The following is the 6th of a series of letters written that resulted in the now famous letter from Congressman Leo J Ryan, to Ms. Ida Watson Camburn which is webbed HERE:

This letter, the 6th of a series is linked from that same page. Note - that Scientology has not changed a bit in 25 years....

March 27 , l977 Sunnyvale, Calif.

Dear Congressman

Enclosed is my effort. It will have to be retyped--I had hoped to have it done here but unable to do so. Planned to send it down to L.A. and have it done for me but just ran out of time. I know it is much too long. I felt perhaps you would see the parts that are of greatest value.

My son called on Friday--the REACH tactics working. He acted as if he had just called to chat--after storming out of here so angry a few weeks ago. I had not heard from him before his call. He said he understood someone named "Ken" had called me from the ASHO fdt. I said no--he said that the man wanted to talk with me. I told him I absolutely would talk to no one about Scientology but to him. He said they were very upset with me. I told him I was a bit upset myself and if he --my son wanted to talk to me he was welcome every and any day of the week. You see his problem --They will not let him back in the ORG as I am a Trouble Source--which makes him a Potential Trouble Source., This according to Paulette’s findings--none of them can have anything to do with him.

He is working at Multiple Access in Westwood--a company which is a few feet from his last office--where he gave up his business last June before entering the ORG. He told me he was working eighteen hours a day --flying to San Diego three or four times a week for the company. He is an ace trouble shooter in systems programming. He still gets a small royalty on one program that he set up for Orange Julius Corp, just before he gave up his business. (this is what he told me somewhere along the way ) I feel that the exposure to normal people can do him no harm for sure--however he still seems to be Hubbard's man.

We will be leaving as I told you in my last letter, (he was very inquisitive as to when and where I would be going) on the 31st. Will call him at the office before we leave the airport as I have a hunch he would be at the airport with Ken Whitman if possible.

Take care, I"m sorry this is not more condensed--just did the best I new how.

Sincerely ,
Ida c.

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