How I got My Money back from Scientology

People call me often (or ask on-line) how I got my money back from the organization known as The Church of Scientology.

Someone asked me recently-- on another board, but since I think it's an important ya go.

First off, I didn't get ALL of my money back, by any means. I got back what I had "on account"------plus my IAS money.

IAS was first.

I wrote to them and told them they had NOT delivered the products they had promised for IAS and I wanted my membership money back. They sent a waiver I had to sign. I indicated on it, this didn't absolve ALL of C of S, just the IAS. They sent my money, and I cashed it RIGHT AWAY.

Next? ASHO: I had paid for my Briefing Course years ago---- and had that money on account, all those years, dreaming of doing The Briefing Course. I did get trained as a Class 4, HSSC, FPRD auditor. I never did the BC, as by the time I was ready---The Golden Age of CRAP came out. I knew that was it for me.

By then I was a "Declared SP" by C of S, so my only terminal was the IJC. I spent from Jan----June trying to contact the IJC, never once hearing from he or she.

Ok, finally I joined Pre-Paid Legal (a legal service you can join on-line, get help and then quit. It only costs $20-30/mo and you DO have access to tons of excellent attorneys.

I spent quite a bit of time writing up what was money spent (services used) vs. Money on account (Like a savings account) and that under NO uncertain terms could they weasel out of that.

They wrote the letter to ASHO. Within 24 hours, OSA called, telling me: "We have your check, you just need to sign a waiver".

I called my attorney, who said, "yes, whenever you get money back, you have to sign a waiver".

So I said, "Fax it to me". She did---and it was this gross "I promise NEVER to talk on the net, do this, do that---many of my freedoms stopped". I called My attorney---she said I had to sign in.

I told her: "You've never seen a waiver like this" She: "Fax it to me"

I did----------she called me, furious. She said: "I want you to call them and tell them NOT only did your attorney tell you NOT to sign that---it's an illegal waiver".

So I did--------telling Pam Shannon I'd merely sign a waive that I won't sue ASHO. PERIOD.

We agreed to meet, the next day. We met at a local restaurant, and I brought a witness.

I sat down with she and some attorney. He got out the "Waiver". It was the same Crap ass'd one I'd just said I wouldn't sign.

Pam gave this super 1.1 smile and said: "I thought you'd say that. Here's the other one". And it was the one as I'd agreed.

I got my check, and immediately brought it down town to their bank to cash.

Oddly enough, the TELLER there got out white gloves, put them on, took the signed check, put it in an envelope---and THEN gave me my cash.


I say to ANYONE: ***IF*** you have ANY money on account----GET IT.

There is TONS of money on account, and that IS your money.

I hope that helps some. alien cheers