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"Bypassed Charge" was not invented or discovered by hubbard
Interview with Gordon Bell on IRC chat, he is using the nickname {Druid}

Q: Do you  have any LRH stories to tell?
Druid:  [LRH was ] either stoned on cocaine or his own evil.

Druid:  yeah, Blubbard stole the idea of "bypassed frigg'n charge" from me.
Q: Are you serious?  You came up with "bypassed charge"?
Druid:  As far as I've since been able to grok, Blubbard wasn't even a freewill spiritual being.
Druid:  was just a shade projection from the lower astral darkness.
Druid:  Yes, I came up with so-called "bypassed charge"
Q: How did you come up with it?  What made you think of that term?

Druid:  oh gawhd, goes back to St. Hill in the early 60s when we were "researching" the illusion called "goals".
Druid:  We were doing rather well, too. "We" being the St. Hill students.
Druid:  But Blubbard couldn't stand it.
Druid:  It drove him bonkers to think that a "thetan" might find his/her own goals, [ and ] run the charge off of them, 
Druid:  and become more powerful than Blubbard!!!
Druid:  so he stopped it all!
Arnie: damn druid, you never told me that
Druid:  and changed the whole line to "implants"
Q: What do you mean he stopped it all?
Druid:  well, I protested, fucking LOUDLY!!!!!
Druid:  like I was ready to take Herbie Parkhouse and Blubbard both on.
Druid:  physically!
Druid:  in physical battle.
Druid:  Well, it became Herbie's job to "handle" me.
Druid:  and he was doing a terrible job of it. LOL.
Druid:  anyhow, I was "handling" myself.
Druid:  and finally I tells ol' Herbie:
Druid:  "It's just by-passed charge from my own goals."
Druid:  and at that herbie, who was the auditing supervisor at St. Hill at the time
Druid:  suddenly shut up and listened.
Druid:  and I told him about by-passed charge.
Druid:  lol
Q: So the concept of auditing goals became implants?  Inverse.
Druid:  I should have copyrighted it on the spot!!!
Druid:  anyhow, Herbie writes all this down and runs off to his puppetmaster The Blubbard
Druid:  next thing you know "by-passed charge" auditing is introduced.
Q: Interesting story, Druid.
Druid:  Yeah. Blubbard introduced his cocaine-invented "Helatrobus Implants".
Arnie I met druid in 1967
Q: So you fellas go back a feeer piece.
Druid:  Arnie and I have a 'thing'.
Druid:  a spiritual love affair.
Druid:  I first touched the scienoturds in 1956.
Druid:  David Mayo invented NOTS.
Q: Yes, I knew that.  
Druid:  There were some other inventions i came up with too. Forget what they were.
Druid:  John McMaster put the Clearing Course together.
Druid:  Alan Walters did a whole mess of stuff.
Druid:  I think alan did all the auditing by lists carrying on.
Druid:  I tried hard, to be a true believer. Well, I very succeeded in being a true everyone else.
Druid:  Dust is a baby compared to my age.
 Yes, therein lies the catch.
Druid:  I am more ancient than the Ancient of Days.
Q:At least you've maintained a sense of humor about it all.
Druid:  Well, i had a humungous spiritual revelation about 11 years ago and have never been the same since.
 Q: Tell me.
Druid:  I had no withdrawel pains from the cult.
Druid:  Well, I did the whole entire goddamn worthless ass so-called 'bridge'.
 Q: Neither did I, except wondering what might happen with my children in the future.
Druid:  and I knew I had not even scratched the surface of true spirit.
Druid:  and I know of another technology, called "meditation"
Druid:  Well, I had seen statues and pics of The Buddha off and on, and he was always in meditation
Q: Yes, and seeking to live with an attitude of love.
Druid:  and I'd wonder, What in the world is he doing in there?
Druid:  So I sat down and started doing what I thought he as doing.
Druid:  That! was the most spiritually correct thing i ever did up to that time.

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