If you are able to read our first issue without feeling the need to turn yourself into the nearest Office of Special Affairs (OSA) or Org Ethics Officer, then there is an excellent chance that you have become, or are about to become, a graduate of Scientology.

If you have come to an awareness that the Hubbard-Heads have been insidiously seeking to deny you your personal right to creatively undertake the development of your own spiritual nature and relationship with all that is, i.e., God, in order that they may set themselves up as super being heir-apparents to the universe, then you have taken a giant step forward in returning yourself to your personal rights under the Constitution of the United States. The right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. There is higher awareness. There is a creator. There is the opportunity to develop a self-awareness of your relationship with all of life and the creator of all-that-is. Hubbard’s "Bridge" continues to remain largely brain washing using Hubbard’s science fiction, all cloaked in religious trappings to escape prosecution for fraud.

It is intended that the forthcoming Internet issues set forth a series of observations with regard to exposing the dark side of Scientology to those ready to escape from the self-imposed mind control programming engaged in by cult’s current members. Additionally, it is our intention to invite contributors to help set forth corollaries to the programming techniques of the Hubbardites. De-programming observations are designed to not only overcome the negative effects of Scientology’s "Technology", but to open a gateway, or portal, to the recipient through which a closer relationship with one’s own spirituality may be established. As we expose the truth that has been surrounded by darkness, it will allow you to change your life for the better, on a self-determined, or self-realized basis. Yes, the truth shall set you free.

In Scientology, programming begins with the introduction of ARC, or affinity, reality and communications. A catchy word. It is the first hook in Scientology. Hubbard uses the affinity he is able to generate through his stories (communication) to get people into agreement with his programming. There is a difference between "Reality" and "Actuality". Actuality is what is. If, as Hubbard claims, reality is agreement, then as a former student of Black Magic, reality becomes whatever he can convince people it is. Once they have gone for the con, they simply do not see anything outside the agreed upon parameters of the con. So the con becomes totally real to the mark, but quite probably has no relationship to the actuality of the rest of life. Separation, divide and conquer. Ring a bell????

It is no accident that defining words is stressed so highly in Scientology. The Scientology Dictionary as an example (in which yours truly may be seen pictured within the definition of "Third Dynamic"), of the creation of a language which once learned, defines the reality of the reader and practitioner, the world according to Hubbard. The beauty of the con (from Hubbard and his heirs viewpoint) is that once you have agreed to maintain the purity of the tech, you must also continuously open your wallet and shell out to obtain the benefits of the "Tech".

The Progression of the Con

The con, of course, begins with the "Bridge". There is no denial that Hubbard was indeed a brilliant individual, his character, however, left all of us something to be desired, and his intelligence was distorted by his criminal intent. He knew, you see, that he couldn’t just begin with ripping people off because that would spoil any further opportunity to collect future "donations". What better way to keep the marks coming back than to hint that his "Bridge" would restore the abilities lost by the human race as a result of the activities of a long-dead federation of planets. How brilliant to dangle the carrot in front of the rabbit, with the rabbit constantly pushing the carrot away from itself, through its agreement with Hubbard’s reality and a corresponding mis-understanding of actuality? The first three levels of the "Bridge" actually create a self-imposed ARC with Scientology. The levels are designed to create affinity through agreement and communication. There is absolutely no doubt that the Communication Course increases a person’s ability to communicate. As a Sea Organization Missionaire, I always made a ton of money for Hubbard by running a really tough communications course. People would come away from those courses feeling as though they were on top of the world. Their ability to communicate was greatly enhanced. However, what they didn’t realize was that their ability to communicate with Scientologists was what was enhanced. They had hundreds and perhaps even thousands of new "terminals" to communicate with , if you consider the "Congresses" held for the purposes of cementing the new reality of Scientology. Conversely, initiates were being very subliminally led to drop communications attempts with that not associated with Scientology. Actuality was subliminally replace by the reality of Scientology’s "Bridge to Freedom".


Making others wrong in order to be right! This level stuck you right in the middle of your real or imagined past life guilt. Of course you had to be guilty of something, or you couldn’t possibly degenerated as a spiritual being to the lowly level of becoming a human being. Guilt, as a programming tool, works. There’s not a mother on this planet that doesn’t instinctively know that. Of course it doesn’t work until a person has bonded with another through, guess what? Affinity, reality and communications. It is the fear of loss of those things that allows guilt to be effectively used in controlling the mindset of another human being. Hubbard apparently never actually completed Level Four himself. I believe it is safe to assume this is so, as his organizations to this day continuously make others wrong in order to create the appearance of Scientology being right. If this behavior originated from "Source", then "Source couldn’t have been flat on level four. You should be getting the hint as to where the rest of the "Bridge is going. We’ll cover more of that territory in the next issue. Meanwhile, I would like to throw out a few observations or questions to ponder, and invite feedback from readers or contributions from other technical or organizational expertsfor the next issue, which should follow in about thirty (30) days.

Observation No. 1

America’s Hubbell telescope is photographing images of exploding galaxies from billions of years ago, perhaps longer. Does anyone out there know anyone who has gone through OT III, maybe done some date/locates on the Markabian Confederation of Planets who can give some data to someone who can get a scan of the area? Hubbard claimed that the Federation was now mostly wreckage. Surely 75 planets couldn’t be destroyed without leaving some observable evidence. I’d like to find out if there’s any indication of such a society destroyed where Hubbard said it was. Anybody ever looked?

Observation No. 2

Matter, Energy, Space and Time (MEST) You know, the non-theta stuff, non-spiritual? The stuff that all you thetans are supposed to be outside? I cannot believe people miss doing the upper levels treat BT’s as building blocks for the body. If you just remember Hubbard’s definition of Thetan you would realize that the body cannot be made out of something non-physical. On OT III we’re auditing out body thetans? Degraded beings? I think not. Hubbard had you attacking your own DNA, genetic entity, if you will. Is it any wonder so many people go crazy?

Infinitely expanding universes exist, and they are observable phenomena with available technology. Such phenomena presuppose the ability of all component parts to experience the Is-ness of themselves. I have it on good authority, from one of Hubbard’s former Class XII research auditors, that Hubbard was fully aware that there wasn’t anything that wasn’t alive, regardless of the state of consciousness of its present form. Think about that for a moment. Every cell of your body, billions of them, have a consciousness of the role that they play in being contained by the overall body in which you believe that you dwell.

The most dangerous aspect of the Scientology programming is I believe, the attack on your own actuality. You are convinced that an integral part of your own beingness, your link to the rest of life, DNA, are degraded beings impinged on you, and in fact make up your body. Without realizing it, you are attempting to blow off your own body, and to add insult to injury you are paying Scientology and the Hubbard-heads to do it. The fact of the matter is that it is a form of suicide and they’ve convinced you that it leads to total freedom. Get it, everything thing that is you as a synergetic entity is supposed to be there. Your job, as a so-called thetan, is to learn how to use it in a loving, synergetic manner to create more joy in life between yourself and the rest of all-that-is.

Thank you for your attention. We look forward to future issues and your participation in creating same.

The Captain.

Scott Mayer

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