I've got some free time this afternoon, so... Just saw your funny lines at bottom of email, liked the one about Borg/Ferengi=Scientology.

Made me remember the dank, dark sub-basement at FCDC where the dead-files were kept and this utter mole of a guy virtually lived. Read some of the letters one afternoon, hysterical, "LRH eats corn from my ass" and such.

Another... One time xxxxx and I snuck into LRH's office which was kept just as he'd left it, down to the pack of Kool nonfilters on the desk. We began scanning through the books in his library and came upon one entitled 8-8, which was never published. Opening it up, we found it was handwritten and the opener was LRH proclaiming that he had at last surpassed Aleister Crowley and ascended to the throne of the Society of the Golden Dawn.

We should have taken that damn book right then. Soon after, some folks from Flag came and took that particular book away at LRHs request.

Aleister Crowley once said "What is the world coming to when such a commercial lout as Ron Hubbard can take the wisdom of the ages and sign his name to it?"

I presume you'd now that Korszbski's widow was suing him for lifting the best pages almost verbatim for 8-8008 and the historians Will & Ariel Durant were about to sue for the theft of their Tone Scale which they'd basically produced by 1935 or before. Then there was the LINK and LINK Black Electrician who actually developed the 'Hubbard' Electrometer. Hubbard got out of the suits by telling them he'd acknowledge them at the start of books. As snide as you can get, he then did that but threw their names into a mix that included Plato, Socrates, etc.

Did you ever see the film made in Lisbon? A big demonstration with TV coverage was raging around the Apollo with people carrying signs telling Ron to get out because they thought he was a CIA front.

Ron emerges from cabin with Mary Sue and they're oblivious to the demonstrators, are having a fight. Ron screams at MSH, "Get off my boat you bitch and take those fucking brats with you." We note that he hounded Ron Jr. for decades and Quentin committed suicide while loaded on coke, left a note saying his folks never loved him.

His friends told the cops that Quentin had always told them he got the coke and codeine from his Dad's stash (verified by Marley's biography, as well, plus pot and a heavy drinker to boot.) Ron did more drugs in a day than I could do in a month. Also, when MSH got busted for Ron's crimes, Ron never even went to visit her in prison.

Real nice guy

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