly would be evidence of others that have been taken . Her lawyer will be in the l.A. area at the same time I will be there so will probably contact him..

Will go to the Berkely parent group next week. They are really workers and some have been at it for years. Only hope I can hold up long enough to see something positive done. It doesn't look like it is going to come from Government. With the conservatorships out the window as far as the parents, there is little left in their favor. Somehow I just don't think the first amendment is that fragile. When the National Council of Churches for Christ feel they have to stand up in behalf of Maren and Scientology it gives me cause to wonder--what next. I understand there are nine states that are investigating the various groups but have little faith that anything will come of it. I think Hubbard has his foot in many doors in Washington. Very likely few there realize it but in my opinion the more I study on the subject the more I see it as a political movement. From the onset I read where he has said "You don't have to mention you are a Scientologist". His instructions are usually followed to the T.

Sincerely ,
Ida C.
P.S. Would like to know what you think of Dr. Clark's paper.

This was the one that Congressman Leo Ryan later placed in the United States Congressional Record

Letters to Leo Number eleven ll Nov. 7, l977

Dear Friend:
A note to send you an article I picked up while in Los Angeles last week. It is good to see more in the medical field speaking out. There is a young reporter in Palo Alto that has a good article all ready to go on Scientology but the paper will not print it. Afraid of suit I guess. He has had articles in before on Moon etc.Had a letter from Bishop Shoenherr of Detroit telling me he did not give permission to the Alliance for Preservation of Religious Liberty to be a member of their Board. I knew he hadn't and had asked him what he had done about it. Well I imagine he has done nothing public as those in the Church are very adamant about speaking out. I'm still so mad at the Jesuits at Georgetown that I can't even think about it. Saying they did not want to take sides. Every cult in the country felt they had a big win --especially Scientology .

Got your note and realize you are busy back there. I"m keeping up the fight but like many of the parents wonder who is on our side. When the National Council of Churches of Christ sees fit to stick there two bits in for Scientology that just about does it. We are still working tho and some days we have a win or two. Just heard last week where a young man who is in the Marines had got into Scientology has been deprogrammed. He was trying to get out of the Marines as a conscientious objector. He had enlisted two years ago. There is no doubt about it they are trying hard to get to those in the armed forces. Very simple to do as those boys have little to do on the nights that they are off and little money to spend. An invite to a place where they have lots of pretty girls and all are seeming to be smiling a friendly smile is good bait. I don't know how good of a marine this kid will be but at least he will have his own mind to work with from here on in.

All for now.

Tried to call Sheila while I was there but she was not at home. Hope all things are coming together for her. Will be down in L. A. again in January and I will give her a call thenNote this Dr. Verdier in this article. He is an expert on hypnosis. He is the founder of the Calif. State Hynosis Association. He gave a talk at the CFF meeting that I went to when I was in L.A. (Part of IFIF) He is not a potent speaker but he knows hynosis from front to back. He has written a book called "Brainwashing and the Cults". It is well written but I was more interested in his explaining how many ways there are to hypnotize a person. I thought one had to be in a relaxed state. Not so by his explanation. My son looked as if he was drugged or something when he was going through the first part of the indoctrination. The glassy eye look comes from over -hypnosis. I did see him for a few minutes as he didn't know I would be there when he came to see his kids for the short time on Saturday. He had to talk to me as there were other friends there. He did look better --still working-and sorry to say --still Hubbards man .Pray I live long enough to see him normal again .

Sincerely ,
Ida C.

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