In article <>, says...

>That's right. Scientology IS the road to total freedom!

No wgert,, you have merely accepted the multiple implications of
'science' being in scientology.
There is no 'science' in scientology, despite the name Hubbard stole from the German Nordenholz - Scientologie
Though the trusting might be tricked, [for a while] into accepting
there was by mere implication - by the mere presence of the
E-meter, with all its dials, knobs, switches and electrodes.

Here is the USDJ Gessell ruling in 1971:

"Auditing was guaranteed to be successful. All this was and is false -- in short, a fraud. Contrary to representations made, there is absolutely no scientific or medical basis in fact for the claimed cures attributed [**4] to E-meter auditing.

Unfortunately the Government did not move to stop the practice of Scientology and a related "science" known as Dianetics when these activities first appeared and were gaining public acceptance. Had it done so, this tedious litigation would not have been necessary. The Government did not sue to condemn the E-meter until the early 1960's, by which time a religious cult known as the Founding Church of Scientology had appeared. This religion, formally organized in 1955, existed side-by-side with the secular practice of Scientology. Its adherents embrace many of Hubbard's teachings and widely disseminate his writings. The Church purports to believe that many illnesses may be cured through E-meter auditing by its trained ministers through an appeal to the spirit or soul of a man. As a matter of formal doctrine, the Church professes to have [*360] abandoned any contention that there is a scientific basis for claiming cures resulting from E-meter use. The Church, however, continued widely to circulate Scientology literature such as Government's exhibits 16 and 31, which hold out false scientific and medical promises of certain cure for many types of illnesses. "

wgert, - you see, *you* and other deluded adherents were fair gamed. You were lied to, tricked
and decieved. You concluded there was science in scientology.

I did too.

The policy of FAIR GAME starts with Find your ruin...

Did scientology really handle your Ruin wgert?

Or has your attention been artfully shifted to other things?

Like the urgent need to handle and silence those who have
already noticed the deception you have yet to enjoy the
relief of realizing?

Arnie Lerma

And wgert, If this bridge to total freedom, you are on, leads
to OT abilities, why arnt there any OTs?

Why am I still here?

In 5 years you havent been able to silence me

Make my life and others miserable, yes.

Silence? never