Title: Chris Cloutier's situation
seekon@ix.netcom.com (Conner)
Date: Sat, 20 Mar 1999 17:42:43 GMT

A nice looking young man, well-dressed, joined the
picketing group somewhere in the course of our
celebration of Ron's birthday.  He wasn't really
picketing or leafletting, although he did pass
out a few copies of a multi-page paper of some

I have reproduced that paper below.  Based on 
what he says in the letter, I think he would
approve of my doing this.  I have only corrected
a couple of obvious misspellings (and probably
introduced a couple by my typing).  I have 
otherwise tried to copy his words and punctuation
and capitalization exactly, and to preserve
the style of his essay.

I have reproduced his paper and am disseminating it
because I think gives ineresting personal insights,
and more importantly, because it gives insights into
"church" thinking, and presents evidence that RTC is
squirreling tech, and in what ways.  I hope you all
find it interesting, too.

And Chris, I would enjoy having a way to get in
touch with you.


QUESTION:  Who are you, and why is your data of 
           such importance.

ANSWER:  My name is Chris Cloutier.  I have pledged
my support to a group that is currently, and for 
quite some time, operating OFF THE RAILS --
deceiving their own members.  There are mthods of
education which require forced agreement.  These
are not in line with the original intention of the
founder.  I have risked my position and name these
past two years trying to play their system.  Now, I
have been excommunicated.

         On behalf of my respect for the founder
and to improve my own condition, I will publish
this piece attempting to save the best data I have
encountered.  I am NOT trying to get back into good
standing nor do I have money or revenge to
motivate me.  I care for every member involved.  I 
only hope they exercise their free will and 
demand answers from group officials.  I will be
here to lead such daring individuals.  We all have
a responsibility to restore truth.



QUESTION:  When you say "founder" are you referring
           to L. Ron Hubbard -- leader of the

ANSWER:  Yes.  However, the first church was formed
by Scientologists in 1954 and only assisted by Ron
with unadulterated, written technology-- both
technical and administrative.


QUESTION:  Has this work just recently been as you
           say "adulterated".

ANSWER: No.  Twice in the 1970's and 1980's church
officials and management have bastardized the tech.
Ron was made aware, corrected the scene and
individuals involved, leaving it to us to ensure it
didn't occur again.  This is covered in policy

          Ron departed on Jan. 24, 1986


QUESTION:  How has Ron's work benefitted your life
            and why might it interest others?

ANSWER: The expanse of his work is considerable.  I
have been exposed to the basic tenets of Scientology
and much of it's administrative teachings.  I have
also been extensively tech trained at the highest
training organization in Clearwater, Florida call

          The most impressive aspect of study tech
was the allowance to use or reject the data (power
of choice over the datum).  The lectures that cover
this point are now mysteriously missing.

          Ron has addressed many areas of life such
as communication, ethics, responsibility, finance,
administration, social behavior to name a few.  He
has simplified these and offers basic techniqes
which WHEN DONE RIGHT produce desired effects.

          I have complete communication courses
which dramatically changed my life.  My confront and
responsibility level have come way up.  I have more
control of my environment.  I have helped numerous
people change their lives simply by having them look
up words they thought they knew.  I have also helped
others to spot ideas or information that were false
and wrecking their lives.  Using these methods
increased my awareness, I.Q., and ability to handle
myself and others.

          Study technology was most impressive.
Before this, I relied on glib, robotic memorization
as the only way to "learn". Recently it has been
combined with rote methods.

          Numerous deliberate alterations of tech
will be explained later including original reports
sent uplines previous to my dismissal.


QUESTION:  When you were working in the church and
           what was your role?

ANSWER:  I was recruited from Boston org. and
joined the Sea Organization in Feb '96.  My last
days were mid March '98.  I worked with students
in the academy courseroom at the second highest 
service org A.S.H.O. in L.A. as a word clearer.


QUESTION: What was your function as a word clearer?

ANSWER: I was responsible for helping students read
and understand material.  Through use of skilled
methods of clearing words, the could then duplicate
what is being taught.  Power of choice over the
datum should have then entered in.

          I also helped to strip or disabuse false
data, ideas, and poor operating procedures through
false data stripping--method designed to spot and
rid these so true data could then enter.  It should,
of course, be up to the individual to decide what is
true and what should be replaced.

          When the training became more enforced,
it made my job troublesome and near impossible.


QUESTION:  What do you mean the training became
           more enforced?

ANSWER: New drills were introduced to study packs
and checksheets.  These drilss call for students to
consecutively answer "What do you do?" questions
until they can respond with the answers without a
"flunk".  It appears the material is being placed
into the recall of the student and then must be
instantly recited exactly or the drill must be done
again and again.  Ron writes about these methods and
states that the education he offered is quite
different.  this data is also covered in the missing

        The latest strategy dubbed The Golden Age Of
Tech has drills for nearly all training courses.
They bring the student up to glib levels where
students never really know or "use" what they drill.
I offered added time with students and was told it
wasn't necessary.  It is written on the instructions
that any inability to do the drill is solved by
doing the drill.  It is up to the supervisors and
wordclearers to keep them on these drills and not
allow them to run off.

         Patter drills were part of this also.
These require the student to sit facing a wall and
recite material until he/she had it memorized.

         Upon checkout, material must be recited
correctly without pause or hesitation.  Some of
these were verbatum.  This is similar to something
Ron had developed for counselors for specific
session commands.  Even their reference states this.
This is closer to "Chinese School" learning that Ron
did approve for certain material only.

         At any rate, this new tech reaches for
a glib understanding which the majority seem to be
happy with.  It is not in line with the founder and
needs to be eliminated.  It is robbing the students
of original intended education.


QUESTION:  How did the Golden Age Of Tech come
           about and why did parishioners allow it?

ANSWER: The movement was not progressing quick
enough.  I could see sloppy management of
organization.  I witnessed out-ethics within
churches from adultery to poor training supervision.
Students were plaing with each other and coaching
standards dropped severely.

         Church officials finally did something 
about it.  They brainstormed as a group and came
up with this tech.  Compormises were made along the 
way and I'm sure it sounded quite good.  I'm not
sure who might have objected at first.

         A large restructuring of management took
place and new R.T.C. members were inducted.
Supervisors and wordclearers were trained on this
tech and each church on the planet was represented.
It was intended to be a secreat and we were all
bonded for $10,000.00 before its release.  New
equipment was created to coincide with the new
drills.  This built up a tremendous hype.

         The boldest move wasn't until May 9, 1996.
this was the release date at Flag.  The Chairman of
the Board, David Miscavige, proceeded to inform
thousands of parishioners that after thorough
investigation, The Blind Have Been Leading The
Blind.  I personally saw this as a direct insult.  I
would surmise that others were happy with this
evaluation.  The end result is the new tech with a
heavy planet-wide push to see it through.


QUESTION: You mentioned the enforced training and
          missing tapes.  Were there areas of tech
          you had problems with and reported?

ANSWER: Yes--quite a few.  My job was helping
students with problems they encountered.  When I
began to help, I found the students were correct
with their quandries.  I would then include these in
my weekly reports as well as requesting assistance
through the proper terminals.  After numerous months
of continued reports, I began to do my own
investigation of tech--mainly to try to help solve
the puzzles for the students.  I would even have the
students write but the best response was to go see
the word clearer--ME.

         My first clues were to look for policy
letters that had been revised since Ron's departure.
I then compared the older ones and what I discovered
was shocking.

         I have specifics in separate reports.


QUESTION: How is it that policy can be revised 
          and still be considered Ron's work?

ANSWER: There is a group within the church called
R.T.R.C. that stands for Ron's Technical Research
and Compilations.  This group is trusted by
R.T.C. and the entire structure to compile all of
Ron's technical materials, checksheets and related
data.  This is the group jeopardizing the entire
philosophy.  R.T.C. is also responsible because
their job is to ensure this didn't happen.  I should
add that R.T.C. is revered by most church staff and
I myself considered R.T.R.C. to be equally
trustworthy--mainly because of initials.

        I have also read a directive that grants
R.T.R.C explicit permission to revise as necessary
and distribute further technical information as
needed.  This directive, if I recall correctly, 
states that they have Ron's permission to do this.
The document is dated after Ron left us.  This is
now what we are told is true.


QUESTION:  How obvious are some of these corrupted 
           revisions and to what extent are they
           marring what Ron has done.

ANSWER: The revisions themselves "appear" fine.
Most Scientologists won't question them.  The few
that actuallly "work" with the material will believe
something is wrong yet restrain for fear of
appearing incompetent.  To do otherwise will
eventually make them an enemy of the group.

          Examples of the corruption and fraud can
be found in The Golden Age Of Tech. Material that
Ron noted to begin all study packs with are now
located near end.  These are the K.S.W. series.
Another states that no changes are to be made and
recent changes have now drastically changed and
degraded a major drill--Pro Tr's OT-TR0.  There have
been instructions in the past--BTB's removed by
Ron--that are now policy and have his name as if he
wrote them.  These3 were on our training at Flag.
Just about all recent revisions don't have the
"reasons for" written at the top.  This is quite

          A blatent tech degrade with confronting
paper on the study course has been effectively
covered-up with the institution of an ALLOW NO
ARBITRARIES issue.  This solution arbitrary as it
leaves the drill's result undefined.  Students can
now quickie this drill without even knowing what
they should have achieved.  When the drill was first
implemented there were major wins from students with
incredible success stories.  Since the changes, the
drill has been less effective.

          The amount of cursory changes by this
cluster appears reckless and quite devious.  All
changes or so called authorized revisions seem to
favor quickness in training.  The quicker students
finish these courses the faster they pay for others.
The students prefer to go quicker and grant control
to this new system of study yet unwary at the same
time.  Miscavige, the leader, shrugged his shoulders
when he addressed the 700 trainees at Flag saying "If
they memorize it..."--we filled in the rest.

          There are planetary effects as well.  When
I was near the end of my duty, I witnessed tours
from the N.A.A.C.P. interested in current training
techniques.  This study tech is becoming more
widespread and possibly in other schools.  If the
material was on source and properly run, I would
have no problem with it.  It would be unsurpassed.


QUESTION:  Did R.T.C. or management ever confront 
           your reports possibly offering support
           or attempt to assist you at all?

ANSWER: R.T.C. has yet to do anything with my
reports.  Their operating procedure was to send them
directly to R.T.R.C. for further investigation.
This was the major problem.  It is r.T.R.C. who
initiated the corruption.

         There was a period when I was removed from
my post.  During this period, there were orders to
send me back to Flag for correction.  After weeks of
waiting, I was instructed to go to cramming in
L.A. instead.  Cramming is intense word clearing on
specific difficulties.  I agreed to this and hoped I
could solve these problems here.

          I worked with the cramming officer who
was a veteran in the church but not familiar with
these new variations.  Hence, after many hours, we
concluded that there are valid problems that need
attention.  These issues are still persisting.  The
cramming officer left the Sea Org just prior to
my dismissal.  He appeared to be quite frustrated.

          Nevertheless, I was back on post and
continued my demands for answers.  This continued
for quite some time and numerous reports.  I had
been very successful applying what worked well and I
received numerous commendations from studens and
staff.  This should have made my reports fairly
credible.  Instead, they were considered annoying.


QUESTION:  How was it you were taken off post again
           and dismissed as you stated?

ANSWER:  That I will address later when I go into
the horrid internal justice system.


QUESTION:  Will disclosing this bring about the 
           change you desire?

ANSWER: I do intend to bring many matters to light
in order for any reform and rectification to
occur--not only with mgmt. and tech, but the entire
Sea Organization.

        I have attempted to do this internally and
discreetly however I need group support.  Currently
members are not allowed to communicate with me.  I
have been declared a suppressive person by the
International Justice Chief.  Hopefully this will
spark appropriate controversy.  I see others who
seek to stop the church for their own personally
biased reasons--wasting their time.  The philosophy
itself musn't be tampered with It it continues to be
abused, the mgmt. and all their precious real estate
and staff will be left barren.  They are already in
way over their heads and pressure for income appears
to be an operative motive.



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