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Church of Scientology
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Tampa, Florida 33631-3751


Dear Sirs:

You know, you have really achieved your goal of replacing psychiatry.
You have
managed to recruit people who need help and drive them nuts. All under
auspices of helping them. A stat you should be keeping is the number
of suicides
and other deaths related to $cientology. IF any CCHR member found any
psychiatric institution which had done what $cientology has done,
there would bea huge public outcry by the loyal Ron Tronics
Association. So why is it such acrime for the psychs when you can
justify the same deeds? Because you have
become the psychs! The goal of replacing psychiatry has been achieved.

Andguess what, this has happened and is continuing to happen in New
York, Chicago,L A, Dallas, Clearwater, Germany, France, England,
Greece, Mexico, Canada,Russia, South Africa, and Australia.

If top government officials didn't know this, there would be no
legislation pending against the illegal and fraudulent psychiatric
practices of $cientology in Europe.

Yep, you people have managed to achieve Hubbard's goal of taking over
psychiatry. I am not sure this is what he had in mind, but then David
Miscaviage is not one tenth the leader Hubbard was. And what makes it
even worse is that at least Hubbard knew what he was doing. Miscaviage
does not have a clue. All he does is mimic. And he is a really poor
mimic until it comes to being brutal and ruthless. History has already
portrayed Hubbard as a madman, (this is the
prevailing popular attitude about him). History will portray
Miscaviage as his lieutenant who could only continue the abuse.

My wife and I have made a video. Fortunately, while we were in the
cult we were able to get hold of a lot of addresses of friends and
aquaintances along the way (don't you just HATE that?). We also have
a list of many of the WISE chiropractors who we met over the years at
David Singer (bet you REALLY hate that!). I had 250 dubs made and
sent them out last week.

One of my videos ended up in the hands of the LMT! They have since
contacted me about loading it on their site.

I also have gathered 40 pages of factual alterations to LRHÆs books
and even the study tapes. I wonder what these cult followers would do
if they knew, like I do, beyond a shadow of a doubt that the current
church leadership is altering your precious technology? THIS IS A
are letting it happen!

I want to put the miserable experience of scientology behind me. But
I will not forget about it until things are put right. I was sold a
bill of goods by you people. I trusted you to simply deliver on your
promises. I held up my end of the bargain. Yes, I gave you the money
that you demanded for your services, which were touted by the staff,
auditors and registrars as "The Answer to
Increased Production and Abundance in your Life". All these services
did was increase Flag's stats for 3 weeks. They made me worse than

I am sure your lawyers state that you make no claims or guarantees
about your services (with a wink and a nod). But you and I both know
that no person with even half a brain would pay that much money for
any product or service without expecting a desired result! Making
this argument about "we make no claims" is
lame and ANY jury or judge would see right through it. Especially when
there are hundreds of vocal critics willing to write affidavits about
similar experiences. All you had to do was DELIVER WHAT YOU PROMISED
and all would have been fine. I would still be in the cult and would
be happy and successful. What did Hubbard
say? You only get upbraided for NO RESULTS!

Do you think people are THAT stupid?

No wonder that $cientology is in such a bad state. You simply follow
the command lines. You actually believe that management is going to
take care of things. FORGET IT. Upper management has destroyed much
and continues to destroy your precious tech. How could the L-rundowns
have such a profoundly negative result
on so many of those who do the L's? Only two answers are possible

1. The tech doesn't work
2. The workable tech has been altered.

I have irrefutable proof that the tech has been altered. Why the tech
seems to work on a few is now a question in my mind, but I have
absolute, swear-on-a-stack-of-bibles PROOF that the current regime has
altered such things as the BASIC BOOKS, AXIOMS, STUDY TAPES, and STUDY
to return, he would kick your butts around the universe for letting
this happen. You are personally responsible allowing this
to continue. I guess the HCOPL on KSW is either full of mu's for you
or you just don't care. (Maybe you are too scared of upper management
to exercise your integrity.)

I would hate to be in your position: You know something is wrong, you
keep trying to fix it, nothing has really worked to fix it, you have
outwitted the IRS and taken over CAN, David Mayo is gone and no longer
a threat, Michael Flynn has been paid off, and a whole slew of other
attorneys are dust, but scientology is still in trouble. Why? The why
is internal. Top management is responsible for the stats of the whole
network. The stats suck on the bottom like a catfish in a

What you sold me wasn't even close to what you claim or promote. That
is fraud!

It feels so good to tell you all the things that I wanted to say for
years. I remember how intimidated I used to be. My eternity at stake
and all.

This is actually giving me case gain. I am regaining my integrity and
my self-esteem. I want all my money back that I ever gave you. You
have no right to practice psychiatry without a license. And even if
you had a license, what you have done and still do is underhanded and

Ever so sincerely,

Ed Hattaway, DC