The following is the 3nd of a series of letters written that resulted in the now famous letter from Congressman Leo J Ryan, to Ms. Ida Watson Camburn which is webbed HERE:

This letter, the 3nd of a series is linked from that same page. Note - that Scientology has not changed a bit in 25 years....

No. 3 letter to Congressman Leo J Ryan Dated January 17, 1977

Dear Congressman Ryan :

Thank you for your letter of Dec. l0/l976. There was a 20th Century Charles Dickens named Paulette Cooper. --She has been "handled" by Hubbard's Scientology . After being sued for the tenth time or. l2th or l3th in Los Angeles, she was advised by her lawyer to settle. Reason --she would be sued immediately for the llth time. Thus her book has been kept out of print. And I'll believe you, like I , think there is freedom of the press in our great country. Any time an Organization and it's followers will sue an author ten times --it just tells me one thing--there must have been a vast amount of credible information that the organization did not want the public to read.

In the Palo Alto Times on the l7th of January --in an editorial--there were notices that Councilman Scott Carey and Byron Sher are being sued. They voted No on the continuance of Palo Alto funding Narconon. Another proof that no one can cross Hubbard without facing suit.

In the Palo Alto Times on 22nd of January --article by Paul Voakes states that Rev. Philip Spickler, a minister of "church" of Scientology of Palo Alto is one of the five members of the Norther California Council. he was appointed by our Governor Brown. The Northern Calif. Council has been formed to stimulate and coordinate a volunteer effort at Agnews Hospital and a similar council has been formed in southern Calif. for a program at Norwalk Metropolitan Hospital. I note that one of the reasons Hubbard was not welcomed back to England was because they found he was trying to invade their mental hospitals.

The witch hunt on the Calif. institutions that is going on at this time and in the past six months makes me wonder. I have seen members of Citizens Commission of Human Rights interviewed on T.V. with regard to conditions in mental institutions. This is an arm of Scientology.

After learning of the fate of a number of people who have been followers of Hubbard this past year I am furious to see those people get a hand in anything involving mental problems. In the Communications magazine (published by Scientology) LRH outlined ways that Scientology could get into government:


"Locate its leaders, get a paid post as a secretary or officer of the staff of the leaders of that race- and by any means, audit them into ability and handle their affairs to bring cooperation."

There is much more to the instructions. After reading in the papers of some of our Governor's moves recently -- makes me even more dubious. They claim loudly that they are NON political in nature. Perhaps another "gradient" of the truth

Did you notice that there has been nothing in the papers about the death of young Quentin Hubbard?. he was found at McClaren airport in late October in semi-comatose state and died later in a Las Vegas hospital. Took some time to identify him and then his body was ordered cremated by his family .

Scientology spokesman Maren said they would take over the investigation. Many people surmise that he had decided to leave the ORG. Sad to know of one so young to die .

Please make an effort to keep in contact with Rep. Giamino. I wish you much success this year and hopefully some of the terrors of these cults can be treated as they should be. All states have laws for rape of the body --It is time they have laws for rape of the mind as well.

My son is back from Clearwater. I am trying to inform as many as possible as to what has happened to him through this indoctrination process. Perhaps I can help to keep a few away from the promise they make of Total Freedom!

Sincerely ,
Ida Camburn

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