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From the Webmaster: I'm reading Harry Arons book on hypnosis. It is based on the courses he gave, and was released in 1948... 1948 is a perfect time for inclusion in likely sources for the KING OF CONs toolbox.

Harry Aron describes a bunch of tests to determine how hypnotizable a person is... and describes a bunch of things to look for to tell if a person has entered a trance state. He ALSO describes things that may be done to condition a person, so they are easier to hypnotize, and go deeper into hypnosis..

He observed that the more a person is hypnotized, the easier it becomes TO hypnotize them.

Now, after skimming his book last night in bed, I realized that Hubbard's TRs, or Training routines.... have two sources,

1) military style interrogation routines mixed with

2) exercises that directly induce a trance state.

Scientologists and other like to say, "There is no swinging gold watch, then it is NOT hypnosis"


What Hubbard did is break apart what is recognized as the hypnotic induction process, so YOU WOULD NOT RECOGNIZE IT.


EVERY new clueless person who gets sucked into a scientology brainwashing and conditioning factory by AND for sociopaths is put onto a TR course of some kind.

The "Introductory" courses are TR courses, Training Routine courses.

Those courses, condition the mark, to go into the trance state. The more you do them, the EASIER you can go into the trance state.


Gentle reminder: Trance states are a part of who we are, we routinely find ways to generate trance states on our own, whether it be a throbbing dance hall filled with undulating flesh, or a peaceful sunrise, sitting cross legged by the edge of the sea shore...or gazing into your lover's eyes...

Did that work for you?


Much like when using FRAMES in htm pages, one writes a section that is the left sidebar, where all your links go. You call this file, getyourtrsin.htm if you have ten webpages, then you just call the getyourtrsin.htm file on each of your webpages... It becomes a subroutine you can call or invoke from other processes. Get Your TRs IN - Invokes a trance

NOTHING in scientology is left to chance.

In the 'waiting area' where people wait for their next session, what is ALWAYS ON THE WALL?

Answer: Hubbard's finest work of science fiction

The Gradation and Awareness Chart!

As you sit there waiting for your next 'session', your expectations go UP, your conditioned reflexes kick in, you READ what you are going to GAIN in the fine print of that chart.

Didn't you??



So what do you do? YOU GET YOUR TRs IN!!!

because you KNOW that you will get the most GAIN if

"YOUR TRS ARE IN" ( You are in the deepest possible trance)

But the problem with hypnosis, is that it works, but wears off after few days or a few weeks... and thent you have to keep constantly REMINDING the person, pestering then with bulk mail, telephone calls, events, take yer next course.. blah blah blah.. because reality is permanent, but hypnosis is only temporary...

Of course . the entire scam would fall and crumble into the nothing that it actually is, if and when you understood what I just typed.


Kids 7-12 are the most susceptible to hypnotic induction observes Harry Arons.. this observation explains how young scientologists tend to be for the most part, doesn't it, and WHY Hubbard targets children and schools with his bogus programs.

The 'Trance state' is also a state with various degrees of freedom from awareness of physical pain.

Humans induce such a state, without thinking about it much, when they put on a walkman so they don't notice how dreary shopping for groceries is sometimes. Or turn on the TV, after a long day, and their aches and pains, though still there, are no longer noticed...

This is a pleasant state of being, somewhat like a state described elsewhere as 'hyperfocus'... some folks are better at it than others.

The fact is it is natural and part of who we are. It is not some evil thing.

What is evil, is that what you are, naturally, has been hijacked by a madman and turned into the means to control you.

It isn't the FACT of hypnosis in Scientology that is bad, or the fact that Hubbard is causing you to induce your own trance states..

What is evil, is that he says YOU OWE HIM ANYTHING, for hijacking, what you already are, and calling it HIS.

(c) 2007 Arnaldo P. Lerma

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