Camera pans in from outside FLAG ...down some tunnels..deeper and darker, finally panning out wide angle into HELL.

There you see David Miscavige hanging upside down from some rafters..yelling, "MOXEN!!! RENDER!!!! Damn it, get me DOWN!!!:

(of course he forgets he's in HELL.and No one can even hear him, and even if they could, they just don't care).

Enters the devil: "Dude.what's happenin? You don't like hanging upside down? Well ya see.here in HELL.every time you Fuck someone else, you get the same thing back. So you turned www.xenu.net upside down in Google, (or the same there of, requesting it be removed)..so we thought you should see how it feels.

DM: gags

Devil: Awwww..don't be such a pussy. I thought you were.what was it? "CAUSE OVER MATTER ENERGY SPACE AND ..(laughing) TIME???" I guess you blew THAT one, huh? And you ~sell~ that shit to people???

Blast the flames boys~!

[ Sound: Blast furnace ROAR ]

DM: Ouch! No noooooooo..I AM cause (as he hangs upside down, flinging his arms out and around). Well, maybe not now.but I AM.

Devil..laughs, and grabs some pea shooters and starts shooting peas at DM, upside down."Hey, lets's see who can drive him "PTS" first. Laughs again. There..got him!


Devil: Remember, you ain't the Commodore here, pal. In fact,,,you're nothin but a target for us to shoot at, laugh at, and make fun of. Call all your "CMO"...they ain't here. If they were, we'd hang them up, too!

DM: Writhing around, trying to get down. "Damn it",.I'm sorry Mr. Devil..I am not damning you..just me hanging here. Never mind..can I have some water?"

Devil: Sure, get "DM" some water. I kind a like you, "DM".you're such a classic shmuck! Bring "DM" some water..and slide a little something in it, just so he'll have to do the Narconon program if he ever gets out of here.


DM: "Ok.can I ask a favor, Mr. Devil?"

Devil: "What, shmuck?"

DM: "Can I call Moxen"?

Devil: Why? You may be able to get away with that outrageous crappy, unjust legal Bullshit up there, but not down here in HELL. Here? We just hang you upside down, just as you are here. It's simple. Moxen could care less about you..you should KNOW that. Think about it, man.has that crap ass phone of yours rung ONCE?"

DM Sniffs.."nope".

Devil: "Exactly. And I checked the other day. Just as you altered Hubbard's "Standard tech"..they are already whiting you out of things, and re-writing YOUR crap. Easy come, easy go, babe.

DM ---"Shit. I hate this."

Devil: "well, you should have thought of that BEFORE you and your little miss Ava went out screwing Xenu.net with Google. The world didn't like that. I got reports from all over!

Devil: Kicks his feet up, kicking DM around as he twirls hanging.yelling..pissed off. "well..MR. OT ---- now what?"

DM: "I promise.."

Devil: Laughing ..."forget it pal. You hang there for awhile and feel how others feel.

Fade to black.

Brought to you by Magoo, INC

Magoo, INC is written by Magoo, who was Declared and Expelled for thinking for herself, and speaking her mind. She has written these parades to bring awareness to the harms and fraud that Scientology inflicts on others.in hopes of raising awareness on this subject.