The following is the 8th of a series of letters written that resulted in the now famous letter from Congressman Leo J Ryan, to Ms. Ida Watson Camburn which is webbed HERE:

This letter, the 8th of a series is linked from that same page. Note - that Scientology has not changed a bit in 25 years....

Letter to Leo Number 8 Sept. 20, l977

Dear Friend:

Hope that you had a pleasant vacation and some rest from the last busy session. Hoped I could have been in touch with you but realize you were busy and not in the office in this area much of the time. I have a copy of the latest that Scientology has put out on me. The copy that I am enclosing is one mailed to CFF in Redondo Beach. They have evidently surmised that I have joined the parent group. You will notice that they have put me in all CONDITIONS. from A through J. That is in their Ethics Code. Includes treason, doubt, liability, non-existence, danger, emergency and confusion along with a few others. This copy was mailed July l8th to CFF. Note where they have my son's name as Robert on the first page of the form affidavit..I did not receive a copy until August 30 (mailed from Ministry of Public Relations 5930 Franklin Ave. L. A. 90028.) The only difference is the one they mailed to me is shorter. They left out the last five conditions. I have marked the pages that they omitted from my copy. Either they are short on paper or stamps or thought it over as the last five were a little ridiculous. This week or rather last week on Monday I had a certified letter mailed from them in San Francisco. I just refused to sign for it and told the postman to return to sender. Later on , Thursday I think, I got one from Narconon in PaloAlto that was registered. I refused that one too. I told them once --I did not need third party as far as my sons interests were concerned and I meant it. The letters would have only been something more to hurt me so I decided I'll play their game of "No communication" unless I want to communicate. Ronnie has not called me or written since he brought the two women here June 30. He has seen the children a couple of times but they told me he never talks to them unless they ask him a question or something. He only comes if they call him so only time will make them not want to call him if he refuses to talk with them . Of course they notice the dramatic change in him more than anyone else.

I had a woman visit me from Japan last week. Her husband is a pilot and he and the children have become involved. He is fifty three and has been more or less involved for about three years. One son came with her and is going to Florida to work. He is about twenty. The dad has been E-metering them for some time. Had more effect on the older boy who is in Japan than on the younger one and hopefully he will steer clear of Clearwater. All were Catholic--he is an Irish citizen and she is U.S. She has a bad heart problem and God knows this won't add to that condition. I spent the day with her and could do little to advise her. She hopes to save her marriage but she knows it is a futile effort. She was pleased that someone would believe her and she like I, have found few that actually believe what is happening. I was pleased to see that Rep. McClosky had taken a stand on the Moon issue. He mailed me a good report that Dr.David Schwartz of Belmont had written on the Unification Church. I also received a copy of a paper that Dr. John Clark, Jr. of Harvard Assistant professor of Psychiatry, had presented to the Special Investigating Committee of the Vermont Senate. It is very frightening as it confirms what I have thought for some time. After a certain period of indoctrination he feels there is a point of no return other than to psychotic problems. This is the fear I have for my son. When and if he realizes he has been duped I would not dare to think of what action he would take. He is still working as far as I know and have heard a month or so ago what a great job he is doing there. I think I told you he is a systems programmer. If he had been at the ASHO in L.A.( or where they raided-)-from February until the date of the raid he would have very likely had much of the material that they found on tapes. Maybe that is the best part of my making him PTS at that time. He would work around the clock for them if they had asked him to do so. There has been little in the papers here with regard to any exposure. The San Diego Union printed a three day spread on them some time ago. They were threatened with suit but said they said go ahead and sue as they intended to print the articles. Also the Valley News (San Fernando Valley of Woodland Hills) have a four day spread on them. The more that is published to expose the fewer will be duped into joining. Doubt if you saw Tom Snyder’s show "Tomorrow" which was to be a pro and con program. A fiasco if I ever did see one. The first one he had two Scientologists and one Dr. Well the Dr. didn't have a chance and Snyder acted as if he was really put out about the outcome. So they had another program about ten days later. By this time Snyder was calling the Scieno's by their first name and the Doctor still didn't have a chance.

The one guy -Ken Whitman I think is the joker that called and threatened me. I thought he said his name was Whitney but when I heard his voice and heard the title I think he was the one. The other is a former Mormon. Jentz is his name and he is the head of the Celebrity Centre in Hollywood.All for now. seems I had other things to tell you but can't recall just what. Of course you have heard that Georgetown U. turned us down after promising us we could use their facilities for our meeting of International Foundation for Individual Freedom. K F had spelled it out very clearly the intentions of our meeting and is was really hurt by it all. He attended Jesuit College and that hurt him more. In that they waited until it was too late for us to find another place was what really made me angry . They listened to a member of APRL (which I told you about in last letter) and evidently Father Healy felt we were too controversial. Said they did not want "deprogramming" issues argued there. As I see it when he refused us he already had taken sides. Noticed that they didn't turn down the 3 million from the CIA tho. evidently didn't investigate that issue as much as they should have. Well as I have said before --the ones that understand the least is the clergy and that is clergy of all faiths. The Rabbis at least listen with an open mind. Others turn a deaf ear and say "we don't recognize them as a religion". (referring to the Sci's Krishna etc.)_ They better start recognizing them as long as the government does. Touchy subject to say the least. My contention is if the methods to convert can be exposed they would all fall apart and until we can get the exposure across without being harassed and sued we don't have a tinkers chance. All of us realize the need to protect the first amendment but I think Scientology has stepped on many of the dissidents 14th amendment rights.

I suppose it won't be long until someone introduces a bill that the FBI has to send a telegram to the Ku Klux Klan or to the Nazi group that they intend to come and look around. Too much bad flack about the FBI these days and I think it is a very calculated move on the part of those that would like to see it go down for good.Now I'm sounding radical again (and I am just a concerned citizen) so guess I better sign off. I called Shiela a while back. When she gets things squared away I hope she can come up and spend a few days just getting away from it all. Hope she can make it soon. Sincerely,,,

Ida W. Camburn

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