Title: A Sleeping dog just woke up
"Martin Boothby" <marboa@indosat.net.id>
Date: 25 Dec 1997 04:59:33 GMT

Hi there,

I am a newcomer to the net and have been very interested in the various
comments (sic) I have read. I was in the SO for two years at Saint Hill -
this was way back in 71 - 73. It was a "learning" experience, bearing in
mind I was 18 when I joined. I joined for all the "right" reasons. To Clear
the Planet. To spread the Tech. Etc, etc. About the only thing I got out of
the Sea Org, apart from the occasional "sesh", was that I lost my virginity
(Shock horror!). It was fairly boring - losing my virginity, that is. Too -
um - rushed.;-) Anyway, the reason I was RPF'd was that I was goldenrodded
on any amount of bullshit. Hell, I was just a kid who wanted to play music.
So I was kicked out.

Some time went by and then I did the unthinkable. One day I walked into the
TCR org in London. The regges were amazing, they lifted 2G (my savings for
a nice apartment) out of me in a highly memorable hour where the reg kept
giving me beaver shots (I swear - she ultimately became my first wife). (I
am still learning!). I got fuck all for that 2G - funny, if I wanted to get
it back could I apply the 10% / month from 75? I was also doing alright for
myself and because of this I was asked did I want to join staff? No, was my
response. Why? Because I'm doing alright now besides once bitten, etc. But
I was told the same old lies about how I would be trained as an auditor - I
was a damn good course supervisor as well. Well I fell for it. Why? Cos the
silly old planet still needed sorting out. And at heart I am a caring sort
of person. So I joined up. Again! This time however, there was a problem.
The reg - remember the reg? she neglected to tell me she was married even
after we had bonked madly for some time. Hubby found out and I was in the
dog house. And we were both summarilly declared and stuffed out on the
street. It wasn't like that in the details but that's the nutshell job.

Since then, I have divorced and married a beautiful Indonesian lady. Some
day I'll play some music (Keith Richards can do it - so can I!) But all you
guys who have had a bad time from your experiences - I understand your
pain. It is not nice to be endlessly bullshitted. Put in a life limbo on
the basis of an impossible dream. It COULD be done, but with an
organisation like the Church who are in my view, the most arrogant, twisted
and lying bunch of assholes, it would take something like the second coming
to wake them up out of their brutal complacency. When are they going to

Comments anyone?

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