From [ tory bezazian ]Tue Nov 27 22:41:44 2001
I was answering some "old" e-mails and got this answer back. As I thought it
was very interesting transformation, and made some excellent points, I asked
this person if  I could post this letter. I was told fine,,,so here it is.
Hope you all enjoy it.
My best :)
I moved back to the midwest, to the town I grew up in.
I've been getting back into my family and re-arranging my life to what is
actually important. It's been real nice. The air is clean. There are no
calls from Scientologists, and I am much healthier.
I had made my sister into a Scientologist way back when, and she and her
husband are now getting out of it. We sit around the breakfast table and
discuss how brainwashed we were. They get calls from the local missions and
we discuss the calls and read the magazines out loud to each other -
laughing our asses off at the idiocy of it all.
It's so nice to be closing that chapter of my life and finally moving on.
Overall, I think I'm moving into a stage where I am lowering the status of
Scientology down to its true level of relevance to life. I've noticed that
the whole job of Int Management was to create the illusion of how RELEVANT
Scientology is to life and the world.  But it was always extremely
irrelevant.  Daily life tends to continually prove the irrelevance of
Scientology to the real world, so a Scientologist stays connected to other
Scientologists to shore up the RELEVANCE of Scientology and the crazy
Scientology worldview. Getting away from it for a while, I can now really
see exactly how IRRELEVANT it is to me and the world.
CCHR does not create effects anywhere in the world.
The IAS is irrelevant to world all affairs.
ABLE does not anywhere make people literate.
And Narconon does not get people off of drugs.
The Church has nothing to do with anything of importance in the world.
Scientology has NOTHING to do with real life!
It's such a relief to finally see that and to give up all this wasted energy
spent trying to make Scientology relevant!
How have you been?
A friend of mine sent me word that you had been written up in the newspaper.
I read your story. Hey Tory! You're a celeb!
Jeez, I bet you never thought you'd reach celeb status this way!!!
I have been lurking on ARS and Beliefnet  occassionally. I think your
has gotten very good. You are a force to be reckoned with.
Are you still fighting the Good Fight, or are you lowering the relevance of
Scientology, too?
((name withheld to protect the innocent))