Title: Repost- Money on the Books ?????
Ted.Mayett@worldnet.att.net (Ted Mayett)
Date: Sat, 13 Feb 1999 10:53:04 GMT

(BTW, I do not re-write this post because it was written so poorly at
the time, and at the time I had just gotten out of the cult... and was
still under The Spell)

If you have money on the books it is possible to get it back.  Here
is what I did.

I had $5,209.00 left of the money I had paid for a co-audit Bridge
package.  I requested repayment 6/28/95.
By 7/28/95 I had received $500.00.  I was told three different times
that I would have the money in full.  I had told Celebrity Centre Las
Vegas that I would picket for the money.  It was after I had agreed
to a $1,000.00 down to not picket that I received the $500.00.

7/30/95 I showed up with a picket sign and was finally taken
seriously.  They paid me another $500 that day and I told them that
for $500 a day, not less, I would not picket.  I then received $500 a
day for 4 days and a check for $2,209 on 8/5/95.

The time span between 6/28 and 7/30 represented about 53 phone calls
and 4 visits to the org.  Many hours were spent waiting for the phone
to ring. I had to have an auditing session, I had to fill out forms.  
I was treated rudely, unfairly, and lied to repeatedly.  And this was
by "friends" I have known for some 8 years in scientology.  My money
back was raised locally.  The org maintained they had no connection
with L.A.

I chose to picket as I did not wish to spend legal fees.
You can get your money back.    Show up with a picket sign.
Mine said "they lie about money".  I never had to picket.

In the magazine titled "The Free spirit Journal" summer 1995,
there is an ad that reads;
      Return of Payments
        Without Hassles
    We connect you with
        Effective help.
      (818) 788-7022

I have no ties with this number.
Ted Mayett
POB 14786
Las Vegas Nv. 89114