The following is the 5th of a series of letters written that resulted in the now famous letter from Congressman Leo J Ryan, to Ms. Ida Watson Camburn which is webbed HERE:

This letter, the 5th of a series is linked from that same page. Note - that Scientology has not changed a bit in 25 years....

March 21 l977

Dear Congressman Ryan :

I did not intend to impose upon you with another letter but felt I should advise you on something that came up today . A woman who I have been calling this past year and who has been made aware through our discussions of the cult and their activities called me today . She had attended a meeting in San Jose on the l9th which was on Mental Health programs here in Santa Clara Country. Nothing was discussed at the meeting about Scientology's plan to open facilities here for mental patients. (see enclosed clipping).After the meeting she talked with Mrs. CS (Gregregorio's secretary at his Menlo Park office.She said that the Senator is very concerned about the Scientology involvement at Agnews and also about planned facilities in Palo Alto. If you read page l29 in Coopers book you will see it as it is here today . (The same situation as in England) I believe that their feet in the door at Agnews is all they were waiting for. Others agree with me that perhaps they are getting to Gov. Brown. He seems to me to be very naive and perhaps gullible . The 2nd man mentioned in this article is Dr. Wm. Keating, evidently he knows little of Scientology. Dr. Dasil Smith is one who is dead set against any program that Scientology promotes. I checked and have discovered that your recess for Easter will be the 7th through the l5th . I will be in Pennsylvania on the l7th through the l9th, if all goes as planned. I hope if you come to San Mateo during the recess you will be able, if you so desire to talk with Gregorio. I did not mention to CS that I was in communication with you . Only my immediate family know of what has happened as far as R. is concerned. Evidently the National Enquire was scared off as far as he is concerned. I have not received any more phone calls from them nor have I heard from my son. A funny thing did happen this week tho. My husband and about ten neighbors all received a letter from Scientology. It was the free personality gimmick. I checked others in the park and only the people that live 6 homes on either side of me got the letter. This means that they have been here and taken down the names off the board which appear in our clubhouse. I"m sure of this as my one neighbor next to me has unlisted phone and is not listed on the board. She did not get one. I believe they hope to get at least one answer so as to have a valid reason to come in this place. There is a policy of no soliciting and so they would hope to have an in.

There is an organization in Melbourne, Australia similar to CFF and IFF. the following was mailed to me from friend in CFF. "Citizens Commission on Human Rights"This private "commission" accompanied by an ABV crew, entered a public psychiatric hospital ward in October of 75 soliciting patients, ill -equipped to resist, to join their proposed "Mental Patients Union". Hospital authorities very properly ordered them out. Later , in January l976, "Commission" members garbed as undertakers, staged an un-authorized demonstration at the City Square parodying a burial service for the Mental Health Act, complete with coffin, flowers and trimmings to the whirr of TV cameras. Police presided and Council By-laws Officers arrived as they were dispersing. No By-Law infringement proceedings appear to have followed. Address shown on handout literature in both instances coincided with that of the now Church of Scientology, the more interesting in that the "Commission" omitted mention of this connection. It will be recalled the Government found it necessary to enact the Psychological Practices Act in l965 as a direct result of Scientology operations. The Act's prime aim--to stop the misuse of Hypnosis. Scientology is on the loose again here at the present time--due to a Federal Govt. Marriage Act amendment as it nullified the effect of the Psychological Practices act of 65. I am also enclosing a clipping--John Brodie--their main man --He gets his face in the papers as often as possible. He is the one who pushed getting Narconon funded by Palo Alto City (I was told this some time ago) .All for now-- It really worries me to hear of people in Sacramento who are as in fear of this group --fear for what they can do to them if they raise the issue of the validity of their getting into these mental hospitals. What ever can be done will have to be done with haste and at the same time solid issues and information so as not to fail. I hear the FBI and IRS have been checking them --with all the monies spent on investigations it seems there should be a way to bring all this out in the open.

This fear is what kept the good people in Germany from speaking out against Hitler.

Thank you for listening.
Sincerely ,
Ida Camburn

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