Title: Scientologists Anonymous - By "G"
Author: Joe Harrington <joeharr@worldnet.att.net> [link to memorial page]
Date: Sun, 09 Nov 1997 15:44:27 -0500

This powerful essay was submitted to FactNet in 1993, in response to
FactNet's first mailing to former Scientologists. It is very moving and
I hope those who have web sites about Scientology will find a place for


            BY "G'

We were taught that the individual was more
important than the group. That the only thing that the
group had in common was the unconscious mind. That
we could attain to a higher spirituality by focusing on
our own self-awareness and improvement of our own
personal abilities. Yet we lived within the group,
sacrificing ourselves, our health, our sanity, our ability
to see what was really going on around us.

We lived in constant fear of being condemned to a
living hell for eternity. We learned to give up our
individuality for the greatest good for the greatest
number and lost ourselves in the group. We lived in
constant terror that if we left the group we would be
persecuted, labeled 'fair game' and harassed for the
rest of our lives if we spoke up about the abuses or the

We were taught that the world around us was failing
apart. That we had the only tools to solve all the
problems of the universe. That we could conquer the
physical universe with these tools by being part of a
dedicated group with a fixed glare that hammered
home to all that we were supreme beings amongst

All who were not with us were not worthy of our
attention. If we did not follow 'Command Intention' we
were threatened with imprisonment in the gulags of
the 'Rehabilitation Project Force'.

We developed an arrogant air of superiority with
anyone who was not a part of our group. We agreed
that those who did not think, act, operate, breath and
speak like we did, were less than human.

The idea that anyone not a part of the group were
robots, degraded beings, druggies, su!ppressive persons,
psychotics, potential trouble sources, squirrels,
enemies, psyches, antagonists, WOC, s, homo saplens,
aberated personalities, chaos merchants, tough cases,
no case gain personalities, black propagandists, Dev-T
artists, confused, treasonous, doubtful, lying, liable,
non-existent, dangerous people. These were just some
of the labels attached to those of us who did not
comply with the political correctness of Scientology
Organizations across the globe.

And if we left without the permission of those who
enforced the command channels of the organization we
would be declared suppressire persons, labelled fair
game' and open to attack by the upper management
tentacles of the "Guardians office', later to be
renamed the "office of special Affairs.

We were taught that all men of whatever race, color
or creed were created with equal rights, yet we were
constantly interrogated about our beliefs, about our
opinions, about our leanings politically, religiously, in
our private spiritual lives, about our sexual lives.

If our thoughts and beliefs conflicted with those of
Scientology policies we were labeled criminals, ethics
particles, counter-intentioned and other intentioned
beings. We were escorted away from the "truth~ until
we admitted our wrongs against the Church and wrote
up our overts against the group.
When we confessed our 'sins' against the (church, when
we wrote up our crimes and High crimes, when we gave
our most intimate personal secrets to our auditor, we
were not told that our evil purposes, our lives, our
fears, our innermost secrets were being culled from
our ethics, preclear and personnel files. We did not
know that knowledge was power and that those who
controlled the Church secretly controlled our lives
from afar in Ivory Towers, pronouncing judgments and
issuing forth suppressive person declares at the
slightest whim.

We were made to feel safe in releasing the things
which troubled us most in our lives, while all the while
these very same things were being stored for future
use against us in case we ever chose to leave or
disagree with the established policy of the day.

We were told that if we did not conform we would not
he doing what is the greatest good for the greatest
number. We were denied our rights to equal access to
one man's version of the truth if we disagreed. And no
matter how we disagreed we were always made wrong
in our disagreements with the introversion technique
called 'word clearing'. It was always we who did not
understand the (church).

It was never the (church that was wrong. It was always
we who had to find our misunderstoods, our withholds,
our own overts, our unethicall behavior, while behind
our backs the top management of the (church was
stealing our money, committing felonies in the name of
religion and religious persecution, and making a had
name for Scientology all over the planet.

We were ingrained with the idea that one man
developed the only road to truth, that there were no
other pathways to God, that we were caught in a
Labyrinth and that Scientology was the only way out.
We were constantly implanted with the idea that
Scientology was the last hope of mankind for spiritual
freedom. That the lives of every man, woman and child
on Earth depended on what we did here and now with
and in Scientology. That no one else had any answers
or the complete solution to the riddles of existence.

When we first came upon the Road to Total Freedom
we were advised that our sexuality had no place in
religion, that our sexual preferences were not to he
tampered with, that our sexual histories were not
important. And as we got further and further along the
'Road to Truth', we were told what was right and
wrong, what was acceptable social behavior and what
was not.

We were at first encouraged to have families, to he
married, to create children because children were the
future of the race. As we entered the highest
'aristocracy' of the Church as Sea Org members, we
were convinced not to have children because they take
us away from production, that children were a
distraction to the expansion of Scientology and that
anyone caught getting pregnant would be 'demoted' to
outer Slobovia.

At every turn we were separated from our loved ones.
If a family member was concerned about our
involvement with the Church we were told to 'handle
them or disconnect'. If anyone we knew had ever
communicated with anyone who expressed any anger,
resentment or opposition to the ideas of Scientology
we were labeled 'Potential Trouble Sources~.

We were made responsible for what other people said
about the Church even though they cautioned us
against further involvement. We became potential
bombs which would explode the myths of Scientology.

We were promised wonderful living quarters, the finest
that Scientology had to offer if we joined the
aristocracy. Instead we were given herthing fit for pigs
in buildings infested with cockroaches, rotting wood,
crumling plaster, decrepid odorous buildings not fit
for the bommeless flotsam and jetsam of society.

And as we struggled to live in such squalor, we were
made to improve our environment with limited
resources while the upper management salted away
the billions of dollars from our blood, sweat, tireless
nights, and tears.

When we complained of these living conditions for
ourselves, for our children, we were reminded that
improvement was on its way. That we only had to
work harder, longer hours and earn more money for
the group, but conditions did not improve. We who had
the only technology to improve conditions in the world
could not give our children decent living quarters.

As we were told in the "scriptures' of the Church that
the family unit was the single most important building
block of society, we had to spend only one hour a day
with our chgdren while tbey were shipped off to mini-
concentration camps supervised by reckless, uncarin~
neglectful nannies under auspices of the 'Cadet

We were split up from our spouses by being shipped off
on this mission or that training program. We gave up
every personal liberty and moment to ourselves to
handle the next 'Hill 10' or Condition One, or Flap, or
'Emergency' or imagined threat to the solvency of the
Organization. Our personal solvency did not matter.

As Executives in training we were indoctrinated into
the belief that one had to sacrifice individuals for the
good of the group. That once in a while a 'head would
be put on a Pike' in order to maintain discipline and
order. We were taught that the whole organization was
far greater in importance than any single individual
and those who did not comply with the Orgs wishes
were to be disciplined with heavy ethics actions.

And in another time and place, in another scripture,
before we became hard core religious zealots, we were
ingrained with the belief that nothing about ourselves
was our responsibility, that all of our mistakes, our
aberated behaviors, our lack of ability and talent was
because we had a reactive mind. That the individual
was the most important building block of society.

That if we were to have a sane civilization we should
create sane individuals. That the technology was there
to create sane buman beings. We were promised
abilities far beyond our 'wildest dreams'. We were told
we would attain powers and talent as great as the gods
themselves. immortality was just around the corner
with the next auditing session, the next grade chart
action, the next course, the next ethics handling, the
next corrective qual action.

And when we attained that absolute state of ' Clear'
we had the 'cognition' that we created our own
reactive minds by mocking it all up. If we became
aware or this 'fact' we were considered to have all
the promises of Dianetics and the Ideal state of an
unabberated human mind. We did not consider that a
reactive mind is completely a subjective reality.

But we could not prove it ourselves. Instead it was
proven to us through more writings, more hooks,
questions like 'Have you lived before this life?'. If we
did not conceive of past lives or wished to approach
the subject from a different angle we were labeled
squirrels, alter-isers, involved in other practices, not a
part of the group, out ethics, not worthy of the
teachings of Scientology.

We were told that no man has a monopoly on the
wisdom of the universe. That wisdom does no good
sitting in moldy books on dust laden shelves. That
wisdom is there to be shared and made available to the
common man on the street and that Scientology was
here to make the able more able. We were offered the

'truth' for a fee. At first it was a small token, a
contribution of some sort, a donation of money, time,
talent, whatever was capable of being offered was
accepted. We were told our help was needed, that our
contributions would not go unacknowledged. The door
was open to all who reached for the 'truth'.

Later, as prices were raised, the cost of books, packs,
materials, auditing, and any semblance of truth was
repackaged, remarketed, and redistributed, we began
to red the burden of keeping up. Today no man has a
monopoly on the wisdom of the universe as taught by
the founder or Scientology.

Instead it belongs to a cabal of top executives who
control, manage, operate this wisdom and suck the
parishioners dry of every nickel and dime they can.
The set up dummy corporations and fronts to move
assets and funds around the planet to 'protect' the
Church from its victims of abuse, theft and price

They hide our donations in offshore bank accounts
while claiming poverty, pretending to be a Church all
tbe while running each Organization like a Fortune 500
company. And the wisdom of the universe is
copyrighted, trademarked, registered, packaged and
sold to the unsuspecting citizenry of planet Earth
through all manner of front organizations.

Because we were able to pay we were sold a bill of
goods. When we could no longer pay with our money,
our time, our talents, when we had been raped of
every dignity, we were no longer able and therefore
Scientology could not help us. Scientology only helps
the able become more able. If you did not become
more able then you were labelled no case gain or
suppressive. You became ostracised and not a part of
Scientology. You would be taken care of later.

Bile we were able to produce, able to donate our
time. our talents, our ideas. we were encouraged,
cajoled, caressed, manipulated with stat management.
If we were upstat we were good. If we were too upstat
we were shot down with etbks actions generated
through rumors created by upper management. If we
were downstat we were blamed, found as whos and
whats and whys of organizational failures. We were
-off loaded', thrown overboard, thrown in the lake,
fitness boarded, corem-eyed, railroaded out.

Our talents wasted, our energy sapped, our lives
ruined, our minds caught in the grip of the most
sophisticated methods of spiritual warfare ever
invented for capturing the minds of humanity. An
unlimited weapon designed on the surface to 'Clear the
Planet'. A tool to control governments, businesses, to
take over the field of mental healing, a weapon
designed to destroy civilization while replacing it with
the philosophy of one single man who claimed to have
found the solutions to the riddles of the universe.

A man who would have all humans think like he did, to
see life from his sole viewpoint, who would write that
any man has the right to think freely, only to establish
an organization that would destroy anyone who
disagreed with his philosophy. Who would offer a
money back guarantee if his words were not true or his
techniques did not work, but who would encourage his
organization to spy, to attack, to villify and publicly
destroy anyone who dared request a refund or say
anything against Him or his Church.

While deep in the bowels of the uppermost echelons of
the Church hierarchy, the New World Order of
Scientology was already planned, being executed and
propagandized to an entire planet.


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