The History of Excalibur


Gustave Le Bon 1841-1931 is most likely source for Excalibur

Author of "The Psychology of Crowds" French edition 1895

"THE CROWD" -- English Edition Macmillan and Co 1896

Republished by Viking press New York 1960

Paperback edition 1969


(Perhaps a related book) THE PSYCHOLOGY OF SUGGESTION by Boris Sidis 1898 New York, D Appleton and co.

Brief teaser:

Gustave Le Bon, founder of social psychology Father of collective behavior theory, THE CROWD gives the basic principles of manipulating crowds into servile flocks, a "group mind" concept.

"I have heard that Lenin, Hitler, Stalin, [Mussolini] and deGaulle were at one time or another, all close students of Le Bon's work.

THE CROWD has probably had as much practical influence on modern political behavior as any single document, including THE PRINCE"


An inside, aside:

"Imagine my delight in finding the dynamic duo of the rules of mayhem merged in one sentence, married to one concept and under the umbrella of Lenin, Hitler, and Stalin. I sez to me, "This is the stuff of EXCALIBUR." "This is the inspirational, practical, and spiritual, "source" of "Excalibur".

THE CROWD, the bible of "brainwashing", is the technical handbook of manipulative persuasion.

"Outcomes of persuasion center on the stimulation of beliefs, attitudes, opinions and actions that run on a scale from "no response" to "conversion", passing through points of limited modification and shifts in dispositions, as well as the introduction of the wedge of doubt, a critically important result of crowd persuasion in certain instances."


1. Collective Behavior by Richard A. Berk WM. C. Brown Co Pub. 1974 Chapter 3 "Outdated views of collective behavior - Le Bon, Freud and Blumer"

2. Persuasion, The Theory and practice of manipulative communication By George N Gorden, Hastings House, Pub. NY 1971

Chapter 19 "The Crowd" revisited

An awesome 558-page book of brutal insights that shoots high on the top ten books list. The other chapters which I have just scanned but not read, like, "The Power of Power" and "Merchants of God" are equally brilliant. The above quotes are taken from this book.

** Go right to the 13 Principles of Le Bon pages 352-353 as an intro to this man.

  1. GUSTAVE LE BON THE MAN AND HIS WORKS by Alice Widener, Liberty Press 1979

A must read book. Four stars, gives a sampling of Le Bon’s other works.


 Contents of Excalibur

Q & A talk to a person who read the manuscripts, from notes, some verbatim

  1. There are three versions of Excalibur manuscripts in archives.
  1. The title of one manuscript is "THE ONE COMMAND."
  2. One manuscript is typewritten, about 300 pages on 8 ½ x 14 paper.
  3. Another seems to be pieces of the above
  4. Another manuscript is a carbon copy (no master) and is different from the above version
  1. Q: Is there any real difference in content between the two versions?
  2. A: No! The are essentially the same

    The introductions change somewhat. In one version LRH states that while in a dental operation he was given a drug, Narco_____? And went under. While he was under LRH went into a vortex and was exposed to a tremendous amount of knowledge. There was a command given while he was under that, "you will forget all this". When he came out of the operation he didn’t forget.

    After the dental operation he went to his cabin in Port Orchard [ The cabin is adjacent to the main house on the property] and stayed up six days and six nights writing Excalibur. LRH did not eat but was drinking beer.

  3. Q. Is there any OT data in Excalibur" Are there any references to NOTS beings?
  1. No OT data in Excalibur. No reference to NOTS beings that I can recall.[ see end note 1 for source used by Hubbard ]
  1. Q. What is Excalibur about?
  1. Essentially the theme is "SURVIVE"
  • It describes how every aspect of life traces back to survival.

    Cells = survive

    Family = survive

    Groups = survive


    1. Q. Is Excalibur based on any other school of thought?
    1. Not that I can recall
    1. Q. The person is "THE ABERREE 1961 DEC with the article, "Excalibur , by L. RON HUBBARD" by Arthur J. Burks and reads it for the first time, He is then asked if this is similar to the original?
    1. Pretty much so. I don’t recall a lot of the specifics.
    1. The person said that LRH commented on Excalibur at length in a 1943 NAVY DIARY.
    2. In discussing the MOTIVES OF LRH this person said something not in context to EXCALIBUR that seems important now. He said:


    From another source – A Sea Org Member

    "LRH has left orders that EXCALIBUR is never to be published.

    The reason being is that it "HAS MIS-DIRECTORS IN THE WAY THE TECH SHOULD GO."

    Time Track Summary

    April, 1938

    LRH writes Excalibur almost nonstop in a log cabin in Port Orchard Washington State. The grounds and the cabin have been purchased by the sea Org as a national shrine.

    May 2 1938

    Hubbard writes letter to Simon and Shuster regarding Excalibur

    May-June 1938

    Arthur J. Burks is first person to read EXCALIBUR, is so impressed with the book that he wants to publish it. Burks takes the book to a small publishing company called Egmont Press on East 44th Street in NY and it was read by the managing editor and others. The upshot of it was they were afraid to publish it. Ron was angry

    Around same period as above

    Presumably Ron "had sent telegrams to several book publishers, telling them that he had written "THE BOOK" and that they were to meet him at Penn Station, and he would discuss it with them and go with whomever gave him the best offer.

    Whether he actually did this or not, I don’t know, but its right in line with something he would do (From "ABERREE" 1961 Dec)

    No date 1938

    Burks writes a two page BIOGRAPHY of L Ron Hubbard, apparently for inclusion in Hubbard’s unpublished philosophical work EXCALIBUR. The biography was part of a PR pack that was on display at AOLA about 1982. It has since been moved.

    June 1938 TRUE EXPERIENCES pulp magazine

    TRUE EXPERIENCES, a pulp magazine contains a story called EXCALIBUR. The authors name is not L. Ron Hubbard however, it may be a pseudonym.

    August 1938

    MARVEL SCIENCE STORIES, a science fiction pulp magazine has a story by Arthur J. Burks called "SURVIVAL"

    Data from a person who read LRH’s letters to his wife during this period says that LRH was quite upset at Burks for lifting this idea and using it. Something to that effect.

    This sequel to "SURVIVAL" appears in MARVEL SCIENCE STORIES 1938 Nov and is called, "EXODUS".

    August 1938 SKIPPER LETTER excerpts:



    "Foolishly perhaps, but determined none the less, I have high hopes of smashing my name into history so violently that it will take a legendary form even if all the books are destroyed. That goal is the real goal as far as I’m concerned. Things which stand too consistently in its way may be nervous. It’s a pretty big job. In a hundred years Roosevelt will have been forgotten – which gives some idea of the magnitude of my attempt."

    "When I wrote it I gave myself an education which outranks that of anyone else. I don’t know but it might seem that it takes terrific brain work to get that thing assembled and useable in the head. I do know that I could formulate a political platform, for instance, which would encompass the support of the unemployed, the industrialist and the clerk and day laborer all at one and the same time. And enthusiastic support it would be."

    "I seem to have a sort of personal awareness which only begins to come alive when I begin to believe in a destiny. And then a strange force stirs in me and seem completely aloof and wholly invincible."

    "Psychiatrists, reaching the high of a dusty desk, tell us that Alexander and Jenghiz Khan and Napoleon were madmen. I know they were maligning some very intelligent gentlemen. So anybody who dares say that maybe he’s going to cut things up considerably is immediately branded as a egomaniac or something equally ridiculous so that little men can still save their hides in the face of possible fury. It'’ one thing to go nutty and state, "I’m Napoleon, nobody dares touch me," and quite another to say, "If I watch my step and don’t let anything stop me, I can make Napoleon look like a punk! That’s the difference."

    "It’s a big joke, this living. God was feeling sardonic the day he created the universe. So its rather up to at least one man every few centuries to pop up and come just as close to making him swallow his laughter as possible."

    "I’m thirty percent showman after all because I instinctively dive toward popular huzzahs."



    1938 [ no month ]

    THE GREAT AMEN by Arthur J Burks, Egmont press NY 1938

    A fiction work about George Carter, a red headed, full blooded giant of a man will all the consuming appetites and weaknesses of every robust male. Although killed in action in France (1917), he has returned, by an extraordinary twist of fate, to America as the most famous man in the world.

    Famous because HE CAME BACK FROM THE DEAD!

    George Carter, the living ghost, returned to the United States with one burning and tremendous purpose."

    "Employing press, platform and radio, he started something which affected the thinking of every nation, and in his lusty, violent, hell-for-leather way, he managed to

    SEAR HIS MEMORY INTO THE ETERNAL CONSCIOUSNESS OF CIVILIZATION. He because the terror of presidents and dictators, the idol of women, and children's greatest friend. Invincible, certain of success by the promise in his miraculous rebirth, he pronounced a NEW SCHEME OF THINGS WHICH MADE HIM AT ONCE THE MOST HATED AND BEST LOVED HUMAN IN THE WORLD."

    (Taken off dust jacket)


    1938 – Russians want to buy manuscript

    Commissar Galinsky of American-Russian trading company, Amtorg, meets LRH at the Explorers Club. This representative of the Soviet government offers LRH $200,000 and Pavlov’s laboratories and expenses for further researches into how the mind works. [EXCALIBUR findings ] LRH refuses.

    The Genus of Dianetics and Scientology tape 1960 Dec 31 (Also CAUSE magazine #100 1981 ) also THE FINDINGS ON THE U.S FOOD AND DRUG AGENCY 1968 (This was a publication by Scientology)

    Also FBI Document #883,883A,883B

    Saturday Evening Post writer James Phelan taped

    1st mention 1955 July 23 LRH letter from Silver Spring Maryland to the


    Communist Activities Division


    [EXCALIBUR MANUSCRIPT STOLEN] "In 1942 the first manuscript of the work was stolen in Miami, Florida."

    A letter to President John F. Kennedy

    13 August 1962 The Findings of the U.S. FDA

    1942 Nov 2 to 1943 Jan 2 Lt., U.S. Naval reserve, L Ron Hubbard stationed

    in Miami, Florida. Duties are officially "under instruction".

    Dept of the Navy records

    THE FREE SPIRIT VOL III Issue 1 January 1986

    Saturday Evening Post writer James Phelan interview with LRH circa 1963 Nov 11-12

    Dr. Hubbard: .."And so we turned him [Amtorg rep] down and by a year later

    My apartment was blasted open and that manuscript went the way of all flesh

    And it has never seen the light of day since."

    Mr. Phelan: "Is this the basic manuscript?"

    Dr. Hubbard: "That’s the basic manuscript"

    Mr. Phelan: "The one out of which…?"

    Dr. Hubbard: "Yes but of course this one has never been published.

    It has been read by a handful of people."

    Mr. Phelan: "There was only one copy?"

    Dr. Hubbard: "There was only one copy. There were actually two copies, the other

    Copy was destroyed by accident. But that is the original work on this…

    (transcript ends here)



    "About two years later [ after Amtorg offer to buy Excalibur], they broke into my quarters or some unkown people did. Something on the order of two or three years later, and stole the original manuscript of this. I have a flimsy copy of the first manuscript of this subject which has never been published. It’s not however complete. I’ve had witholds on you. The Russians have got the original."


    1948 [Perhaps first mention of Excalibur since 1938]

    Forrest J. Akerman, LRH’s literary agent takes Ron "to see two would be publishers and they are interested in taking two or three of his serials or novels and put them in hardcovers for him. Well he stayed up there quite late! And he had this old rattle trap car at the time. Would have been 1948-1949 I guess. So he drove me home. My recollection is it was 4:00 in the morning. He began telling me this remarkable story."

    "He said that during the war, that he had been on an operating table and that he had died. And directly after he died he found himself in spirit form and he kind of looked back at the body he’d been in there, but then he shrugged his incaporial shoulders and said well, where do we go from here I wonder? And he said that his attention was attracted to what was sort of like a great wall of china with a fantastic wacking great ornate gate over there and he thought well, that looks interesting, I believe I’ll waft over there and investigate that. So he got over to the gate and as it happens in all the mystery movies, why, it opened without any human agency and he drifted through and my god! There on the other side of this gate spread out like an intellectual smorgasbord as the SUM TOTAL OF HUMAN KNOWLEDGE!"

    [After absorbing much knowledge he returns to his body ]

    "And the spirit went back and laid down in the body and he opens his eyes and looked at the nurse and said "Ah, I was dead wasn’t I?" Just as the surgeon walked in the room. And if looks could have killed ah….. the surgeon you know… [said to] the nurse, "What did you tell this man he died for? He’s gonna have a heart attack now, he really will die." "No, no, no, that’s alright," he said, "it doesn’t disturb me… I know… She didn’t tell me, I know I died there for a moment or so, and ah.." And then he thought…"I often do wake up and I’ve had a wonderful dream and I want to recapture it, and according to him, I don’t know what kind of an operation he could have had that he bounced off the operating table and over to his quonset hut and got a couple of reems of paper and a couple gallons of scalding hot black coffee and sat down at his magic typewriter and a couple of million words flew out of his fingers in the next few days called "X CALIBUR" or "The Dark Sword". So he said, when he got out of the …rid of the war, I don’t know whether… I guess he was in the Navy. You know, he got out of the Navy. He begot himself of this magic manuscript and he shopped it around to some publishers in New York.

    And he kept getting turned down because they said, oh my god, this is .. this is too revolutionary! If you just had a small advance on Freud or Adler or _?___. But this just wipes out ..the slate clean and starts all over again and it’s just too much to absorb.

    Umm, the only clue he ever gave me about it, which I didn’t understand, he said it would eliminate all fear from a human being."…

    From Interview with Forrest J. Ackerman Transcript done after 29 April 1980 probably by Francis Schier.

    Jan 29 1948 - First Public Talk on Excalibur Done By Ackerman And Not LRH

    "Forrest J Ackerman (sole owner of the ACKERMAN AUTHOR’S AGENCY) is agenting some stories for L. Ron Hubbard, of whom all of you have heard. Forrest had spent most of the previous night with that gentleman and had picked up a lot of biographical information from him"

    "It seems that Hubbard had quite a few remarkable experiences at which his stories have only hinted, and one of them is that DURING AN OPERATION BEING PERFORMED ON HIM FOR CERTAIN INJURIES RECEIVED IN THE SERVICE HE WAS ACTUALLY DEAD FOR EIGHT MINUTES!"


    "JUST A MINUTE" by Jean Cox Page 9

    (record of minutes of previous meetings)

    [ Hubbard’s Official Navy records do not support his gandiose claims, when he was discharged it he was described as merely suffering from a urethral discharge , and the same bad eyesight he had when he entered the service, and never saw combat, and was considered "UNFIT FOR COMMAND"]

    NOTE: "The Shaver Mystery" and "DIANETICS" are the lead subjects of discussion in

    THE VISUAL ENCYCLOPEDIA OF SCI_FI by Brian Ash (1977) in the section called

    "FRINGE CULTS". In AMAZING STORIES of 1945 March, Richard Shaver submits a very bizarre theory in the form of a TRUE EXPERIENCE (fact not fiction) story.

    The result was a TEN FOLD READER’S LETTER RESPONSE AND AN UNPRECEDENTED RISE IN CIRCULATION. This response and demand was so great that articles appeared in AMAZING STORIES for years. In 1947 July an entire issue was devoted to the "SHAVER MYSTERY". When the "SHAVER MYSTERIES" were ordered to be stopped , the editor, Ray Plamer, left and started a new magazine called, FATE.

    January 1948 - Another Account of the Excalibur Story as told to the Science Fiction Fantasy Group

    Text reproduced below of pages 6 & 7 of the SCIENCE FICTION ADVERTISER July 1952 from the article, "Deus Ex Machina: A Study of A.E. Van Voght"

    MAY-JUNE 1948 – SHANGRL-LA the official publication of the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society

    appears bi-monthly - This issue is not available

    April 29 1948 First Talk by LRH on Near Death Experience

    SHANGRL-LA 1948 Jul-Aug Number 7 gives a summary of LRH’s talk on page 11 and corrections on page 4, This is from JUST A MINUTE by Jean Cox. Both Pages are reproduced below.

      1. A repeat mention of Hubbard being dead for eight minutes.
      2. Hubbard studies medical aspects during his convalescence
      3. "IMORTALITY" statement by Hubbard
      4. "After months of research, and a lifetime of picking up odd bits of knowledge, Hubbard has become convinced that man can be made to live a very long time. In fact, he is convinced that only a half-dozen prescriptions, if administered regularly and constantly CAN PRODUCE IMMORTALITY."
      5. "It’s the bio-chemist who’s going to lengthen our life. If chemists and biologists are not interfered with, they will give to the world many cheap and easy ways to produce "limited immortality."




    bottom faded lines read:

    FLASH: The editor has just read the Minutes of Jean Cox, and he

    Notices a terrific misquotation. L. Ron Hubbard did not say that

    Joe Stalin is not getting any younger; he said that Joe Stalin is not

    Getting any older. --- He does look youthful in the newsreels…

    May 6 1948

    LRH attends the LASF’s meeting not as a guest speaker but two of his contributions to the meeting are recorded. One on the subject of Edgar Allen Poe not being a drunkard and dope fiend and the incredulous story of Sax Rohmer creator of the insidious Dr. Fu Manchu refusing a SATURDAY EVENING POST offer of $75,000 to write a new Fu Manchu story.

    From SHANGRL-LA 1948 Jul-Aug

    May 11 1948 Perhaps this is the meeting WHERE LRH HYPNOTIZES VARIOUS MEMBERS

    May 11th; 440th Consecutive Meeting:

    "Nothing happenned at all at this meeting; at least nothing I’m allowed to put in the minutes. L Ron Hubbard amused us for hours but they tell me to be very discreet in mentioning it so I can’t put it in the minutes."

    Arthur J. Cox’s Story of LRH’s Stage Type Hypnotism, Science-Fiction Advertiser July 1952, Pages 7 & 8 are reproduced below:


    May 11th 1948 continued Arthur Cox’s Account of LRH Stage Hypnosis Tech

      1. What is significant is that LRH hypnotized a person and BETTERED HIM with a change in his personality.
      2. Ron used a post-hypnotic command on Arthur Cox’s brother without his knowledge. This was discovered when Arthur Cox and Charles Edward Cooke (a psychologist), did some hypnotic detective work on Cox’s brother. It was discovered that Ron had Cox’s brother meet him on a certain day on a certain street corner and had him do various little tricks such as being "forced" to hold his hands on a "red hot" wooden railing.


    (sections reproduced below from the transcript)

    June 3 1948 L Ron Hubbard Currently Ill in Bed

    "Eph Koenisgsberg thought it would be nice if we could buy some little gift for L. Ron Hubbard, currently ill in bed, Louise Lupeir testified that he had a sweet tooth so a box of candy was bought – and a card. The card was a birth announcement, humorosly done up (sic), in commemoration of the publishing of "FINAL BLACKOUT"


    Mike Scoles announced that Hubbard is doing a dissertation on a part of the first chapter of his mysterious book book, "EXCALIBUR," and that he will permit us to read it. He is writing a book along the same lines, to be entitled TRAUMATIC PSYCHOLOGY.

    (Forrest denies this; he says the title is to be, DON’t BE MAD BECAUSE YOUR CRAZY.)

    (From LASF’s meeting minutes …SHANGRL_LA 1948 Jul-Aug page 15)

    August 17 1948 LRH Arrested – San Luis Obispo County Sheriffs Office

    Date of Arrest 8-17-48

    Crime Petty Theft (checks) arrested for L.A. County

    Disposition released on bond Ref 3596 544 on fingerprint sheet

    Report from Sheriff’s Office San Luis Obispo County

    Document submitted by the church lawyers at the Riverside Trial

    RONALD DE WOLFE (L.Ron Hubbard Jr. VS ESTATE Circa 1982 November 10

    Further Data – Document from Ronald De Wolfe trial Exhibit #C III Pg 91

    Has date "84" at top and ends with "REFER CHAMBERLIN






  • "And on 12 September, in New York City, about 100 fans attended a Science Fiction Conclave, sponsored by the QSFL [Queens Science Fiction League]. F. Orlin Tremaine, former Astounding and Comet editor, was guest of honor, and among the speakers were Leo Margulies, Sam merwin. Jr., L Ron Hubbard, Ray Van Houten, Alvin R. Brown, and chairman Will Sykora.

    FANTASY ANNUAL 1948 Pub. By Forrest J. Ackerman 1949 Summer Pages 14 & 15

  • November 194? - LRH Guest Speaker at Eastern Science Fiction Association Newark N.J.

  • "November: L Ron Hubbard at bat. Mr. Hubbard’s theme concerned itself with immortality. He outlined the acreage necessary to feed a human being with relationship to the fast-increasing population of the globe, and painted a bleak picture insofar as survival is concerned in the near future. Mr. Hubbard explained the prospects of fast diminishing arable land and the drain upon the remaining land should increased longevity of the race be realized Alex Osheroff, Treasurer"

    (from FANTASY ANNUAL 1948 page 54)

  • November 1948 Sam Moscowitz’s account of LRH’s talk

    "….Faced in 1951 with legal difficulties, he [ Hubbard ] proceeded, as his ex-associate, science-fiction writer and editor John Campbell, Jr. put it, "to get religion"—and the tax advantages in church status."

    "Hubbard’s decision came as no shock ro Sam Moscowitz, science-fiction editor and author. "Three years earlier," he recalls, "Hubbard spoke before the Eastern Science-Fiction Association in Newark, new Jersey. I don’t recall his exact words but in effect, he told us:


    "Hubbard named his religion Scientology and gave it spirituality by adding the notion of an IMMORTAL SOUL, or "thetan".

    Parents Magazine 1969 June

    "The Dangerous New Cult of Scientology" by Arlene and Howard Eisenberg Page 82

    1. The Second Invitation to go to Russia
  • LRH states in a letter to the FBI, Communist Activities division July 29, 1955

    "This is my third invitation to go to Russia. The first was extended to me by a member of Amtorg in New York in 1938 who knew of my work in the field of the mind. The second occurred less directly in 1948 after some personal difficulty. This third has come when the Pheonix organization has been collapsed…"

  • Dec 28th 1948 LRH Mailing address is Savannah Georgia

    Addendum to 1948

    L Ron Hubbard Pronounced Dead Twice

    "Crippled and blinded at the end of the war, he resumed his studies of philosophy and by his discoveries recovered so fully that he was reclassified in 1949 for full combat duty. It is a matter of record that he has twice been pronounced dead and that in 1950 he was given a perfect score on mental fitness reports." Scientology Field Staff Member Magazine Vol 1, No 1 1968 L Ron Hubbard Biography Page 7


    1949 LRH writing a book on Psychology

    A magazine reports that LRH's "present projects include..A book of psychology."

    It also states that LRH is a member of the gerentological Society.

    From "Writers Markets and Methods" Steps in the right direction by Walton Willens

    Jan 13 1949 LRH Letter from Savannah Georgia

    "Wanted to tell you that Sara is beating her wits on fiction and is having to do this DARK SWORD - cause and cure of nervous tension - properly - The Science of Mind, really EXCALIBUR - in fits, so far, however she has recovered easily from each fir. It will be considerably delayed because of this. Good as my work, however, I shall ship it along just as soon as decent. Then you can rape women without their knowing it, communicate suicide messages to your enemies as they sleep, sell the Arroyo Seco Parkway to the mayor for cash, evolve the best way of protecting or destroying communism, and other household hints. If you go crazy, remember you were warned."


    "Scanning it to insert a few case histories I'd come across here and there, I got interested again and HAVE NOT DECIDED WHETHER TO DESTROY THE CATHOLIC CHURCH OR MERELY START A NEW ONE."...

    "Though of some interesting publicity angles on it. I might post a ten thousand dollar bond to be paid to anyone who can attain equal results with any known field of knowledge. A reprint of the preface, however, is about all one needs to bring orders like a snow storm.


    ..."Don't know why I suddenly got the nerve to go into this again and let loose. It's probably a great love or an enormous hatred of humanity."

    "Love and Kisses, Ron "

    "P.s. This here epistle is confidential, pard."

    April 1949 LRH writes Gerontological Society, APA & others and offers "Abnormal Dianetics". There is no response. [ It is doubtful that the word "Dianetics" is coined at this time.

    ??? 1949

    THE KINGSLAYER 1949 fiction books by LRH says on the dust jacket, "Mr. Hubbard has written a non-fiction work entitled FUTURE PSYCHOLOGY, which concerns the calculated know-how necessary to make expeditions and space travel possible without incurring insanity on the part the members. The work also explains how to found psychologically perfect governments and how to cure neuroses and insanities as well as create the super brain."

    1949 Hubbard the Hypnotist

    "TRITON" a 1949 fiction book by LRH states on the dust jacket the following:


    from the dust jacket of "DEATH’S DEPUTY" 1948

    "soon to be published in book form by Fantasy Publishing Company in his delightful story from the magazine UNKNOWN, THE INDEGESTIBLE TRITON. Also scheduled for future release by FPCI in an heretofore unpublished story, THE KINGSLAYERS."

    Dec 15 1949 LRH Bio in Who-and-What Among Authorities-Experts-and the specially Informed by the A.N. Marquis CO. 1949

    [ No books or monographs have ever been located for the following titles listed in the bio. EXPEDITION PERSONNEL; FEAR (Yes, but a FICTION work and not in this context of a scholarly work): THE ANATOMY OF MADNESS; MAN UNDER STRESS, nor did LRH actually graduate from GW university, in fact he attended briefly and had very poor grades ]

    1950 Excalibur Stolen Again – Perhaps in Russian Library on Scientology


  • "1950 – remaining copy of L. Ron Hubbard’s first manuscript [EXCALIBUR]

    stolen, in Los Angeles. These thefts apparently connected with 1938 Russian offer."


    "In 1942 the first manuscript of the work was stolen in Miami, Florida, in 1950 the only other copy vanished by theft, in Los Angeles. I feel sure there exists a growing library on Scientology in Russia."

    From LRH’s letter to JFK page 17 of FINDINGS ON US FDA..

    [ No manuscript left according to the Phelan/LRH interview from 1942 theft ]

    [ No police report made of the 1950 theft or on any of the thefts]

  • April 25 1952 Excalibur for Sale for $1500 and signed release

    (See 1949 Jan 13th letter, "Good Publishing Trick" Postulate)




    Alphia Hart comments from ABERREE 1961 December page 7 below:


    Conversation with Helen O’Brien 6 February 1987, A bonifide offer to purchase EXCALIBUR arrived in Phoenix on letterhead stationary from a millionaire in St. Louis or New Orleans. Hellen showed the letter to LRH and he refused the offer.



    Winter of 1952/3 Excalibur for Sale offer is printed in the New Yorker Magazine


    Slant No 7, 1952/3 Winter A sci-fi fan magazine has an article between

    Pages 56 and 57 called, "MIGHTY LIKE A ROSICRUCIAN" dealing with

  • LRH’s dying between the war and getting privy to all the knowledge of the universe and writing EXCALIBUR

    "He [Hubbard] hauled it round various publishing houses, but none of them could take it. In fact their readers kept committing suicide, their minds giving way under the impact of these transcendental ideas. On the last occasion, according to Elron, he was present in the publishing office when the Reader entered, laid the MS on the desk, and left the room again by way of the window. Since the window was on the 40th floor neither the Reader or Elron ever recovered from this experience"

    The article mentioned that you can now purchase EXCALIBUR for $1,000 and sign a waiver.

    "The NEW YORKER called this the biggest Little Book Bargain of the Month."

    [ Of course, the New Yorker magazine’s exact date has not been located ]

    Sep 20 1967 - Ron Journal 1967 – OTIII –or- EXCALIBUR REVISITED

    In RON’s Journal 1967 or from UP magazine #1, 1968 the following is stated.

    "The Story of Grade III OT by L Ron Hubbard, called "The Wall of Fire" by Hubbard in this tape]

    "The mystery of this universe and this particular area of the universe has been so far as its track is concerned completely occluded. No one has ever been able to make any breakthrough and come off with it and know what happened.

    As a matter of fact it is so occluded that if anyone tried to penetrate it as I’m sure many have, THEY DIED. THE MATERIAL INVOLVED IN THIS SECTOR IS SO VICIOUS THAT IT IS CAREFULLY ARRANGED TO KILL ANYONE IF HE DISCOVERS THE EXACT TRUTH ABOUT IT."

    It cost many tens of thousands of dollars to get access to these materials until they showed up on the Internet in 1995.

    [I just had to include all these similarities of MYSTERY, SO VICIOUS THAT IT CAN KILL, AND BIG BUCKS all around these items from 1952 or 1968. In 1995 after OTIII was made available to the world on the Internet, the NY Times closed a story about the posting with:

    "However, no epidemic has been reported"

  • June 11 1952 A.E. Van Vogt relates Excalibur Story to Dianetic Conference


    In Wichita Van Vogt tells the EXCALIBUR story and adds the following:

    "In Excalibur, Dianetics is one chapter. I asked Hubbard in 1950, "Is this true?"

    And he said, "Yes it is a book called Excalibur, and Dianetics is a Chapter in it."


    [ Mr. Van Vogt’s association with the movement was brief]


    October 1955 Arthur J. Burks speaks on Excalibur for first time since 1938



    End Note 1 - It is apparent that the great charlatan L Ron Hubbard wanted you to think OTIII and the NOTS, NEDS and other secret upper levels came from Excalibur. However, the true source is from a book also published around the turn of the last century, © 1882 by John Ballou called "OHASPE", notable is that OHASPE was claimed to have been written by "automatic writing" mentioned by Hubbard in Dianetics. The concepts use to describe the condition the OT levels are a cure for is in this book. The dense, esoteric, nomenclature does not make for easy reading of OHASPE or of Dianetics.


    On the "OT Levels" is where you get rid of infestations of body thetans

    drujas is word used for evil spirit or hubbard's "body" "thetan")

    " A knot was bound upon me: foul smelling slaves were clinched upon me, millions of them, tens of millions; and the shafts of their curses pierced my soul: I was as one lacerated and bound with salt" page 490 P. 21

    "Oh that I could be freed from them" page 491 P.24

    "2. Gessica had the vessels constructed with walls of fire around the margins, to prevent the drujas escaping. And there were built in all four hundred vessels. Each capable of carrying one hundred million drujias.

    "the ethereans drove the drujas into the vessels, whereupon the door way in the wall of the ship closed. And then the workers of the ship put it under way…

    In the first year, Gessica delivered five thousand million drujias, in the second, he delivered thirty five thousand million drujias

    Page 497 P 2 - 498 P 4

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