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Anderson Report
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image of Volney Matheson demonstrating Electropsychometric instruction
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Readers will find the real reason that Hubbard went to war with Volney Mathison. Mr. Mathison denounced Hubbard as a fraud and a Hypnotist!! and this was in 1954!!

The Inventor of the E-meter denounced Hubbard as a Faker and Hypnotist!

Chapter 6

One peculiar situation sometimes is encountered in cases where creative image therapy is introduced to a patient who, unfortunately, has read books on the subject of psychoanalysis or psychiatry. Often such a patient will wanly inform you that he's sorry, but he can't visualize or create mental images to save his life. Not a one. It may be suspected that this type of patient is trying, in his aberrated way, to impress upon you the awful state of his case. He's bad off, so far gone he can't even visualize. He's putting you on notice--unless you are a super-therapist, you'll never be able to aid him. If you happen to get angry at the fellow, you might as well quit at once. But if you are just amused, you can agree with him. Inform him it's common, you have had such cases. Then with assurance and positiveness, try this: "In this situation there is a useful substitute. Merely imagine that you can see mental images. There's no question about it--you can't see them. But anybody unless dead or unconscious, can imagine or have an idea of what it would be like if he could create mental images." This sometimes works!

But herewith a more practical and effective procedure. Develop good understanding and rapport between yourself and your patient. Then execute the psychological maneuver illustrated in the following example.

The patient in this case was the wife of a foreign ambassador, an attractive but self-conscious woman who suffered from acute feelings of inferiority in the brilliant gatherings that she had to attend. She came to me by way of an official of our New York exporting firm, who previously had given her for reading one of my earlier manuals that dealt to some extent with mental-imaging, exercises. Then she had attended some "Scientology" group, where she found there was quite a to-do about 'mocking up", i.e., creating, various arbitrary systems of mental images. Listening meekly to the fictitiously self-assured gabble of this group about the extensiveness of their "mock-ups", she became convinced that in this circle, too, she was hopelessly inferior. Try as she would, she declared, she couldn't create mock-ups" or mental images. She hadn't even the slightest idea, she said, what such an experience would be like.

After taking special care to establish a very good relationship with her, I queried:

"Whom do you most love?"

"My oldest son," she replied, after a pause. "I love him dearly."

"Please describe your son to me," I requested her.

"What color is his hair?"


"What color are his eyes?"


"How tall is he?"

"Six feet exactly."

"How much does he weigh?"

"One hundred and seventy pounds, I think."

"Describe to me a time, if you can, when he appeared before your friends, or at a gathering, and you felt very glad and proud that he was your son."

"Oh.. yes ..." and she described a gala event in detail. Then I finally queried: "But how do you KNOW that his eyes and hair are black, that he is tall and slender, that he looked so fine in that gathering, and so on?"

"Why, she replied, unhesitatingly, "I CAN SEE HIM!" " "And that," I replied, "is what is meant--and ALL that is meant--by saying that one is creating a mental image."

As I then painstakingly assured my patient, the difficulty seems to be, mainly, that persons who in general feel inferior, are apt, as has been stated previously in this book, to assume that a mental or psychic image should have much of the color, brilliance, intensity, and stability of a picture on a cinemascopic screen.

This is simply not the case.

Mental images are a rapidly duplicated series of exceedingly transient flickers. Each one is fleeting, evanescent.

"But those" she exclaimed. "They are so filmy, such gossamer things. Thinner. than spider webs. hey no more than come and they are gone. How can such weak things have great power?"

The power of psychic images may not inhere in the transient images themselves. The power is perhaps that which creates the images. Each image is without weight, length, breadth, or depth, has no physical appurtenances apparently, and persists but a microsecond or so. Yet the creating and duplicating of such images initiates and accomplishes, in time, the physical act of CREATION.

The longer one considers the phenomena of creative imagery, on the level of awareness, the more clearly can one see that this activity is basic to almost every other. This, too, discloses the true nature of that which is generally called "faith". "Faith", in any religion, comprises the never-faltering duplication of psychic image systems wherein one is positively ALREADY ACCOMPLISHING SOME ACT, ACHIEVING SOME DESIRED EVENT. The mental images themselves are only of FULFILLMENT. These, the actual images, are as of NOW, only and forever as of now. They cannot be of the "future". One "sees" them NOW. In "faith cures" of actual disease, the psychic image pattern of the re-created structure is as of NOW. Not going to be, not will be, but NOW. Psychic images seem uncreatable 3.n the future sense. The image is created and duplicated NOW. The new structure is already completed--on the psychic image level.

If it is not first created on this level it will not be completed on the physical level. This is, must surely be, the mode of all Creation. The whole material universe is a manifestation of this prior creation by something that may be termed Divine Mind. It seems obvious that our physical bodies and all the structures that surround us--vegetable, animal, and mineral--are manifestations of some Creative Power. The body and everything physically pertaining to it is the instrument of the psyche. What other purpose can it have?

At this point, nearing the end of this book, the writer reluctantly presents a negative warning. There is extant a pseudo-scientific system of something or other wherein the patient is required to create and duplicate arbitrary systems of mental images that are autocratically selected for him by the operator. Worse still, the patient is forced monotonously to perform interminably-duplicated trivial physical motions, such as touching a certain exact spot on the table, over and over and over, sometimes for hours.

Bluntly, this is a powerful and effective technique for covertly inducing hypnosis. By the duplicated command the subject is caused endlessly to duplicate mental image patterns wherein he is OBEYING the operator, explicitly, time after time after time. The subject is sooner or later reduced to such a zombie-like state that he will thereafter obey the operator's every other covert or indirect command. These covert and indirect commands are presented to the subject in the form of take-it-or-leave-it "suggestions"--to buy every book, take every expensive "course", attend every convention or conference staged by the operator. The victim at long last finds himself penniless, in debt, and much more ill and troubled than ever before.

The seizure of the intense attention of an intended victim by monotonously duplicated little acts is the technique of the rattlesnake as he fascinates a bird. The snake sways back and forth, holding the victim's gaze, causing it to look from side to side, keeping its attention captive by this duplicative technique of fascination. A "fatigue point" eventually is reached. The snake's prey is thereby immobilized, psychically and physically--and devoured.

Unexpected diversionary situations also occur. The writer, determined as usual to "find out the facts", once made an appointment with a local female "graduate" of this touch-this-touch-that-as-I-comrnand-you school, and presented himself as a patient. The lady operator was incredibly attired--or rather unattired, for she had very little on-- and before long it became exceedingly obvious that she was not so much interested in having the "patient" touch a dirty spot on a chair or fondle a door knob as she was in having him touch things on her. This game, which has "playing postoffice" beat four ways from Sunday, could speedily lead into interesting but compromising goings-an. Further checking disclosed that at the "training center" of this concern, the mixed company of students, outside of formal school hours, might be suspected of engaging extensively in this and other equally bizarre "techniques".

Sex is nice--but the sexual embrace ought to be frank and whole-hearted, and not a corollary of some psychic-drugging procedure. Really, the sex phases of such a system are of no particular significance. What IS important is that the basic motive is to take the victim to the cleaners for every dollar he has or can beg, steal, or borrow. And it's incredible how much money the hypnotized disciples of a clever and ruthless operator will plead and beg of him to accept from them.

Don't be tricked by any faker, whether he claims to be holy, "illuminated", or "scientific". There are charlatans who promise--even through the U. S. mails, so stupidly reck less are they--to heal or transform you for large sums of money--some by esoteric "teachings", others by their mere presence or by their invoking some mysterious Power. The Power they claim to invoke is genuine--but it functions only within each of us. It was, is, and probably always will be here, unlimited.

The faker who hypnotizes you out of your money is not himself a sane, whole, and happy man--he is usually operating, puppet-like, on some deep, uncleared set of sub conscious image patterns as brutal as those of some stray killer shark.

The power to create and to re-create is within each of us. It is not to be brought in through the door or the window by the wave of any man's hand, no matter how good or saintly a man he may in some cases actually be.

Creative Image Therapy
by Volney G Mathison
(c) 1954 by Matheson Electropsychometers International
Scanned and OCR'd by Exposing the CON

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