Missive by Greg Barnes..

After being out of Scn for 2 years now..... man does one go through an

Scn gives one more wrong items and indications than any org I know of.

Here are a few of my own realizations regarding scn and I hope that it helps

First you are told you have a reactive mind and everyone else does to..

Then you are told you have engrams, secondaries and locks....

Then you are told auditing handles these

Then you attest to states of awareness while you are in a state of delusion and
euphoria(like getting a high off a drug).

These states do not last like drug states do not last, so when more "unwanted"
things happen to you that the previous level was suppose to handle... you are
then told the next level handles that and the next level handles that and the
next level handles that and .......more delusion and illusion.

Then you are told you are clear...and no one has the abilities that Hubbard lays
out in Dns...so now you have states of awareness that you really do not have but
you now begin to believe it...you have a bracelet to prove it and you are asked
most of the time "where are you on the bridge" and you say "clear"...or OT etc.
..now the delusion gets pounded in by others,by the tech and yourself...all of
this a wrong indication and item but you do not know that.

Then you are OT 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8, and you are in total delusion as well as living
in an illusion and you have certificates attesting you to the different states
of delusion and only those that are of this level or similar belief can you
"exist with" because "OT's can not exist by themselves". The mob keeps the
illusion and delusion real and you are now part of that mob.

You are trained that scn is the most ethical group on the planet and that its
members are like you and that you are all going free and boots in the sky and
all of Hubbards sacrifices to bring you this tech to set you free and others
free and how lucky you are after all these lifetimes to be here in scn and you
have this one chance to go free and time is running out and your help is needed
and ....BAM...the delusion and illusion is now laid in hard and relentlessly.

You see being told you are Clear or "OT 1,2,3,4,5,6,7, etc etc" is like driving
around in your car thinking you have a million dollars in the bank and you
really believe it others tell you it is so, when in actually you only have
$200. You are in a state of delusion....and god forbid that you wake up..

Scn trains you that the real world is not real but evil and bad and the social
veneer is very deceiving and that you do not see the true evil that lies behind
all the goodness that you see, that the goodness is sometimes cloaked in evil so
you should doubt apparent goodness. You are taught that scn is real and that
only as a scn'ist will you be able to survive the "real" world and how evil and
degraded it really is....you are taught that all other religions are space opera
implants and that God is an implant the gov't is an implant everything is an
implant except scn....the delusion is now so complete that you think that to
leave the delusion would be insane...so you stay in the delusion to stay

You are trained to keep the delusion going and why the delusion does not work on
others. You are trained on getting others into the delusion as well because
only you and the others in this delusion are sane and the rest of the population
is either PTS, SP or unconscious. You are taught that only scn can save this
prison planet and you have to work hard to get off of it and get others out as
well or they will all perish. (More delusion)

You are taught and others tell you and you believe that scn is the only remedy
and salvation (Road to truth tape) and that to stop your trip to total freedom
will bring upon you... doom. More delusion and now fear.

When anyone or thing starts to crack at that delusion you are trained that they
are suppressive and this keeps the illusion even more solid and in place.

When the press starts printing the truth you are told "SP's are attacking us
because we are clearing the planet and they do not want us to go free" more
delusion and illusion.

You are in fear of doubting the delusion because then where would you be...a wog
with a reactive mind living on a prison planet with no hope of ever getting
off....total delusion.

You think to yourself... but I had wins and others did too!!?? Yes "had" is
correct but they were temporary and did not last and the "next level will handle
that" like a drug high. Others in the delusion talk to you about the
delusion(scn). Since you are surrounded by scn most of the time and those that
doubt the delusion you disconnect from and all bad news is from SP's... the
delusion becomes again safe and real and you are "sane" again.

You are taught terms to define those actions that might crack the delusion that
you are now in and that term is "entheta" (bad news) and you are taught terms
that reinforce the delusion ..."theta"...meaning life and thought and all those
things that are good...so delusion is theta and anything that counters the
delusion is entheta, no matter how true it is.

You observe OT's and Clears that are grossly outethics and criminal you see mgmt
do insane things but the delusion has answers for that as well "we mend a world
with broken straws" or what ever LRH saying is handy. The delusion continues
because now you have an answer for your brief view of reality and that reality
is gone and the illusion continues. To look at yourself and say "I am not OT or
Clear or any more able than Joe next door" is a luxury you do not have and in
most scn'ist a total inability...because to view reality and the truth that all
this delusion and illusion and wonderful states of awareness are not real will
drive one insane all to fast. You bought the wrong item and indications for so
long that they are now you.

Coming out of the delusion and the wrong items and indications and mind
indoctrination is a slow gradual process that takes time and patience. For some
there lives are ruined and others take more drastic steps and for us we will
give time it's due because it is working for us. The delusion is so real and so
important and was so much of our lives that to look at it in one leap.. that is
was all a lie.. is overwhelming as I have seen and experienced.

Yes Scn does work!!!!! It traps individuals into a state of illusion and
delusion that for some the only way out is death. For myself and others who have
"survived" the delusion and illusion, waking up to that fact is like going
through withdrawals. Everyday is like an adventure and a disappointment as well,
but being free and able to look at the delusion brings one closer to reality.

The reality of the real world is that it is not all bad and is not all wine and
roses either, there is more good going on than bad and life is worth living in
the real world without the delusion and illusion of being "saved" and "saving

I hope that this helps members see what is so obvious and yet so hidden in the
delusion that scn creates for everyone.