Title: Re: Picket for Bob
Author: Warrior
Date: 11 Feb 1998 15:08:28 -0800

In article <34e31555.1020647@news.supernews.com>, grady@gradyxward.com says...
>It kills me when the criminal cult of scientology brings up the 
>issue of "psychiatric history".  Don't you, wgert,  believe that you 
>are infested with millions of invisible murdered space aliens?  And 
>you call *other* people nuts?  Hah hah!  That's a good one!
>And as far as criminal, well we know the criminal cult of 
>scientology is not just called that because it is a *real* church. 
>It is called that because it has committed real criminal acts that 
>its leaders have been *caught and served time in prison for*. And it 
>is an on-going nature of your cult to be criminal. For example, why 
>doesn't Heber Jentzsch go back to Spain to face the music?  Did the 
>criminal cult really murder Lisa McPherson when she threatened to 
>reveal its money laundering scam?
>Now maybe you'll say that the Munich raids was actually a German
>Welcome Wagon for Scientology. Yeah, uh huh. Who knows what criminal 
>documents will be uncovered *this* time.

   Yes, it's amazing what Scientology will say...

   In 1975, the cult had no problem with getting my wife and I to sign
Sea Org contracts. After we drove for two days non-stop to report for
SO duty in LA, she was not then allowed to "activate" her SO contract 
(to be Sea Org staff). She was told by the Assistant Guardian, Richard
Deere, that she was not qualified because she "had a 'psych' history".
   My wife petitioned the Guardian World Wide, Jane Kember, asking to be
allowed to join the SO. In her petition, my wife explained that she had
no "psych history" at all. She had simply been in the Beaumont Neurological
Center for observation when she was a teenager. Her mother *thought* she
was using drugs. She wasn't! After eleven days in the Neurological Center,
she was released after exhaustive testing was completed. The diagnosis
was that she suffered from hypoglycemia!  Yet, my wife's petition was
still denied by the Guardian World Wide.

   Since my wife was labelled as a "psych history case", she was not allowed
to be in the Sea Org. And since my wife was not SO staff, my wife and son
were not allowed to live in Sea Org berthing with me. At first, I lived in
a dorm with eight other male SO members at the Hollywood Inn located at
6724 Hollywood Blvd.

   After I had been in the SO for two years, I grew increasingly upset with
the fact that we could not live together as a family, in SO berthing. I had
to take a "moonlighting" job so I could rent an apartment close to the Cedars

I continued to hold my post in the SO, working there a minimum of 80 hours per
week, and I worked at my "moonlighting" job approximately 20 hours per week.
This second job was also necessary because my son was not allowed to be in the
Cadet Org, since both parents were not SO staff. And since he could not be
in the Cadet Org, I had to help pay for child care for my son.

   After a couple of years of working about 100 hours per week, I decided
that having to work all the time, just to be able to have a place to live with
my wife and son, was for the birds. I decided to leave the SO. When I told
the Ethics Officer I wanted to leave the SO, I was put in a condition of
Treason with full penances (amends and NO pay). I was also ordered to a
Security Check, since Hubbard says "people leave because of their own
overts and withholds; that is the factual fact and hardbound rule".

   The cult was determined to find my "crimes" that made me want to leave.
In fact, I told the Ethics Officer and the various Sec Checkers that I 
wanted to leave ONLY because I could not "create a second dynamic" (have
a real family) with my wife not being on staff, my son not in the Cadet
Org, me working my butt off, and almost never seeing my family, not getting
paid (even though I was working 80 hours per week), and having to work
another job just to survive! It was a miserable existence, to put it mildly.

   After being Sec Checked for weeks, I still wanted to leave. The 
Supercargo, Alan Prager, told me I was "psychotic" and "suppressive"
for wanting to leave the SO. The Director of Personnel Enhancement, Peggy
Peden, told me I would DIE if I dared to leave the "most ethical group on
the planet - the SO".

   After over two years of the most degrading bullshit, I wanted to leave.
The cult then decided to "review my wife's 'cycle'" (reconsider her petition).

   Lo and behold, the new Assistant Guardian, Steve Huff, decided that my wife
WAS qualified for staff after all. He said that my wife had been unjustly
denied membership in the SO. My wife and I were told that the previous 
Assistant Guardian, Richard Deere, was an "SP" and he had "put an arbitrary
on the lines" (incorrectly interpreted the policy on "institutional cases").

   Looking back on this whole thing now, I should have left the cult of
lying scums back in 1977. My opinion is that Scientology will lie to suit
its' purposes.

   Just my opinion, though...

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