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"To endure is the first thing that a child ought to learn and that which he will have the most need to know"
Jean Jacques Rousseau


Painting below used to hang in Scientology's Sandcastle facility for "OTs" in Clearwater, by a

image of painting that used to hang in Scientology's Sandcastle facility for

"New OT8" Artist Michael Pattinson, who tells his story - View from the end of Ron's bridge




Who Killed
L Ron Hubbard?

Demons of Freedom, by Ex-member Ken Rose, author of the Key to Life course

Thaddeus's Blogsite LINK

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Caroline Letkeman, an ex-scientology auditor's, award winning essay explains how L Ron Hubbard fooled YOU - Scientology: Soul Hackers

Sir Arthur C. Clarke talks about Hubbard LINK

Part 1
Creed Pearson's
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4 - Part 5 - Imagine - Part 6 - Trust.

Two sisters leave and tell their story - 5 Oct 2007

Vibeke Damman Testimony

Warrior's Archive
Page by a co-worker I knew when I was 'in' scientology

The Very Strange Death of L Ron Hubbard the King of CONs

Through the Door:
Ex-member Interviews

Links to More Ex-member stories

Movies that a great for understanding Scientology:
The Truman Show 1998
The Sleuth 1972

Understanding OSA and the Guardians Office:
Cape Fear 1962

Who is Who in OSA



Scientology's Scandals!


L Ron Hubbard's great grandson: Jamie Kennedy explains what $cientology really is: "My mother still has a letter from Ron threatening to break my grandfather's legs"

The mp3 track you want to hear is "Judas' Son" - enjoy
[ parental advisory - adult language ] [ Audio file, mp3]

L Ron Hubbard's Son - Ron DeWolf denounces his own father as a fraud - Read this hard to find 1982 interview in the News Herald

A Day at Gold Base with David Miscavige,
by Jesse Prince

Web links about Scientology Altering their "tech"

Pat Broeker announces Hubbard's Death VIDEO

Truth About Scientology - Alterations

Religious Frauds - Alterations

Freezone Summary of Alterations

The Aberree
Published between 1954 and 1965 this unauthorized by Scientology newsletter is excellent history for current and past members, written using the nomenclature of Scientology

Be sure to browse through the news archive on this site, articles go back to 1950.

Hubbard the Master stage hypnotist

Memorable Quotes

"In general, one is only right when either wish or fear coincides with reality - we are all capable of believing things which we know to be untrue, and then, when we are finally proved wrong, impudently twist the facts so as to show that we were right. Intellectually, it is possible to carry on this process for an indefinite time: the only check on it is that sooner or later a false belief bumps against the solid reality, usually on a battlefield. George Orwell

"I don't trust a man who talks about ethics when he is picking my pocket. But if he is acting in his own self-interest and says so, I have usually been able to work out some way to do business with him." Robert Heinlein, Lazarus Long in "Time Enough For Love"

"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free." Johann W. Von Goethe

"There never was a good war, or a bad peace." Benjamin Franklin

"The First Amendment does not allow the state "to reduce the adult reading only what is fit for children." Felix Frankfurter

"The less government we have the better. The antodote to... abuse of formal government is the influence of private character, the growth of the individual." Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have the exact measure of the injustice and wrong that will be imposed on them." Frederick Douglass

"I do this really moronic thing that the government doesn't want me to do. It is called thinking." George Carlin

"Penalties against possession of a drug should not be more damaging to an individual than the use of the drug itself." President Jimmy Carter, Aug. 2, 1977

"Parties like or dislike our constitution, just as they are out of power, or in it: Those who are out of power like it, because it gives them the best protection against those who are in power; and those who have been in power have blamed it, for not giving them power enough to oppress all whom they would oppress." Cato's Letters, 1722

"The right to freedom being the gift of God, it is not in the power of man to alienate this gift and voluntarily become a slave." Samuel Adams

"If you think of yourself as a decent, rational person, and you support the war on drugs, then you are misinformed... either about the war or about your decency and rationality." Ray Aldridge: The WARSTOP pages, April, 1995

"The passing of an unjust law is the suicide of authority." Pastoral Letter of the American Roman Catholic Herarchy, Feb., 1920

"The Earth is degenerating today. Bribery and corruption abound. Children no longer obey their parents, every man wants to write a book, and it is evident that the end of the world is fast approaching." Assyrian tablet, c. 2800 BC

More Quotes like this at the News page



How to get your money back by Tory Christman LINK

The Real Scientology Sea Organization Motto, and the motto of and supporters is:


for our friends and family to get them out of Scientology while they are still alive

Ex-Scientology Kids Tell their stories LINK

Actor Jason Beghe, OTV Class V is OUT of Scientology, watch this interview, HERE

A story of recruitment into scientology from WISE LINK

A tale of Sexual Abuse - LINK

September 2006 - Added Ryan's story of leaving Scientology and Dr Donna Shannon's story of leaving scientology

Volney Mathison, credited on Scientology's own webpages as a minor player who helped develop the E-meter, turns out to have been far more than Scientologists have been led to believe. Find out WHY..

New story by SerenityNow, this person is known to me though requests continued anonymity.

John McMaster's pages have been updated! He was "Clear #1"

27 year member Creed Pearson, whose entire family has disconnected from him, crafted some audio lectures, which all current and recovering Scientologists should listen to. Link here to his new website called SILENTOLOGY

A 'NEW' OT8, Michael Pattinson, whose art was used by Scientology in its own promotions, Leaves Scientology Michael's first statement about publicly leaving Scientology

A photograph of Scientology's magazine, Issue #60 of AOLA's ADVANCE magazine containing an article by L Ron Hubbard and using one of ex-scientologist OT8 Michael Pattinson's paintings. More of Michael's paintings are on his story pages.

ABOVE photograph of Scientology's magazine, Issue #60 of AOLA's ADVANCE magazine containing an article by L Ron Hubbard and using one of ex-scientologist OT8 Michael Pattinson's paintings. More of Michael's paintings are on his story pages

Michael Pattinson's story (new - 2003) with images of his paintings.

Leaving scientology:

 The exit tour

I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny imposed upon the mind of man -- this quote is inscribed inside the dome of the Jefferson Memorial, in Washington DC, by Thomas Jefferson

This is starting to look less and less like the bridge to total freedom

For my friend of 25 years, inside of Scientology and out, Joe Harrington, who has taken his greatest journey: a memorial page.

A Scientific Test of Dianetics Theory - Pub 1958 in cooperation with The Dianetic Research Foundation of California - with original images - HERE

Ex- member Tony Bosnakoudis in Greece, terrific webpage LINK

The Shannon Report

In the mid 70's a man, much like you and I, was approached by someone to buy a copy of Dianetics. Growing suspicious of the amazing claims made for Dianetics, he did something much like you are doing today, by reading this webpage - he decided to authenticate all of the amazing claims made by L Ron Hubbard about his credentials and history, the report itself has now been webbed. I am in the process of webbing the images of the actual correspondence and documents that Mr. Shannon included with his 3" thick "report" that debunks the myth and proves that Scientology still lies to this day, just as L Ron did then, about his history.

At the end of each claim made by Scientology, there are numbers in parenthesis which eventually will all be linked to scans of the actual documents, as of this date (July 14th, 2003) I have added a dozen, but there are many hours of scanning and linking left to do, so bear with me, if there is something you would like to see right away, email me your request and I'll scan and link that page next.

For you and I to have been able to believe the outlandish claims made by Hubbard, and for a hypnotist to be effective, it was necessary to transform Ron into a credible source, worthy of being listened to, in spite of our own good sense. For those of you who swallowed it, this well documented report, may help you to purge yourselves.
- THE SHANNON REPORT ( under construction )

Where Hubbard stole the 2% rule
2 percent of population is 'supressive' - 1.1 on tone scale, alternate title - Why you did not get that promotion while on staff in scientology - New insights HERE

News Article about the"Prisoners of St. Hill" in England

The New Expanded Bridge out of Scientology
by Ex-member Arnie Lerma
29 September 2002
An must-read summation that all scientologists and those who desire the knowledge to understand how to deal with the scientology problem must read. Article HERE.

Doubt Formula and Refund Demand by 25 year member
Michael Leonard Tilse

"I found on the Internet World Wide Web scanned images and typed text that purported to be the death certificate and the coroner�s investigation report and the results of the toxicology screen of LRH�s blood taken from his body after his death.

I found these documents very disturbing. In fact, if these were true, then David Miscavige and Pat Broker and Ray Mithoff and the others had blatantly LIED to me at the Palladium event in January 1986. LRH�s death was not at all what they had described. And within the contents of these documents were very suspicious events.

I felt that I had to verify for myself the veracity of these specific documents. In February 2003 I traveled to San Luis Obispo California and visited the County Clerk�s office. There I viewed and received a certified copy of the Death Certificate of Lafayette Ronald Hubbard.

I then traveled to the Sheriff�s department of San Luis Obispo County and went to the Detective and Coroner�s department. The Detectives also do Coroner�s investigations. I received copies from their own files of the 1986 Coroner�s investigation and the toxicology report that related to LRH�s death.

They were better copies than what I had found on the web, but were otherwise the same documents."
Complete Document is Here

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"The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum - even encourage the more critical and dissident views. That gives people the sense that there's free thinking going on, while all the time the presuppositions of the system are being reinforced by the limits put on the range of the debate. " Noam Chomsky


This page is dedicated to "John Mac" Scientology's Clear # 1

A collection of works, links and documents designed for current members of Scientology - as tools to assist getting OUT from under the the influence of Scientology

"The more we insist that the world has no place in our lives, the more we ensure that our lives have no place in the world."
--George Monbiot in The Guardian, London, November 2, 2000

Message from ex-member Arnie Lerma:

Dear Ex-member,

The challenge for those of us who have been hooked, line and sinker, is to bring this to closure and do whatever we must to bring the scales of personal justice back into balance. The operating rule seems to be for each of us to do whatever one is best at, to use whatever gifts one has, to best advantage.

This citizens effort to expose scientology is viable. It won't stop. The one big gift from scientology to ex-members is the gaining of an acute awareness and revulsion to any group, organization, person, or thing that seeks to deceive, manipulate and enslave the minds of men - for profit.

It is up to us, the ex members of scientology to determine if this one lesson, unto itself, was learned well enough.

We certainly had a master of deception as teacher.

We will see if this acute awareness of the techniques of deception - and the price paid by so many - provide sufficient insight and motivation - to undo this as well as other patterns of mental manipulation and control which fester in society like slow growing cancers, feeding upon the goodwill of the trusting and naive...

What those of us who have gained this knowledge, do with that knowledge, will determine if all the years of deception, the broken lives, the lonely parents, the buried bodies, are in fact in the end, worth something.

This is the responsibility of those who have finally breached the real wall of fire.

- deception.

mail to: Arnie Lerma 6045 N 26th Rd Arlington VA 22207 Voice 703 241 1498

Experience is not what happens to you;
it's what you do with what happens to you.
- Aldous Huxley

Scientology's OT8 level revealed - and guess what, it is based upon drug use!

Chuck Beatty describes some of his 27 year expereinces in Scientology - And a first time detailed look inside Scientology's super-secret INCOMM facility

My old freind, Michael Goldstein who started yup something called IDENICS with John Galusha (mentioned in the early editions of Dianetics) starts telling his story about the takeover of Scientology by David Miscavige. - August 2004 -
New Regime Takeover by Michael Goldstein

Do you feel like you have "ByPassed Charge" ?
- the idea of "bypassed charge" did NOT come from Hubbard
A Short interview on IRC Chat with Gordon Bell

How Many Scientologists Are There and What are Flag's real Statistics?

Report from a Scientology Insider in Los Angeles - 2001

The Scientology Tone Scale

The Scientology Tone Scale teaches want-to-be scientologists that human emotions are bad... by associating them with what I'd describe as sociopathic conduct (covert hostility). - "Tone Scale" continues Here

Read Ex-member Bob Penny's "Social Control in Scientology" (offsite)

"The clues were there all along, so it is no surprise that the experience finally reduced itself to absurdity. The wonder is that I wasted 13 years of my life and more than $100,000 before learning to handle the false loyalties and other tricks in which I was enmeshed for so long. Clearly, something was going on that my basic "street education" had not prepared me to deal with. Rationalizations such as, "it's the best thing we've got," and "at least it's moving in the right direction" (neither of which is true) helped perpetuate the stasis. Even afterwards, it was hard to avoid rationalizations like "but I learned a lot," or "the organization sucks but the tech is good" which were attempts to minimize and not really face the harm which had occurred and from which I had yet to recover. The habits of self-censorship, loaded language, avoidance of contrary data, and other thought-stopping mechanisms took a long time to go away if, indeed, they are gone even now."

A Class 12's report [ lots of names and dates ] As stated earlier, Albert Jacquier attempted suicide after attesting OT VII and being denied OT VIII after he'd paid for it and been promised. He became intensely depressed and stated he wanted to die. He fell :from his big Harley motorcycle and badly injured himself. He refused to go to the hospital. Part of his upset was his wife of many years leaving him for another man after she had attested to OT VII. I audited him in his home in Dunedin, Florida. He was very. sour that the church would allow people who had stolen his money to get their services and that no one except his auditors seemed to care. ( by Pierre, a class 12 at Flag)

Nefertiti's Story of an Escape from the RPF (must read)

Get Your Money Back While They still Have Some
Official Scientology Refund Policy

What DM [David Miscavige, the leader of Scientology ] is facing

When I feel blue about the fact that my son has not spoken to me in over 2 years because I was declared I think of the mess that David Miscavige is in.

losing the religion

"I am not condemning one's right to have a religion, to have beliefs, to claim wonderful results from such beliefs, regardless of my own belief that such is the result of indoctrination, I am condemning the fascist tendencies of the Church of Scientology which ultimately stem from Hubbard's own paranoia, the "at war" siege mentality which imposes an environment of oppression on its staff, which causes the OSA to engage in illegal acts, "black ops", in order to squash dissent, because "Scientology is the only hope for mankind". In this regard, Scientology has arrived at the nadir of all religions. When I think about the level of fanaticism that is pervasive in Scientology, the brutality of its forward effort, the zombie-ish uniformity of testimonials on "auditing gains", "wins" etc., I am reminded of the aliens on the X-Files. It is a bit like an Orwellian nightmare. "

35 year now ex-member David Sweetland begins to tell his story

Another Sea Org member leaves LINK - Tom Weeks

Ex-Scientlogist chat board LINK

Xenu-Net Chat Board LINK's Archive Board LINK

Ex Flag Auditor Bruce Hines Interview (Video)

In the book review section of the L.A. Times from Sunday Feb. 10th is an interesting review of a book about a man named Victor Serge who wrote during the early Stalin era. Here is a description of Stalin:

"Stalin, who had no ideas of his own, simply took advantage of each new disaster to discredit and then destroy those true believers who had been caught taking the wrong "line." He was a bureaucratic genius, adept at exploiting divisions among his opponents and promoting rumors of heresy or sabotage. Thus the second form of Stalinization: the crushing of anybody capable of independent thought."

Sound like anyone we know? { news from inside Scientology )

Gerry Armstrong's Find the little Fakir series #3 on List One R/S's - and the rest of the story at that time

L Ron Hubbard's complete Navy record is now online

"Man positively needs general ideas and convictions that will give a meaning to his life and enable him to find his place in the universe.  He can stand the most incredible hardships when he is convinced that they make sense but he is crushed when, on top of all his misfortunes, he has to admit that he is taking part in a 'tale told by an idiot.".  Carl Jung

A 25 year sea org member leaves! - Dan Garvin's story
"Fortunately, no. I soon came upon Peter Forde's article, "A Scientific Scrutiny of OT 3." He points out what I at first overlooked: Hubbard got too specific on this one. Forde patiently and painstakingly documents the age of each of the volcanoes listed by name in the OT III materials. And what do you know? Most of them didn't exist 75 million years ago, when they were supposedly serving as sites in which to H-bomb those trillions of unhappy galactic citizens into BTs. I cross-checked his references!) AND there are no leftover traces of the explosions. AND there are no traces of the *hundreds* of billions of humans who inhabited Earth before the great catastrophe."

A ten year member of Sea Org at Flag leaves Henry Bickel

Hana Eltringham - Was D/Commodore in the early 70's, read her sworn affidavit.

My Nine Lives in Scientology by Monica Pignotti

How to get your money back from the IAS [ Carole Letkeman demand letter ] It is outrageous that the money Scientologists donate to the IAS is used against them in the event of their departure from Scientology. Just like other "donations" made to Scientology, the IAS donation that I made was nothing but an advance payment for their standard fair game tech against me. This is a material fact, which was withheld from me by IAS and all other components of the Scientology enterprise. I would never have become a member of an organization that would either intend or withhold such a fact.

How to get your money back from Scientology [ Ed Hattaway letter ] I want to put the miserable experience of scientology behind me. But I will not forget about it until things are put right. I was sold a bill of goods by you people.

How to get your money back from Scientology [ a refund case ]

Letter to Tory Bezazian   December 2001

I had made my sister into a Scientologist way back when, and she and her
husband are now getting out of it. We sit around the breakfast table and
discuss how brainwashed we were. [Letter is HERE]

Tips for breaking the trance Dec 2001 - by various authors

Sept 30 2001 More recent departures from Scientology: Claire Swayze And Maggie Sanders, ".....before I got married my last name was Steigelman. I live in Portland, Oregon. I�ve needed to do this for a long time.

Another high level OT leaves Scientology 20 June 2001 -

Having spent the majority of my adult life being a Scientologist I feel like a kid in a candy store. All of a sudden the world has open up for me. Great literature, different philosophies, art and different cultures are mine to explore. I have never felt closer to my family and I am making new friends. I have learned that Life is a journey, and it is hard at times, but I love this world and I am proud to be part of it again. I feel like a person freed from the ignorance of Scientology. In many ways I feel lucky. Scientology is a huge labyrinth and I made it out. So to those of my friends who are still stuck inside I say this, "There is a future after Scientology, a much better one.""I had come to an entirely erroneous conclusion which shows, my dear Watson, how dangerous it always is to reason from insufficient data." - Arthur Conan Doyle

A statement by Theresa Summers from the Lisa McPherson trust - 8Pm June 23rd 2001

"I left Scientology in April of 1999. At that time, I had never read ARS and had never met Bob or Stacy or Jesse. I live in Dunedin, which is just outside of Clearwater, so I did know about Lisa's death because it was in the newspaper and I read the paper. I never heard her name mentioned within the halls of the Flag buildings, where I was on services right up until the day I walked out the door. " Article HERE

Nan McLean - "Nan McLean is an ex-Scientologist from Ontario. In the 1970's she was a major target for Scientology Fair Game. Because of a "gag order" settlement Nan finally signed with Scientology (after being Fair Gamed for some years), she can't speak out about Scientology any more. So, here's some information about Nan McLean from various sources. Hopefully, these items will provide a clearer picture of what Nan McLean went through at the hands of the Scientology cult."

Lorna Levitt  The former head of the Church of Scientology in Calgary said Thursday she has been used by the organization

WARNING: Scientology's "Freewinds" ship
is filled with carcinogenic deadly flaking blue asbestos!

[ READ Sworn under penalty of perjury declaration of architect Lawrence Woodcraft ]

Link to Declaration of his daughter Zoe Woodcraft - My Life in the Sea organization

Another story of leaving Scientology from Germany:

I found later more alterations, and one of the most important one is that the "Code of Honor" is changed. One passage that stated earlier "Never regret yesterday. You are now and create your tomorrow" is changed now into "Never regret yesterday. You are now and your tomorrow is made."
Get it?

I want my money back! by Ed Hattaway

Declaration of Tara Hattaway : Melanie' very strong advice and pressure was to abort the baby. She had gone on to say that at this point in my life it is better to do the greatest good for all. That spending my life 'clearing the planet' which means basically to get the planet saved from insanity, would be the greatest good, in other words, a far more noble endeavor than leaving staff to raise a child. She went on to tell me that the spirit doesn't enter the baby's body until the baby is born. She made the point that all I would be 'killing' is a piece of meat essentially. We discussed this for a couple of days and she showed me definitions in the L. Ron Hubbard Technical Dictionary to persuade me to have an ABORTION.

Best Letter to Scientology's "International Justice Chief" known as "IJC" - here is another's commentary on the letter webbed herein: " I think IJC stands for Intentional Jerking Conman or something like that. I remember after I went through one of their arbitration's through WISE ( World Idiots Scamming Entrepreneurs), that they applied no policy that I have ever heard of to protect their heavy donors. Lies and more lies....."

Letter to Glen Stilo from OT7 Gregg Barnes "Not only were we sold services that violated the above two senior Hubbard bulletins but we were declared for telling two other OT�s to read such references."

A Letter to David Miscavige from Jesse Prince "Yet even as I write to you your hired goons (private investigators) stalk my children, my 72 year old father, my brother, old girl friends and current business associates trying to reek havoc. How does it feel when they come back and tell you it seems no matter what they do and what they say NO ONE will turn against me?"

David Miscavige is a Squirrel - alterations [ called alter-is ] of original materials continues

Stacy Young about Scientology's Auditing.. Commentary by Ex-Member Monica Pignotti: As someone who has also been through this experience,it is my opinion that you have captured this bizarre experience of going up the bridge that a handful of us have in common better than I would have ever thought possible. I hope that current Scientologists will read this because deep down, each one of them knows that this is what is going on. The message that we have to keep trying to get across is that there is a way out of this unreal nightmare and that they don't have to stay trapped in a world that becomes increasingly more bizarre, the further one progresses on the bridge (or maybe I should say regresses). For those of you who have not yet reached the upper levels, I urge you to read this to see what is in store for you if you continue and to ask yourselves if this is the kind of world you wanted and expected when you began in Scientology. If it isn't, then realize that you do have a choice and that there is life after Scientology. If you take some time out and give thoughtful consideration to Stacy's words, you'll save yourself from having to go through what we went through and that is what makes speaking out worthwhile. Monica Pignotti

"Kathryn's" Story June 2000

The story I wish to share began almost three years ago in 1996. I did not know it at the time but my saga began eight weeks after Lisa McPherson died on December 5, 1995, in Clearwater, Florida. Several aspects of my story are similar, if not the same as Lisa�s; we both had a Scientologist Doctor, we were given the same vitamin and herb concoctions as well as the Drug Chloral Hydrate, and both of us had complete mental breakdowns including hallucinations. Luckily, there were some aspects that were quite different, especially our endings.

Peter Alexander Recent OT7: I recently posted about an incident last Friday in which an OSA agent taunted me on the streets of Clearwater with confidential information from my PC folder.I should add that during a recent deposition in the Lisa McPherson case,Moxon-the Scientology attorney and a Scientologist himself-repeatedly asked me questions about the contents of my PC folders....

One of the source books that Hubbard used as the mold for "Excalibur", "Dianetics", and "Scientology"

"In 1938 I codified certain axioms and phenomena into what I called 'Scientology.'" see: L Ron Hubbard in the old red vol. 1 page 3]

Scientologie, published in 1934 by Nordenholz in pre War Germany

The Crowd by Gustave Le Bon - "affirmation, repetition, contagion"
the 1893 [written ] Gustave Le Bon's "The Crowd" describes study tech, having secret 'levels', using uniforms, use of paintings, busts and statuary, The use of affirmation, repetition and contagion, all for the programming of the unconcious mind

"A crowd is in reality inaccessible to reason; the only ideas capable of influencing it will always be sentiments evoked in the form of images. "

Images as in "mental image pictures" from Dianetics no doubt...

Kaufman's Book Inside Scientology: [ what its like doing the 'upper levels " ] "The end of the series of GPMs runs into the beginning at a place called present time. Incidentally, there are only two infinitives running throughout the GPMs: TO CREATE and TO DESTROY." L Ron Hubbard

Recent Departures of OT7's from Flag:

Missive from Stacy Young Feb 2000

It was my experience that they had nothing but contempt for the people in the Sea Org who were stupid enough to work 18 and sometimes 24 hours a day for virtually nothing. They had nothing but contempt for the wealthy public Scientologists who could be coerced into turning over literally millions of dollars at a time for the sake of defending "the Bridge." They had nothing but contempt for celebrities like John Travolta, whose pc folder information they used to sit around the conference table at Author Services, Inc. and giggle about.

How to leave staff

-I want you to know that it is not a crime to leave an organization any more than it was a crime to join. It is your right as an American and the law and the Constitution are with you. If you are concerned about "contracts," consult an attorney familiar with Scientology contracts. by Vaughn Young

Vaughn Young's goodbye

So what do they introduce into evidence to show this? Are you

1. A copy of the very letter form the State Dept. to me (1975) giving
Scientology religious recognition.
2. A copy of the letter from the Labor Dept. to me (1975) doing same.
3. A copy of my minister's certificate.
4. A copy of a marriage license of a couple that I had married, with my
signature as the minister.
5. Laser photos of me in ministerial garb, including two weddings.
6. A copy of a newspaper story showing me in ministerial garb, back when
was at the Davis franchise.

The real story of Mission Earth Feb 2000 by Vaughn Young

New model "Battered Wife" mind control model by Vaughn Young

Open Letters to Mike Rinder OSA from Vaughn Young

Deposition of Vaughn Young in Lisa McPherson case


My pleasure to introduce the eloquent, Joe Cisar 's GRAND PRIZE WINNER ARS Literati $10,000 Award Winning Essay: Doing Hard Time on Planet Earth

Scott Mayer's entry

My own entry:  The Art of Deception - a primer on how Scientology sold you the hopes and dreams that still lie there to be reawakened - essential reading.

Now available, Arnie Lerma's, Art of deception II

After leaving Scientology in 1999, Greg Barnes writes a summary of his bridge out:

"Yes Scn does work!!!!! It traps individuals into a state of illusion and delusion that for some the only way out is death. For myself and others who have "survived" the delusion and illusion, waking up to that fact is like going through withdrawals. Everyday is like an adventure and a disappointment as well, but being free and able to look at the delusion brings one closer to reality."

Opportunity - An article by Elizabeth Ann Cox
"It is slanted towards those folks who are still members of the cult. It is my fervent hope that by sharing part of what I felt, during those periods of doubt and questioning, that may understand better some of what you may be feeling regarding your continued involvement."

Lesson's on Deconstructing $cientology, by Arnie Lerma Lesson 1&2
Lesson 2 deals with the nature of the efforts used to discredit ex members and critics called the "DA" or Dead Agent" pack:

"That the name for this pack "Dead Agent" pack, called DA
  pack, could also stand for a magic show technique called
"Directed Attention" might not be an accident

Dear Scientologist - by Arnie Lerma

Ida Camburn.

If you have money on account with Scientology, here is a strategy that works to get it back by Ted Mayett

John McMaster, Clear # 1, a factual story by Arnie Lerma

Flash Back Department:

Seems this late 1970 a hit single was made by a band that Bob Young met while carousing in a bar one might...and invited down to the Bolivar.. The Sea Organization training ship, that was in San Francisco at the time. They went on to write this song, I never knew it was about this cruise.. I came on board the Bolivar the day or two after this party, and was one of the 73 men along with Ed Brewer, Gary Lowe and host of the others I wish I could remember pass along to any ex- members who were on board at the time.

Real Media version of "Ride Captain Ride upon your mystery ship" By 'Blues Image' 73 men sailed her, out of San Francisco bay....

Quentin Hubbard Coroner's report with notes from Joe Liesa

2nd Deputy Commodore interview Kima's story below is a pic of Kima, she is the tall brunette standing in the background, this picture is from on board the Appollo.


Cloutier's Story - They are already in
way over their heads and pressure for income appears
to be an operative motive.


Dianetics - The onramp to Scientology I bet you never considered this!

The Art of Deception by Arnie Lerma

Induced Brain Damage by Scientology's "RPF"

Lerma's E-Meter Papers - [preliminary - 24 August 1999

Swedish research indicates that the "E-Meter" may be dangerous and hazardous to your health.

More analysis of E-Meter subliminal shock therapy effect and testimony from ex member

Microamp currents [ as produced in human body by Scientology's E-Meter ] linked to cancer, excerpt from Robert Becker MD's book, Cross Currents.

How to get a Scientologist out of Scientology, by an ex Scientologist

Dear Editor City Desk Column,

I was there picketing Scientology, at the demonstration. We never agreed to hand out Scientology�s flyers, this is a fabrication cut of the same cloth as Scientology itself. The flyers in question try to infer that I am a bomb building Anarchist, as well as a connected to the school mass murders in Colorado. Scientology has in the past tried to paint me as a Fascist, neo-Nazi, Anti-Semite, and let me check here, and a bigot. As a Washington DC native, who attended Western High School in Georgetown before it was called Duke Ellington, and being of Mexican and Italian descent, allow me to set the record straight:

Scientology is like a 19th century seedy carnival side show, whenever someone in the audience would yell out how the trick was done, he would be dragged outside by a couple of toughs stationed there for this purpose, and beaten up, Scientology�s demeanor is identical to this, only in the �civil� 20th century they use lawyers. And then the entire sordid affair is cloaked in bogus religiosity. P T Barnum, the father of the circus, would be proud.


Strange Death in a Strange Land

On Scientology "Ethics" by Charlotte Kates - "The greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics." Scientology is falling upon tough times. Now it's time the Scientologists *really* get to choose. This
time around, for themselves and the people they love."

FreeZone news from Germany

To Jo S., and other Scientologist friends seldom seen in the world anymore.

Madness - a isolation survivor speaks : "Earlier this year I heard about a woman who died. Some of the details were frighteningly similar to something that I had gone through, once upon a time. Terrifying. Humiliating. ".....

Buy John Atack's heavily litigated and suppressed book, Piece of Blue Sky - At

Inside Scientology - Flag

Black Lensman collection

Scott Mayer's Photo Album of his Sea Organization career

Essays from The Captain (of the Apollo) Issue #1 Graduation


Gerry Armstrong - An affidavit by Gerry Armstrong picture below is from his wedding onboard the Apollo

The story of Gerry Armstrong being set up by OSA

NEW - Armstrong Posting Archive

"Warrior's" story: After being Sec Checked for weeks, I still wanted to leave. The Supercargo, Alan Prager, told me I was "psychotic" and "suppressive" for wanting to leave the SO. The Director of Personnel Enhancement, Peggy Peden, told me I would DIE if I dared to leave the "most ethical group on the planet - the Sea Organization".

Terrible Truths : Hubbard's death and David Miscavige

The Zegal Tapes (Transcripts) Tape1 -PartA - PartB - PartC

8 Steps on the bridge out of Scientology by Arnie Lerma Clear#3502 Ex Sea Org

Sleeping Dog Awakes - Put in a life limbo on the basis of an impossible dream. It COULD be done, but with an organization like the Church who are in my view, the most arrogant, twisted and lying bunch of assholes, it would take something like the second coming to wake them up out of their brutal complacency. When are they going to realize?

Jesse Prince on what goes on at the top.... interview, affidavit, postings

Vernon's story

Confidence - Posted by Xenu - "The registrar is where you get the really hard sell sales pitch.
They'll keep you there for hours breaking you down, telling you how much better the next course will make you feel, how they're trying to create a better world and you can be a part of it, how you're hurting your future if you don't take this course NOW!"

"Rundowns for nuthin' and your tech for free.." an anonymous posting to alt.religion.Scientology newsgroup
"Gee. Our OTs can't intend this situation right. Guess we'll get a DB (Degraded Being) onto it right away. Where's Eugene Engram???!!! Yeah. A Wog private Dick can do a better job than 2000 OTs. Hahahaha. "

COGNITIONS OF A LIBERATED SCIENTOLOGIST "What gets one addicted to heroin? Long before any physical addiction, there is the rush, the high, the temporary RELEASE from all suffering - emotional or physical, conscious or not. For perhaps the first time, there is no anxiety, no fear, no pain. It's gone! Blissful peace at last! I'm FREE! And freedom tastes of reality!

Ishmaels's story - from going in to getting out, and telling us about it.

Dane Tops report: " At events we are constantly told we are growing in numbers. This is not true. The numbers of missions has decreased to almost but not more than half. In LA there are 48,000 inactive Scientologists and 3,000 active. This is the figure of the Financial Police.

Child Molester at Sea Org School

Another Anonymous Report: We were promised wonderful living quarters, the finest that Scientology had to offer if we joined the aristocracy. Instead we were given berthing fit for pigs in buildings infested with cockroaches, rotting wood, crumbling plaster, decrepit odorous buildings not fit for the homeless flotsam and jetsam of society.

The Scientology Know to Mystery Scale - Observations

Mark Dallara's Lisa McPherson Page

Xenu Net Scientology Deaths Page

Alternative Technology's to provide what you sought from the Scientology experience:[ in abc order ]

a kinder gentler versions of what we hoped Scientology was going to be called:

Monroe Institute - I have personally found these tools helpful in surviving the litigation stress and providing cognitive insights into what is and what isn't. Non-evaluative, inexpensive, self paced relaxation or discovery - as you wish. - Meditative techniques

If the url above for the Monroe Institute is not working try this web page.for more information.
"Only you know best about you" Robert Monroe - Remote viewing (Viking style) as a means of exploration, remote psychotherapy, and as a robust path to enlightenment earthed in the real world.

IDENICS - "IDENICS is a relatively new methodology that assists people to resolve the "unwanted conditions" in their lives and improve their overall existence. IDENICS is NOT a rehash of some earlier methodology. It is a new approach that you should find refreshingly complementary to your own thinking."
Idenics / Survival Services Intntl. (Michael Goldstein), 1670 S. Elkhart St, Aurora, CO 80012. (800) 433-6427.

The Watch this Videoand if you have the courage and really want to know what is going on, watch THIS video

Wellspring Foundation "Wellspring provides a full range of programs to treat severe and complex behavioral and emotional problems. - All of Wellspring's programs are licensed by the State of Connecticut Department of Public Health or Department of Children and Families and are fully accredited by the Joint Commission of the Accreditation of Health Organizations. Wellspring is reimbursed by many insurance carriers because of its marked success with psychiatric patients and its cost-effective treatment. "

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"Man positively needs general ideas and convictions that will give a meaning to his life and enable him to find his place in the universe.  He can stand the most incredible hardships when he is convinced that they make sense but he is crushed when, on top of all his misfortunes, he has to admit that he is taking part in a 'tale told by an idiot.".  Carl Jung

"This is slavery, not to speak one's thought." -Euripides

"Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery!?" -Patrick Henry

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