From: Tony Bosnakoudis

Date: Mon, 8 Feb 1999 14:07:38 +0200 (EET)

Subject: Top Secret military document in the hands of Scientology

Hello, I have a problem of posting to newsgroups (must be some adjustments or EEXI maintenance)
so I am sending this here in case someone wants to web it in his/her site and post it to ars.
I will have more news these days and perhaps the document, plus some more I recently obtained.

The Sunday edition (Feb. 2, 1999) of APOGEVMATINI Newspaper revealed that
KEFE (the dissolved Scientology "Center of Applied Philosophy of Greece")
was in possession of a Top Secret Military Airforce document.

It is a photocopy of the Airforce map depicting the major military area of the Hellikon Airport.
More specifically, it depicts: * The 129 Military Airforce Support Wing, * The State Aircraft Factory,
* The Research & Technology Unit, * The Security Guard Squadron, * The Supply Warehouses,
* The National Meteorological Agency and other military installations.

This specific document was found in the folder designated (by KEFE itself) as "OSA" and
as journalist Victoria Dagounaki writes "...could this document be connected to
Prosecutor Angelis' mention in his Report of the need to carry on the investigation on espionage ? ".

The Airforce's Military Intelligence A2 Unit has started an investigation (following orders from the Airforce Chief)
to determine how such a Top Secret document could fall in the hands of a cult like Scientology.

Another event that raises questions is the fact that this OSA folder and many others,
should have been sent to the Appeals Court by December 1998, in the December 9th trial where
15 Scientologists were accused of systematically keeping files on politicians, journalists, judges,
clergymen and other Greek leading personalities.

The trial was postponed for February 12, 1999 and these folders were eventually
sent to the Appeals Court. However, many of the folders WERE EMPTIED from incriminating data.
Someone seems to have removed important documents and this specific Top Secret one must have
skipped attention. It must be noted that many hundreds and maybe thousands of pages
were examined by the Prosecution (for the trial) in order to find this one.

And still, many more folders were not adequatelly examined, perhaps not at all yet.
Court sources estimated (in 1996) that Prosecutor Angelis must have read about 20.000 pages
of documens in order to prepare his 100 page Report. In any case, it is an UNDISPUTABLE FACT
that Scientology had at least this Top Secret Military map of a Hellenic Airforce installation,
certainly not for selling "religious services" to the pilots and technicians in the Airforce Base.
And still, this was found out of a portion of the folders seized by Prosecutor Angelis in 1995.

---- groet, Karin Spaink - I write, therefore I am: