The following is the 2nd of a series of letters written that resulted in the now famous letter from Congressman Leo J Ryan, to Ms. Ida Watson Camburn which is webbed HERE:

This letter, the 2nd of a series is linked from that same page. Note - that Scientology has not changed a bit in 25 years....

No. 2 Letter to Congressman Leo J. Ryan
dated January ll, l977

Dear Friend
Just a note to tell you that you young reporter called me today He had spoken with his attorney and they have decided to hold the article in hopes of publication in the paper. He said in that it was property of the paper they felt that was best. Also mentioned again that it might set a precedent

His name is d xxxx and he works for Redwood City Tribune. This paper and the Palo Alto Times has just changed hands. He has hopes that they would go ahead with the article before too long. I also asked him if he had thought of doing research on the effect that losing a loved one to a cult had on the remaining family members. He said he would love to do such an article and only wished the paper would give him time to do the research. He said it really took a lot of time and can understand their feelings on the matter. In the past few weeks I have had letters and calls from people who are just emotionally and physically drained. One mother has been fighting for seven years. Her health is gone and I worry for her as the emotional stress is unbelievable. While "brainwashing" the loved one they are also changing the personality of every parent and every spouse. God only knows what effect it has on the children who are at such a difficult age. I have tried very hard to keep it all together this past two years. I have had the understanding of my husband and some of the family. Some in the family think that my son has "lost" his mind. One mentioned that I should not feel guilty . The only way I would feel guilty is I failed to understand what has really happened to his mind. I do feel better than last year in that there are people listening--your interest has helped me so much. I am still hacking away in mental health area here in Calif. The Gov. is talking of larger staff in mental hospitals. I know that they are understaffed but haven't seen anything yet. As some come away from these destructive cults, it is m opinion that the will need to double the rooms they have in the mental hospitals. Serveral are in therapy now . The cost to our government --both state and national --in loss of income taxes--state and federal , taxes on purchases etc. because of the cult phenomena has not been studied. Those in the ORGS are not paying income tax, and I do not know about social security and surely are not paying on pension plans. It is also my opinion that when they are ill or non -productive to the cult the will be tossed aside and then we, as the tax payers will bear the brunt.

Will leave tomorrow for L.A. Will try to get in touch with Sheila, I haven't heard from her in a long time. Do hope she is well . Will attend CFF meeting in L.A. on Tuesday, maybe she will be there. Hope to spend a couple of weeks in New Mexico . Will be back here around the 7th of Feb. have sent all my records packed and off to a friend--I haven't forgotten about the women who was robbed in Portland. All they took was her records on Scientology. She is a fighter and still with it. She had her son deprogammed last year. he is now working and Ok after a long seige of therapy. Watching close to see what happens to suit scheduled for this month in Portland. Julie Christofferson is suing Sci. for two million I think. Will let you know if I hear anything -she has a young lawyer --hopefully he can win this one.


P.S. Hope you are successful in getting Fefferman before the courts . Have written to various Congressman in the area urging their support.

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