Nuke <nukewaster@aol.com>
Date: 13 Feb 1999 02:24:10 -0800

To Jo S., and other Scientologist friends seldom seen in the world anymore.


Mad distortions of reality,
Ethics destroying trusting love,
Crippled fantasies piled on Tech,
More powerful than any RPF.
Who will relieve the Int orders that tear your
   Soul apart,
   That leave you exhausted and angry and
       Stretched inside out
           Like some broken rubber doll?
   You will.
Who will restore your balance and sanity when
   Suspicions are presented as fact
   And daily insecurity creates its own miasmic world?
   You will.
Do you not understand that love endures beyond your
   Troubled moments, that freedom comes
   Through love alone, and the child within
   Must finally give up searching for it's
   soul in LRH's mad distortions of reality?
       You will understand, given new hope.
Your mind will destroy you with his mad assumptions,
   As if what is yours could ever be taken away by a
   Huckster peddling his wares.
Retreat back in your soul, sing melodies to what is,
   The stars, the moon, the days and nights that could be yours,
       Love yourself again.
There are millions of hungry men and women
    Begging for attention, looking for
    A soothing word or a reaching hand,
       As you once did.
The strong and trusting can venture back out
    From the reach for Total Freedom.
The rest will linger in the shadows,
    Waiting for you to reach back,
    From the place your new life will take you.
Be strong and trusting,
    My hand is reaching back for yours.

DOUBT is the beginning of WISDOM

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