How an Ex Scientologist can Exit a current Scientologist

I have been giving some thought and engaging in some private discussions about how to get folks out of the scientology dream...

As the Scientology machine makes such a massive investment of time and effort modifying the subject's [ the scientologist's ] psyche, - it seems such a shame to waste all that training by beating on the wall of ideas held together by lies that was built by Hubbard... Instead - USE all that Scientology conditioning {auditing} and patterning {training} to advantage...

Scientologists use something called "auditing" a.k.a. "processing"

A while back, I came up with a "process" that utilized this conditioning to advantage..

I ask lower level Scientologists:

"What program are you running" [ can add "now" from time to time ]


"Whose program are you running"

Of course you need to make sure that the subject has a clear concept of what the word "program" means...

You run this until the Scientologist realizes he is running "Hubbard's, or Scientology's program... and when he takes the tiller back as the navigator for his own life.. you'll know he's reached the EP.. "end phenomena"

As a stand alone idea it makes a great placard... bumper sticker, or postcard even...

This seems to be most effective for folks at the lower levels in Scientology.

For Scientologists at the OTIII level or above -

There is another set of condition rules used for control

of the subject at upper levels.... here you can

also use all this training to your advantage...

They would have to be OTIII or at least have read the Xenu tales on the net,

What we are doing is turning the Scientology programming to our advantage...

So this is the process:

"What about Who's bt are you being created as?"

Commands are not written in stone if you know where you are going..

Background - for those familiar with the "OTIII" data - this will make sense.. The actual date for the "cluster forming" incident called OTIII is present time... OTIII, the story of xenu, forms the cluster called Scientology, when Scientologists are instructed to run OTIII, they run individual BT's and clusters of BT's on the beginning part of OTIII - volcano's , explosion etc - up to the point that you see a:


Albeit it's a jaunty nautical looking pilot too..


Staff members and devoted adherents of Scientology

need to realize that they, themselves, *are* the "body thetans" of L Ron Hubbard or David Miscavige and Scientology. Scientology is nothing more than a cluster of individuals.. With the sole purpose of making this cluster bigger...

And Scientology keeps going until you realize that Hubbard was playing the pilot... and is was he in that picture saying that that "....HE IS MOCKING IT UP"

(c) A P Lerma


Humbly tended as a gift to free all Scientologists....