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This is the second e-mail I got tonight from another Scientologist. This is
getting funny, OSA>>>>these people have things to say! Sooooo here ya go,
and to anyone else who would like to speak out (but stay annonomous)...if
you'd like, just send it to me and I'll post it.
Thanks to the person who sent this:

In the book review section of the L.A. Times from Sunday Feb. 10th is an
interesting review of a book about a man named Victor Serge who wrote during
the early Stalin era. Here is a description of Stalin: "Stalin, who had no
ideas of his own, simply took advantage of each new disaster to discredit
and then destroy those true believers who had been caught taking the wrong
"line." He was a bureaucratic genius, adept at exploiting divisions among
his opponents and promoting rumors of heresy or sabotage. Thus the second
form of Stalinization: the crushing of anybody capable of independent

Sound like anyone we know?

Here's some gossip:

First of all, this is the KGB/Hitler Youth era of Scientology. For every
hour of auditing delivered there are at least 10 hours of Sec Checking and
everyone is writing everyone else up. Lisa Hamilton is still on post and in change
of 'finding SPs' by 'rolling everyone back'. The thing is, these new guys
don't know how to read an e-meter. Griffee Blythe Howson makes sure that people
take ,at least a year on the metering course, which should only take a week or 2.

They are making it more and more complicated and are producing really bad
products. Did you see the bulletin that came in the mail about a year ago
with the new definition of a floating needle? Don't know it by heart, but
it says that a floating needle goes back and forth the same distance except
to widen with a big cognition and that it goes at the same speed. Yeah,
right. Like a big theta bop! So, people go to the examiner at Celebrity
Center to attest to things and the examiner hardly ever 'sees' a floating
needle. It's really pathetic!

The write-ups everyone is doing on everyone else are back-firing because
they now have a horrendous backlog of these that they don't have people to
file. So it may be the safest time in Scientology in a long time because
people are writing up the most minor offenses and when they do the write-ups
they take 10 pages to explain how someone picked his nose in public or

What they do with the veteran auditors is they try and keep them on course
coaches as long as possible.

Someone I talked to said that maybe people like Griffee Blythe Howson are
hiding out. That they get promoted to auditing posts after doing lots of
illegal things for OSA. Anyone have an opinion about that?

Oh, next thing. More and more people are being refused service at Flag and
AO for being ill or for the least little thing. One guy was sent home because
he has adult diabetes. Doesn't even need to take medication. Not acceptable.
Another one was refused by Flag because of being overweight. Not that much
over-weight, either. Like, not really obese. Just not normal weight.

What else? There is a new guy, a Mexican Scio, who is now the Senior C/S of
the Pac area. Forgot his name. Griffee had been covering the post. She's
still Senior C/S at AOLA.

Another thing, people get regged and promised service. Then, when they come
for the service or try to schedule a date they are told that their folders
are lost and they are delayed. This doesn't happen all the time, but
sometimes it does. The LA Org relaxed the illegal pc rules for a while.
Took money from some people and then went back on it and refused to deliver
the service. But, you know, that doesn't mean they give the money back.
So, would you believe it? They promise the service, then refuse to deliver
it. Amazing!

The buzz around the fringe Scientology scene is that people who really love
Scientology send people to get auditing by field auditors and make sure they
stay away from the Orgs, especially the Sea Org. Many parents are scared to
death that
their kids will join the Sea Org. This is why the Foothill Mission does so
well. Parents have an excuse to not send their kids to L.A. They keep them
in the Scientology schools that are far from the Orgs and want them to
become Scientologists but don't want them to join staff. This is especially
true of the old Guardian's Office staff members who know all about the
illegal stuff the church did (that they did, too). They are afraid that if
their kids join the S.O. that maybe they'll get declared and their kids will
have to disconnect. Whose kids are up at the Foothill Mission in La
Crescenta? Mo Budlong, Guy Eltringham, John Larocca and so on. I forget
all the names.

Also, the same goes with the fringe celebrity Scientology scene. The buzz
is that celebrities are really afraid that they'll be blackmailed by the
Church, so they may get auditing by people on the fringes of Scientology,
but they don't want their little 'sins' written down and sometimes demand
the folders. And they refuse to do any overts and witholds write ups.

Using stuff from folders to blackmail and harass people may be the most
destructive thing the Church has done to itself.

What other gossip? Let's think.

Oh, this is old news, but I haven't seen it on the web. A few years ago
Survival Insurance was being indicted by the California Insurance
Commissioner for doing illegal things for a long time. I don't know if they
got away with it because Survival was putting up a fight, but I do know that
Richie Acunta, an transplanted east coast Scientologist, is still in good
standing. Because you can get away with any type of sleazy behavior in
Scientology as long as you don't criticize DM or the Golden Age of Tech. At
one time Survival was hyping how they were going to go public and sell stock
and they had the staff working horrendous hours with the carrot held out to
them of getting rich when the company went public. The investigation popped
that balloon. Richie has had a revolving door relationship with blonde
bimbos for years and never gets in trouble with the Church. Puts
Scientology at risk, like Slatkin, by having his company do illegal rip-offs
and false advertising, but does he get declared? Of course not! It seems
you have to be an auditor to be declared. But the kids who join the Sea Org
are called on the carpet for minor little things like masturbation (the
safest sex there is) and made to feel like total criminals if they want to
have children or if they are late to something or oversleep, while these
sleeze-bag rich Scientologists are treated like gold.

What else?

Can't think of anything right now, but I'll be in touch!


(( name withheld to protect the innocent))