The following is the 4th of a series of letters written that resulted in the now famous letter from Congressman Leo J Ryan, to Ms. Ida Watson Camburn which is webbed HERE:

This letter, the 4nd of a series is linked from that same page. Note - that Scientology has not changed a bit in 25 years....

Letter to Leo Number 4
dated March 7, l977

Dear Friend

I feel much better for you and for me too that I am mailing to your home address. Sheila told me that you had received garbage about Ramsey from Scientology. This is the way they try to handle a situation as this. Try to discredit him in your eyes an if need be in the public's eyes [by] their Fair Game Policy --which I refer to as the "Handle" is defined in the packet of copies that I 'm mailing to you. I went through my files and had a few copies made as I thought you would find them of interest. One never knows when you would read something in one of them that I would have missed. I know a lawyer or rather have talked to a lawyer who has a brother lost to this cult. He is in the L.A. area. I do not know if Sheila has talked with him. His family is so upset he has decided to disconnect from the brother. I 'd hoped that he hadn't but will contact him when I'm in L.A. area again. In that much has happened since I last talked to you I will bring you up to date. On Friday the 4th of March as I told you San Francisco Scientology called me. I related part of this conversation to you . On Saturday --(although my son did not know why at the time) Scientology flew a woman in from Clearwater, Fla. to take my sons job. On Sunday (and he did not know what button they had pushed) he moved out of the ORG. He called to tell me that he was going out for a while to work. I asked him if he was discouraged and he said "No , just tired I think". I asked him to come here for a rest if he liked, and to look for work as this is the computer center of the country . He said no, it would be too far from his children. I asked him if he had enough money for an apartment and he said yes and would not have any problem getting a job. He has had a fine reputation int the systems field. I did not mention to him that San Francisco org had called. He did ask what happened to Narconon in Palo Alto that the Government quit funding them. I told him the Government never did fund it but that Palo Alto City did. He said "Why would they quit funding when it only costs Narconon $500 to cure an addict when it costs the government $l0,000 per person. I said I was sure I didn't know but they had problems with the first group they funded and felt this was not successful for them (first group meaning the state). I had called people in Palo Alto area and asked them if they were aware that taxes were being used to fund this program promoted by Scientology . I had also called Narconon and asked them how many people joined Scientology after going through the treatment for addiction. The woman I believe her name was Bonnie, told me about fifty percent. Also said she did not have an accurate check. I thanked her and then proceeded to tell them what had happened to my perfectly normal son due to their process and wondered what in God's name would it do to an addict or an alcoholic. I was told over a year ago by a man who had been in over thirteen years that each call made to Scientology or any of the Arms such as Narconon or Citizen Commission of Human Rights or any of the others was automatically taped. Every phone (and there are a few in Org or the Missions ) are taped. I have done a lot of calling and asked a lot of questions of them this past year bit I have never given them my number or my sons name. The call from San Francisco was to put it all together to find out who in their ORG was a ‘Potential Trouble Source’. That is what I have become. In that they claim to have 2,000 members in the ORG (these are hard core members) They spent some time identifying me. Within hours after they had my name--my son was on his way out--even tho he didn't know it , nor did I. On Wednesday the 7th I had planned to go to an anti -cult meeting of parents at Berkeley . I had all my files and notes spread out on the bed in the spare bedroom. I was sorting to see what I would take that would be worthwhile as they knew little about Scientology in this group.

On that day --unannounced --my son came to visit me. I heard my husband say "HI Ron--how good to see you ". I greeted him and made an excuse to get out of the room quickly and stashed my files. My husband left and went to call the people that I was to go to the meeting with and told them to be sure not to call here. I spent the rest of the day- from about 2:00 P.M. until 11 PM in conversation with him. In that he no longer even looks like himself and is so under the influence of their philosophy--I keep wanting to use the words Mind Control, it was some visit for sure. He told me that one course there at the Org consists of listening to Hubbards tapes and that is all for one year. He told me --and I think this is very important that someone in government should check into for sure--that they are auditing and processing many young in the military . (Could they be handing out the free literature or offering a night of relaxation to them). In that these young men are mostly lonesome and away from home for the first time--what better prey for Hubbard.

Hubbard wrote in one of his science fiction books that the way to run an army is to own it!". Many of the things he wrote about in his science fiction books has turned up in his Scientology works. My son also told me that he was paid $l8.00 a week and board and room. That was bad enough, but then he added that he felt he was over-paid. this from a man who not long ago owned his business -buying three homes--and he was well on the way at the age of twenty five to a successful life. In this past three years every thing he believed in before is gone. It is replaced by fantasy. His one excuse for not being able to continue a relationship with his wifeas he had lived with her in past lives. (Scientologist say there is no hypnosis) Hetold me he was a printer in his past life. (Lost $l0,000 in a business printing--early in his indoctrination) what can I tell you? It is so incredible that few would believe me, unless they had witnessed it as I have. Hubbard said

"Incredulity of our data and validity. This is our finest asset and gives us more protection, than any other single asset. If certain parties thought we were real we would have infinitely more trouble. Without a public incredulity we never would have gotten as far as we have. And now it's too late to be stopped. The protection was accidental but it serves us very well indeed . Remember that next time the ignorant scoff."

To get back to our conversation --he kept bringing up Narconon. I told him I knew what I read in the papers and that I had called Narconon last year to offer my help but when I found I had to take classes etc., I declined. I had written this to him in November. Then I made the mistake -or maybe not- -as it had to come to this sooner or later--of telling I had an odd call from San Francisco. This really upset him. I think he knew then for the first time that maybe he had been eased out of the ORG. The next morning he went to PaloAlto. They let him listen to the tapes that they had put together. He didn't need a name He knew it was me. He came back as furious as any man could be. He tried to pour a cup of coffee and couldn't. He then said after I asked him what happened at Narconon, he yelled “They were attached.” sounded pretty heavy . He said "Mother you called and not to offer your help ". I said didn't they let you listen to the tape? Then he said Mother, you lied to me.". I said, No, son, I did not lie to you -- I just gave you a gradient of the truth. Needless to say he took off so angry and now he must prove to them that he will not have another thing to do with me in this world or the next before they will let him back in the Org.

It will be hard on him as he can think of nothing but of saving the world through Scientology . Hubbard and the auditing and processing have done a thorough and complete job on my son. I feel under any conditions--out is better than in. I know I will be harassed and have to watch my actions--but know for sure--they will not scare me off and I will continue to do as I have done in the past. I'm still trying to get a retraction of this Paul Voakes article in the Times but I am not having much luck. I wrote to Victor Calvo and sent him a copy --I get the answer --Please let me know if I can be of further assistance--to my knowledge, I have had no assistance.

I have been working on the book and hopefully I'll have it to you before long. It says so much that should be said --it is difficult to boil it down. I have it taped in full. Another thing my son brought up was "would I kidnap him"-- I would not go that far. They probably told him I would before he came here. Baker the Attorney for Moon has taken this conservatorship to the supreme court here in Calif. He will try to over throw it as it is the last tool that parents can use to get their kids out of these destructive cults.

Also this bill AB3121 passed by Brown is ridiculous as it is written. I'm still very worried about Ramsey . Surely with all this --their knowing who you are and that Sheila has reported him missing-I would think they would have put him out by now. They may have and he, like my son is proving to them he will disconnect.

If you have talked with Mr. xxxof Lafayette Hill, Pa. by now he has probably told you that they held a meeting in New Hampshire and have formed an nternational Group. xxxx is the president and will do his best. All good people in offices and I think this will be the answer to being heard. I realize the complexity of the preserving the right to religious freedom, however I do not feel that religion in any way is the issue .The more people in government that will listen and then become informed (I have to admit if anyone had told me that this could happen to my son as recent as January of 76 I would have said--you have got to be crazy(this can't happen.) Now I know different. I know how busy all of you are--whether you credit for it in the papers --yet I hope that you , along with Giaimo and those that have listened, can pull more and more congressmen together in this issue. I have written to "McClosky and have had less than any results. He evidently can see no wrong in the Moonies-I imagine you read the article in the Palo Alto Times. I will continue to write to him asking him to see Giamo but no longer will mention Scientology. I understand he has a Moonie in his office. Maybe that is not so but that is the word.

Watch closely as Scientology will do anything to curb your efforts (imo) Screen all the newcomers in your offices, as you may know -Hubbard stresses--Do not say you are a Scientologist. I suppose you wonder who do I think I am to be advising you . Please understand--I have talked to many people who have a loved one involved. One woman in Oregon who has been fighting them as I have just recently had her home robbed. All they took was the material from her desk- her files on what she had accumulated on Scientology I feel Sheila has been threatened. I asked her to file a formal written complaint with the D.A. She had gone to the sheriffs dept. and got nowhere until she told them who she was. You see the problem is that --the sheriff couldn't believe it either. I called many people in this area and asked them if they knew who the Citizens Commission of Human Rights is. Nearly all thought that it was a state or government run organization. Could there possibly be a bill introduced where any group would have to reveal who they really are? They are using this public information at every opportunity--yet the media interviews these jokers and even they do not know who they are interviewing. The witch hunt goes one here in Calif. in the Mental Institution area.

Will send you a couple of copies of articles out of papers the last couple of days with regard to Scientology planning new mental Facility . Dr. William Keating No.2 man in Health department says he has no objection. It is obvious that he too knows nothing about Scientology .

Thank you for reading all this -nothing concrete but wanted you to know I am working on the book. Sheila said you got the copy. This book was written in l971 I believe and you can rest assured they have polished up their image as well as their techniques but it all spells disaster as far as I can see. I do not under-estimate them. I am waiting for the article in the National Enquirer but maybe the 750 million dollar suit against the government scared them off. Since my son has been out of the ORG I have been baited to write an article ---I didn't fall for it as I had a gut feeling that it was Scientology at work. I got a number from him to call and would you believe when I checked my files I had the number. (I just kept repeating to the caller that I could not imagine what I would write about ) .A newspaper friend is checking on it for me. Take care, next letter will be short, I promise and hopefully with more information that is worthwhile. As you see I don't believe in paragraphs. I forget I am writing to a congressman--I am writing to you as a friend.

Sincerely ,

Ida Watson Camburn

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