Lesson #1

Turn everything they do to advantage

Lesson #2

  The Dead Agent "DA" technique could be considered
  just another piece of stage patter from the $cientology "Magic Show".

  A DA pack is an attempt to direct the recipients attention
  upon some embarrassing moment -or- failing to have a
  'real "lurid-blood-sex-crime" [quoting Hubbard] they
  manufacture something to direct the public's attention

  The effort consists of "turning a scratch into
  a broken arm" Thus directing the attention onto the person who is
  pointing out how the trick is done.
  If you can DIRECT a person ATTENTION
  you can control what they are looking at.
  If you can control what they are looking at, you can
  control their sense of reality.

  This also is an attempt, like all other attempts in Scientology's
  black Scientology side, to direct a critic or pubic person's attention
  off of $cientology, and direct it upon the critic.
  It is an an attempt to introvert the person who is exposing $cientology

  Whatever is being manufacturered by Scientology, is
  manufacturered to accomplish this. The content
  of the message is not important.

  What is important is
  not what is used in the DA pack. What is important is
  the FACT of the DA pack.

  That the name for this pack "Dead Agent" pack, called DA
  pack, could also stand for a magic show technque called
"Directed Attention" might not be an accident.

(c) 1999 Arnaldo Lerma