Linking Electrical Currents and Cancer Growth


"It seems to me that any electrical technique capable of stimulating bone growth

might also stimulate other types of growth. In 1981 I experimented with human cancer cells in culture, exposing them to levels of DC current equivalent to those present in the area of soft tissue of a bone nonunion treated with the 10 microampere technique"

"The cancer cells exposed to these elctrical factors grew at least 300 percent faster than the controls. I was surprised to find that this significant increase in grwoth occurred at both the negative and positive electrodes"

"further it showed that the DC Current devices, approved by the FDA, were promoters of cancer growth. I reported my results in one of the orthopedic journals, pointing out that the approved DC current technque might stimulate the growth of an unsuspected cancer anywhere in the current pathway"


"In 1981, a team of Japanese investigators reported that mouse bone-cancer cells treated with the same DC technique increased their DNA synthesis ( a measure of cell replication ) by about 200 percent, substantiating my results"

From Cross Currents by Robert O Becker MD published by Tarcher Putnam isbn 0-87477-6-9-0