Induced Brain Damage by Scientology

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The following information is based on animal studies- rats, monkeys, dogs and the like. Quoted from:

"The American Psychiatric Press Textbook of Psychopharmacology" (c) 1995

Alan M Shatzberg MD

Charles B Nemeroff MD Phd..

From the titled

"Animal Models of Depression and Schizophrenia"

"Exhaustion Stress.

Hatotani and colleagues (1982) exposed female rats to forced running in an activity wheel until the animals were exhausted, as indicated by rectal temperature reaching 33 C or less [ body temperatures go below normal ] After exposure to three sessions of forced running, each separated by a 24 hour rest period, spontaneous motor activity in rats is markedly depressed for several weeks.

This depression of motor activity was marked by complete suppression

of the diurnal peaks in spontaneous motor

activity seen in non stressed animals."

[ balance describes physical evidence of changes in brain physiology in various parts of the brain including the hypothalamus ]

"Chronic Stress Model

First introduced by Katz, Roth, and Carroll, this model is generated by exposing rats to a succession of different stressful conditions over a period of either 2 weeks (Roth and Katz) or 3 weeks (Katz et al, 1981a), stressful conditions consisting of mild uncontrollable foot shock, cold swim, changing of housing conditions, reversal of light and dark periods, and food and water deprivation.

[ article notes that stressed rats prefer sugar water solutions to plain water and describes various physical changes in brain physiology were noted after examination of the brains themselves, some of these changes were noted to take an extraordinary amount of time to reverse themselves.. Note that rat days are more akin to man weeks.. Also noted and measured was an increase to cortisteroid levels in the brain, cortisteroid levels are elevated when there is cellular damage, and one of the functions of this elevated powerful hormone is to destroy damaged cells.......under normal circumstances this so that healing can begin ]


"Isolation/separation-induced depression in monkeys.

Behavioral responses that appear similar to those seen in severe depression have beenelicited by separating young monkeys from their mothers and normal social setting or from their juvenile peers. Following separation, animals initially display high activity accompanied by much vocalization; this is labeled as the stage of "agitation" or "protest" and usually lasts 24-36 hours. Following this, this behavior pattern changes markedly, with the animal then showing decreased activity, huddling and self clasping, dejected and saddened facial expression and generally decreased activity and exploration. (E.g. Kaufman and Rosenblum 1967; McKinney et al. 1971 )"

Note to readers...

This sure looks like the RPF, Isolation & running programs have induced brain damage as a product of their use by Scientology.

See Proffessor Stephen Kent, , "Brainwashing in Scientology’s Rehabilitation Project Force

After telling kids this will help them the result is destruction of personality through induced stress related brain damage.

This is also the intended result of Scientology's harassment and litigation techniques.


After reading selections from this "PSYCHIATRIC TEXT"

I admire men who would learn this information, and publish what they learn from animal studies...

At least the "Evil PSYCHS" as Scientology describes them, have the integrity to use animals... AND to disclose what they find..

Unlike Scientology that runs these horrific stress programs on people with the intent of destroying their minds.


Arnaldo P. Lerma

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Psychiatry does this only to animals so that humans can benefit from the knowlege, unlike Scientology, that does this to humans so that Scientology can benefit.

See Brainwashing in Scientology