The following is the 7th of a series of letters written that resulted in the now famous letter from Congressman Leo J Ryan, to Ms. Ida Watson Camburn which is webbed HERE:

This letter, the 7th of a series is linked from that same page. Note - that Scientology has not changed a bit in 25 years....

letter to Leo Number 7 July l0, l977

Dear Friend:

Just checked my calendar and realize it has been a long time since I have written to you . Much has happened since march 27th . I will not mention the past few days development except to say Hurrah for the FBI --now if there are those in the Justice dept. that truly understand what they are up against--maybe there will be some results that are worthwhile. They will be barraged with enough accusations to write a book. And there is no doubt in my mind, as I have written to you before--there have been many plants in all phases of government. I was told there was one in the White House when Ford was in office. I have a hunch Ford was not aware of it. In her research she came about the instructions from Hubbard on how to get in Government It is really a prime time for the state of Calif. to do some investigating--but will they ? Enough or this will be another one of those two thousand word letters.

I do not know if I mentioned that my son was born July 4th --He is now thirty six. Last week on the 28th he called me from work and told me that he would be in the area as he had to drive to Sacramento on business on Friday the first of July thought that was a little odd with the long week end coming up. However in his business there does not seem to be any set hours for him. I told him we would be home and I would plan on him for dinner late in the evening. The thought crossed my mind, as well as my husbands that his motives may be other than just a visit. At seven he called and said he was a few minutes away and would be here at seven thirty. I had planned a dinner that was simple and would be able to eat within a half hour after he came. Had the table set for three and had his cake made ( had not decorated it) for Saturday, in case he could not stay through the fourth. He came with two women from Narconon (he said) from Los Angeles but think they may have been here from Palo Alto. I said "I have dinner for three - you didn't tell me you were bringing guests.!" He said " I know , Mother but these poeple are from Narconon and you better talk to them or it is all going to come down for you and George".I said "well you can take them with you now as I do not intend to talk to them now or ever". He kept easing toward the sliding door as they were on the porch and he said "Mother you better talk with them". One was the smooth sweet type and the other looked as if she could have bit off a ten penny nail with no trouble. (these are the tactics I had read about on the "Handle Procedure". When he introduced them as Mary and Debbie I said "You do have last names don't you ?" They mumbled them and I was so angry i can't remember the one. One stuck her hand out at my husband and he turned away. I said "Start talking-- what are you here for to twist my arm-or my neck?". They then said I was in deep trouble as I may be mailing information out that was old material and not true--that people had been sued for telling lies about them etc. They kept asking me who did I call, who did I write to, what organizations did I belong to, what Senators, what congressmen, etc. did I write to? I told them I wrote to who I damned well pleased and all of them were my friends and it was not their business or my sons business or anyone else what I wrote. They then hit on a private matter that my son knew would hurt me. Just before she had said what has Scientology done to make you so angry --I told them a broken marriage and two unhappy grandchildren was enough to make anyone mad. She said to my son "Ron is that true ?" He said or shook his had no and I said "Then why did you put in the divorce to "become a minister in Scientology " He said he wrote the divorce and that was not in there. It told him he should have read it as I read it in the papers. It was then they hit me with a private matter and I said "I'll give you two seconds to get out and Ronnie in that you brought them here--get them out." It took a little longer so I said George get them out and he said "Sure Ida, and he headed for the phone. They left but fast. They mentioned that they were very concerned as to what would happen to me. My husband listened very closely to all they had to say and we decided it was an attempt to find out exactly from me what they have no idea of--as I had told them when they bugged me in Febr. that I was doing research. That still has them wondering I guess.

The real truth is that my son proved another point to me. Scientlogists will do anything to get back in --once he has been eased out as Ronnie was. Re- Me-a trouble source--makes him a potential trouble source. Two hours later he called to apologize. I know my son well enough to know he didn't call because he wanted to--he was told to call. I haven't heard from him since but have an idea he is in not too good of shape from the experience of finding that in no way will I make it possible or him to get back in if I can help it.

I did not call the FBI but think now that we should have. Well I guess I will sit and wait to see what they do next to try to make my life miserable. Many who are put in the position that my son is in will stoop to anything to get back in the embraces of Hubbard who is the Guatama Buddah (their God) returned in Hubbard's body . What a processing they must have to go to to get my son to believe that garbage. And as he told me "He only does what he has to, TO SAVE THE WORLD'. Enough of our problems.

I am enclosing an article that appeared some time ago --regarding Narconon here in Palo Alto. The schools let them get away with this. They had legitimate tapes (police did it ) to prove that they were soliciting money illegally. They let them get away with an apology. If you or I did that '--your name would be broadcast from here to the east coast, and I would very likely be in jail. They admitted to collecting $543.00. Who knows what they collected" That isn't the point. I was told by a friend that it was turned over to the D.A. --I suggested they turn it over to IRS as well as the FBI. It makes me wonder -how deep are they infiltrated in city Government A friend of mine went to one of the Drug Abuse Council meetings where they requested that Narconon come and explain. They sent a girl that could win a beauty contest and of course as usual --she had no authority and said it was all done innocently. Byron Sher is now the Mayor of Palo Alto. I know he was one that was mentioned in the paper that was to be sued along with Scot Carey. They are really tricky as in that suit 'they named Lorna Levitt and Brendon Moore who are Canadians. They must have dropped the charges on Sherr and Carey and then two weeks ago came out in the Times that their harassment battle was won. Wonder how many will stop to think that it was won by default --the people never showed. Levitt is the girl that appeared on the ABC show last September. They have a dozen suits filed against her in Canada and I think New York along with ABC. I"ll bet if you asked twenty people on the street if we have freedom of the press and speech here, they would all say "Certainly"-- That is unless they had been touched by the long arm of Scientology.

I suppose you have heard from KF . His son called him on the fourth to give him the disconnect. They are both broken hearted as to what happened to their family this past year. So unfair. I called Sheila when I was in L.A. on the 25th I flew down to attend a meeting of IFIF. The harassment has been unbelievable. Moonies picketed the D.A.'s office as to groups to oppose religious freedom Some assistant D.A. listened and bought it. There is a new group cropping up all over the country that stinks of Scientology in all forms. The Moonies have joined with them . It is called APRIL . Alliance for Preservation of Religious Liberty . It has on their letterhead a Ralph C. Wood--he is a Scientologist. They list Bishop Walter Shoenber of the Archdiocese of Detroit as one of the "local" advisory board members. He denies ever giving them permission to use his name. Guess he has been flooded with letters. One from me for sure. They will get away with it just as they did with the deal with "Boys Town". What makes me so angry the Church has the big stick but refuses to use it. As it is they will continue to gain credibility through names like Bishop Shoenber.. Baker is attorney for Moon. All names are being checked out. They spoke at Berkeley area. I have enclosed letterhead and answer to the letter from Henri Crampton. She has talked with Sheila several times.

My best to you and your wife--note I kept my self from being a liar--I sent this to my friend. my . J .will be pleased to see the Times headlines in L.A. I'll pray that the Justice Dept .and the FBI do not drop the ball. The political implications are far more frightening to me than the religious ones for sure. You can't argue religion but you can sure argue the methods used to convert where mind altering results in the process.

Hubbard has found a way to suppress our Freedoms by intimidation and suits--Hitler just burned the books that he didn't want read. He had a good way of separating families too in an effort to create his master race. Eric Hoeffer wrote in the True Believer "You can discover what your enemy fears most by observing the means he uses to frighten you ". This last week proved that to me .

Ida Camburn

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