Title: [ANNOUNCE] Ex-Scientologists Speak: "The Black Lensman"
Author: marina@fakeaddress (Marina Chong)
Date: Sat, 06 Jun 1998 22:20:16 GMT


Note: These articles were posted by Marina Chong on the
behalf of an ex-scientologist who requested anonymity.


    1.[Black Lensman] -> On Hubbard and Democracy [01
      Jan 1997]
      Hubbard DID NOT like Democracy. In the reference
      that Heidrun quoted, that, I believe, is what Hubbard
      said to do as a last resort! There are other writings
      where Hubbard blasts democracy. 


    1.My Story (Part 1) [The Black Lensman] [24 Mar 1996]
      I, being no longer in agreement with the Church of
      Scientology, have decided that it would be best to attack
      the Church of Scientology. 
      [The Black Lensman ] [26 Mar 1996]
      In the summer of 1986, Sea Org Members started
      showing up for post with big welts on their bodies. What
      was causing these welts? 
    3.Cramming Order: Milne & Brennan [The Black
      Lensman] [02 Apr 1996]
      It has been observed that every time Andrew or Cory
      posts a "Theta" message on ARS, it generates between
      10 to 100 "Entheta" responses, thus their postings are
      actually harming the Cof$. 
    4.Cramming Order, Cory Brennan [The Black Lensman]
      [07 Apr 1996]
      Cory has been responding to critics letters with excerpts
      of the critics postings, thus forwarding an Enemy Line. 
    5.cientology and Holidays [The Black Lensman] [07 Apr
      The Church of Scientology hates Holidays. 
    6.How A Nice Jewish Boy from New York Gets
      Clamified! [The Black Lensman] [17 Apr 1996]
      In the communications course we learned the following
      skills, so important in today's rough job market: staring
      at someone, staring at someone with your eyes closed. 
    7.Leaving Staff -- Fact and Fiction [The Black Lensman]
      [19 Apr 1996]
      Our friends in management though have placed real
      and imagined barriers there to stop you from blowing. I
      want to go through some of these to show you what's
      fact and whats fiction about leaving staff. 
    8.From PTS Scientology Public to PTS Scientology Staff
      Member [The Black Lensman] [22 Apr 1996]
      What was really amazing was how the attitude of the
      other staff changed towards me: If I would say good
      morning to someone as public, I would get a cheery
      "Good morning" back. After I joined staff, the answer
      became "Stop Dev_Ting me and get to work!" 
    9.DISASTER: The Autumn of 1982 Mission Holders
      Conference [The Black Lensman] [23 Apr 1996]
      The problem was that the Missions wanted to keep all
      the thousands it was making and not let the Orgs steal
      their fair share of the publics cash. 
      Black Lensman] [02 Sep 1996]
      It is a stable datum that the Church of Scientology will
      do nothing that it doesn't think will bring them higher
      stats by Thursday at 2:00 PM, as janitors did not
      directly contribute to the stats, eventually, dispite the
      best efforts of the staff to keep the Org clean, the org
      would look like a pig sty! 
   11.The Good, The Bad and the Scientologists [The Black
      Lensman] [30 Sep 1996] 
      Well, from one who was involved, what I can tell you is
      that there is a lot of truth and goodness in Scientology. 
      [The Black Lensman} [05 Oct 1996]
      I call myself The Black Lensman because of a
      conversation I once had with an Old Time Scientologist
      who had known LRH from the days when he was doing
      his "swami stuff" in Hollywood. 
   13.The Black Lensman: PROPER COLON HYGIENE
      (satire) [12 Oct 1996]
      It has often been said by critics of Scientology that
      Scientologists were so brainwashed that they even need
      permission from Hubbard to wipe their butts. 
   14.The Black Lensman: PROPER COLON HYGIENE
      (satire) [12 Oct 1996]
      It has often been said by critics of Scientology that
      Scientologists were so brainwashed that they even need
      permission from Hubbard to wipe their butts. 
   15.[Black Lensman]: Germany [23 Oct 1996]
      Taking away some poor schmuck's job, because they
      got some auditing only serves to strengthen Scientology!
   16.A Tribute to Frank Zappa [The Black Lensman] [25
      Oct 1996]
      Frank Zappa hated Scientology and loved Freedom of
   17.Leaving Scientology Part II, The Act of Defiance [25
      Oct 1996] 
      So, I was out of Scientology for about a month in a new
      city with no friends with only my family to keep me
   18.[Black Lensman]: SPAM [06 November 1996]
      I am sorry folks, I wanted to continue telling you my
      story tonight, but I saw too much SPAM from the Cof$
      and felt I must comment on it! 
   19.[The Black Lensman] -- Lieutenant James Byrne [20
      November 1996]
      If those were the "Elite of Planet Earth" then I must say
      that I would be proud to be a "Degraded Being 

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