Title: Greatest Good for the Greatest Number of Dynamics...
Author: Charlotte L. Kates <clkates@aol.com>
Date: 11 Nov 1998 14:33:04 -0800

"The greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics." The overweening
principle of Scientology "ethics"; the handy tool to clear up a Scientologist's
conflicts with his or her organization; the seemingly sensible (to a
Scientologist) method of decision, which, in the end, provides only one choice
all along.

Scientology has eight "dynamics": "urges toward survival" as 1. the individual,
2. the family and through sex, 3. groups, 4. mankind, 5. the animal kingdom,
6.the physical universe, 7. a spiritual being, and 8. as part of infinite
reality. When a Scientologist is asked to make a decision, asked to go on staff
and spend little time with his or her children, asked to give more money he or
she does not have, asked to leave college and join the Sea Org, asked to sell
his or her possessions to "move up the bridge," asked to transfer posts and
leave behind family and friends, asked to disconnect or to handle, asked to send
their children into the Cadet Org, ordered to have an abortion: it is always the
same method of decision that is presented. The "ethical" system, a system rigged
from the start. Dynamics 3 through 8 always will favor Scientology's demands.
For the Scientologist, *always*. Dynamics 1 and 2 must always accede to the
latter. The greatest number is 6. Far greater than two. And "ethically," the
Scientologist must concede. She or he has become a tool of the rigged system.
The myth of free choice in Scientology has just been exercised; but it was
determined before the start.

"The greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics." That was the reason, I
knew, why I should leave college and join the Sea Org *now*, why I should not go
home when I wanted to leave. "The greatest good...write it down," they said.
And, of course, it was only the first and second dynamics opposing this; of
course, the other six were to follow Scientology.

"The greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics." That was the reason why
my friend Sandy Maurone should give her last $2000 to buy a lifetime IAS
membership for her daughter. The reason she and her husband should buy a
billboard in Germany for the IAS when they had *nothing*. The reason they should
sell their house and his car. The reason she should join staff full time in
addition to her full-time day job and leave her beloved daughter with a
babysitter. Always, always, "the greatest good for the greatest number..." and,
to the Scientologist, it always works the same way. What is ethical, what is
right--those things are whatever CoS wants at the moment.

"The greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics." That was the reason why
I should sell my grandmother's heirloom bracelet for gold to pay for courses.
That was the reason the ED should kick her son out of her house when he left
staff. That was the reason Monte Nighswonger, a public, should pay $4000 to the
IAS to get out of Liability, and that was the reason Dave Santiago, a staffer,
should skip a job interview for a "wog job" (to pay the rent, and the bills) to
stay late at the org. That is always the reason; always the ethical choice, and
always the same.

"If what we are asking is not the greatest good for the greatest number of
dynamics, you shouldn't do it." But of course, it never works that way. It was
rigged the other way. The Ethics system, with it's PTS/SP tech, its KRs, its sec
checks, its "greatest good," is the biggest "theta trap" in Scientology; and
"greatest good" is the justification.

Breaking into government buildings, killing animals, smearing blood, slashing
tires, picketing homes, dead-agenting, following, harassing, fair gaming: all
are the "greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics." It is incalculated
deliberately into Scientologists, this false logic by which they cannot opppose
what is criminal, illegal, unethical. Because in Scientology's version of
events, it's the very *definition* of ethical. "The greatest good" is whatever
Scientology wants. "The greatest good" is an illusion of free choice, an
illusion of logic, an illusion of "ethics".

In fact, it's the biggest justification for CoS' horrible acts that it has. It
is one of the many, many subtle ways the mind of a Scientologist is invaded,
preyed upon. Former ways of deciding, former criteria for what is just: they
fall by the wayside, they *must*, and "greatest good" justifies *everything*. It
is why Scientologists, these people who joined this organization because they
want to save the world, will harass, pursue, destroy. That destruction, the
crimes, they are all "the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics."
It's an insidious, pervasive mind-warp. The Ethics system is at the center of
the very cultishness of Scientology. Anything on behalf of CoS can be justified,
and any independent thought penalized. Friends are turned on friends. And the
decisions are always the same, and the Scientologist never realizes she's been
tricked into doing something she never wanted: leaving her children, signing her
life away, giving everything she has, ending a relationship, leaving her family,
going into debt.

That Scientologist doesn't realize how thoroughly he or she has been trapped
until he or she is starting to get free, starting to break through the ethics
tech. Starting to find his or her *self* once again, starting to say, "i will do
what is best for *my* 'dynamics,' and not for yours." Starting to reclaim his or
her own importance. Hubbard once told Scientologists, "You are important." But
Hubbard's own ethics tech denied that at every turn. The image of choice, in
working out what is "the greatest good for the greatest number" is only an
illusion. And that Scientologist is led down the wrong path, making the
justifications as he or she goes. Doing what, by these definitions, is the only
"ethical" choice: even as lives and families fall apart. They are only dynamics
1 and 2. Scientology is *everything else*.

Scientology suppresses the individual, traps the self in a circular, sticky
"theta trap" that punishes independence and rewards mindlessness. The trap that
causes people to bury their selves so deeply, the trap that leads those selves
to be shattered. Coming out of Scientology means finding oneself again as an
individual, not as a collective entity. No longer can everyone else's "dynamics"
come first. The self needs to be reclaimed, resuscitated; the ex-Scientologist
must, his or herself, become *important*, the *most important thing of all*.
That's what Scientology took away, that's what Scientology punished.

"The greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics." That's what they always
say. That's how the trap progresses, that's how it was written, and why.
Scientologists must find their way out of the Ethics Tech trap, and "reform
Scientologists" must realize that Ethics cannot be reformed. It is an awful
creation. It must, simply, be removed. It was never "perverted," and never
"misused." The Ethics system is an awful tool of mind control, and exactly as
Hubbard intended it. _Introduction to Scientology Ethics_ is peppered with it
throughout. The Ethics Tech which diminishes and subdues the individual is an
awful tool, and "the greatest good" an awful way to enforce mind control.

It's a trap, and it needs to be broken for every victim. Far, far too many
people have been far too badly hurt already. When a Scientologist unravels
Ethics Tech, he or she is on his or her way out. On his or her way free, on his
or her way back to being truly ethical people. Hubbard's Ethics Tech is one
monstrous demonstration of his pure intent to control and break the human
spirit, to create willing slaves who have relinquished their own judgement.
There isn't anyone who has passed through Scientology that hasn't been a victim
of this type of evil in some way. The Ethics Tech isn't just in the SO, even
though some of its more soul-destroying methods (the RPF, gang-bang sec checks)
are rooted there. It's everywhere: every public, every staffer. It leaves its
destructive imprint on everyone who has gone through. It's at the center of the
horror of Scientology, the victimization of every Scientologist.

"The greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics." Scientology is falling
upon tough times. Now it's time the Scientologists *really* get to choose. This
time around, for themselves and the people they love.


Charlotte L. Kates      CLKates@aol.com
OFFLINESonline: Freedom from Scientology

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